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NOTE:  Every endeavour is taken to carefully check and maintain links to other web sites, however with so many of them, it is a mammoth task. I need your help! If you happen to spot a broken (or spam) link, please leave me a comment anywhere on this site or on my Facebook page with the details (just the link is enough) so that we can ‘spot it and stop it’. Thank you! Everything on this site is free printable unless otherwise stated… chosen or designed exclusively for you and our kids… enjoy!  :)



A ton of Bible verses for kids  | Heaven (and how to get there)-don’t leave earth without it!  |  Days of Creation (In the beginning was the Word)Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6 (Land Animals)Day 6 (Adam)Day 6 (Eve)Day 7  | Sin (Why do bad things happen?)  |  Cain & Abel (Who was Cain’s wife?)  | Noah  |  Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph)  |  Tower of Babel  |  Moses + God’s Top 10  |  Joshua  |  Ruth  |  David & Goliath  |  Warrior or Wimp (King David / King Saul)  |  Psalm 23  |  Esther  |  Daniel  |  Jonah  |  Proverbs 3:5-6 (Trust in the Lord)  |  Proverbs 4:23 Guard your heart (red) – (blue)  |  Beatitudes  |  Golden Rule  |  Fruit of the Spirit  |  Armour of God  |  Bible Treasure Theme Part 1 – Part 2Part 3  |  The Secret of the Missing Scrolls Part 1 – P2P3 – P4 – P5 – P6 – P7  |  FREE Bible colouring pages / Scripture doodles Part 1 (Psalms) – Part 2 (Old Testament) – Part 3 (Gospels) – Part 4 (New Testament) – Part 5Part 6  |  FREE Bible posters  |  FREE Bible verse cards  |  FREE Bible bookmarks  |  FREE Bible wallet cards  |  FREE Baptism Certificates  |  FREE Bible puzzles (max7)  |  FREE Bible puzzles (Calvary)  |  DIY Activity Book for Kids  |  DIY Activity Book for Kids (Part 2 – Puzzles)  |  FREE Father’s Love Letter  |  Learn the Books of the Bible  |  Let’s teach our kids to pray / worship  |  Bible Timeline of History – let’s share it with our kids  |  Manga Comic Bible  |  Jungle Doctor comics  |  Castle Glorious cartoon  | Joyful Toons (Bible cartoons)  | Superbook (Bible cartoons)  |  Devotional snippets  |  Apologetics snippets  | Bible Study snippets  |  Wild and Wacky YouthBytes – 50+ letter writing ideas  |  Let’s teach our kids the Names of Jesus / Mystery of the Trinity  |  FREE Jesus loves me – thaumatrope (paper toy)



Birds  |  Bugs  |  Butterflies  |  Chameleon  |  Dinosaur  |  Dolphin  |  Elephant  |  Forest Animals  |  Frog  |  Giraffe  |  Horse / Zebra / Donkey  |  Kangaroo  |  Ladybugs  |  Panda  |  Polar Bear  |  Seahorses & Seadragons  |  Tiger / Lion / Cat  |  Turtle  



Baby in Womb: Before you were born, God knew you  |  Baby in Womb: When I was growing there in secret, God knew me  |  Butterfly  |  Chameleon  |  Okay, I’m in love… how do I tell if they’re ‘the one’? (red) – (blue)  |  Colugo  |  Daniel – Lions’ Den  |  Daniel’s Friends – Fiery Furnace  |  Dinosaur  |  Elephant  |  Exploding Beetle  |  Frog in a Sleeping Bag  |  Giraffe  |  God has a Plan 4U  |  Horse  |  Kangaroo  |  Ladybugs  |  Our designs are all inferior copies of God’s originals  |  Panda  |  Polar Bear  |  Royal Baby  |  The King of Kings is Born  |  Seahorses & Seadragons | SeashellsSecret of the Missing Scrolls  |  Snowflakes  |  Space / Universe  |  Think Big (Dr Ben Carson)  |  Tiger  |  Warrior or Wimp (King David / King Saul)  |  Woodpecker  



Birthday |  ChristmasNew YearCalendarsPassover / Easter |  Triumphal Entry (Palm Sunday) |  Thanksgiving |  Fall / Autumn |  Spring |  Summer |  Winter |  4th July / Public Holidays |  Halloween (share more than candy… share Jesus)    


FREE PAPER GIFTS ~ designed by Paper Gifts for Estefany exclusively for you… enjoy!  :)

A ton of Bible verses |  Armour of God |  Baby in WombBaptism Certificates  | Beach Poster |  Beatitudes |  Bible Treasure |  Bookmarks |  Bonus Gifts (and how you can qualify) |  ButterflyCalendars (2017) |  Christmas  |  Daniel |  Dinosaur | Esther | Frog |  Fruit of the Spirit |  Giraffe | God made meHappy Sail Boats |  Heaven |  I’ll have what she’s having… then again, maybe not – poster |  Jesus love me – thaumatrope (paper toy) |  Jesus loved us and gave His life for us – poster |  Kangaroo Keep Praising – No Stressing – poster | Momma Duck ThaumatropeMoses + God’s Top 10Noah’s Ark | Note Cards (tutorial sample) | Doodle Notepaper | Panda |  Polar Bear |  Proverbs 3:5-6 (Trust in the Lord) |  Proverbs 4:23 (Guard your heart – red) – (blue)Psalm 23Psalm 23 for younger children  | Ruth | Seahorses & Seadragons – Bible PostersScenic Bible Posters & Note CardsSoccerSpring Flowers Posters 123 – 45 |  Stationery (tutorial sample) |  Thanksgiving |  Tiger |  TurtleUniverse thaumatrope (paper toy)Wallet Cards (tutorial sample) |  Waterfall Poster |  Warrior or Wimp (King David / King Saul)    



First Letter  |  Bible Treasure theme  |  The Secret of the Missing Scrolls  |  Stretch your Wings  |  Keep the Faith  |  The Lord will guide your future  | Trust God in times of trouble and darkness | God is always with you | Wild and Wacky YouthBytes – 50+ letter writing ideas  |  20 Life-Giving Phrases for our Kids  | 100 ways to encourage a child  | New Compassion Letter Guidelines (2016)  | Free Printable Stationery  



Cool Links  (if it is not listed anywhere else on this page, check Cool Links for all topics yet to be updated into this site) |  DIY Activity Book for Kids  |  DIY Activity Book (Part 2) – Puzzles  |  Free Printable Stationery  |  Beach / Seashells  |  Flowers  |  Jesus love me – thaumatrope (toy)  |  Learn to Draw  |  Older boys  |  Paris / Travel theme  |  Royal Baby  |  School  |  Space / Universe  |  Sports  |  Valentine / Love  (or just because…)  |  Meet Ebenezer – the $1.5 million dinosaur  |  Photo props  |  Handbags  |  Bless your child’s mom  |  Teacher appreciation  |  Thaumatropes (optical illusion spinning toys)   



30 Photo Editing Sites  |  Free Photo Frames: Part 1 – Part 2  |  Fun with Photo Frames  |  Turn your photo into a colouring page  |  Look how happy I was to receive your letter 



Browse items available in other languages; or go to the search box on my homepage and do a search for your child’s language, e.g. Spanish, Swahili.



Bookmark  |  Note Cards  |  Poster / Postcard  |  Puzzles  |  DIY Activity Book for Kids  |  Stationery  |  Stickers  |  Wallet Cards  |  Board Game  |  Adding photos to articles  | Jazz up your Bible verses (typography / word art)  | Jazz up your colouring pages  | Jazz up your envelopes  | Jazz up your online letters  |  Fun with Fonts  | Great puzzle idea  |  Learn to Draw  |  I love colours  |  12 Cool Word cloud generators 1 – part 2  |  So you’re thinking of starting a blog? – part 2 



Fabulous Christian Fiction I love and highly recommend to all my readers. Read my reviews or click on a picture to read a sample chapter on the author’s web site… and block out a week on your calendar! :)

Mahina_JackDey_cover ParadiseWarrior_JackDey Aunt Tabbies Wings_JackDey TheSecretsBlackDeanLighthouse_JackDey The Legend of Ataneq Nanuq by Jack Dey | Christian fiction suspense | When injustice and fear collide, it has a name…Ataneq Nanuq The Valley of Flowers by Jack Dey_fabulous Christian fiction suspense La Belle Suisse by Dodie La Mirounette and Jack Dey; Christian fiction suspense



Not good – just forgiven
Spring = God’s promise of eternal life
Justification / Sanctification (big words, but the meaning?)
The Gospel – 4 minute cool rap
Learn the Bible in 24 hours – Dr Chuck Missler Part 1P2P3P4P5P6P7P8P9P10P11P12P13P14P15P16P17P18P19P20Part 21
Can the world tell that you have been with Jesus?
Let’s skip language classes… but we can still read the Bible in the original Hebrew and Greek [FREE Bible Software]
Amazing Discoveries that confirm the Bible – Moses and the mountain of God
Amazing Discoveries that confirm the Bible – Does the Ark of the Covenant still exist?
See Jesus on every page (of the Bible)
Creation Calls
God of Wonders
How big is the universe? How small is an atom?
Why is Genesis so important?
Creation / Evolution debate   

Atheist professors discuss the evidence for evolution  (and are shocked)
Atheist Delusion – movie
Rescuing our Kids
We don’t just shoot for 14 year olds; we OWN them!
Challenge from an Atheist (1787)
What are the screams breaking God’s heart today?
Day of the unborn – March 25th
How God used 800 AussIes in slouch hats to free Jerusalem (1917)
Has the church replaced Israel? No! A thousand times no  (They have different origins, different missions and different destinies)
Bridges to Israel
New Jewish Temple plans revealed
Faith when times are tough 

My world is falling apart… W-H-Y?! (Jack Dey)
Are you being tested? What’s your crush strength?
Resilience = Courage + Gratitude + Hope
Dead, Defeated or Dangerous… Which one are you?
Watch for God’s hand even in the middle of the trials of life
Psalm 23 ~ Shepherd’s Psalm (Pastor Chuck Smith)
Why did God hate Esau?
Persecution doesn’t just happen overnight… it’s a downward spiral with specific steps
Pilgrim Forefathers share secrets of freedom (and how to lose it)
Are you concerned for your nation? America’s Perilous Position (Dr Charles Stanley)
I’m gonna do the praising and let God do the stressing
Only love will destroy hate
The power of a smile
I thank God for ISIS… because they opened my eyes
Wood Hay Stubble or Gold Silver Precious Stones
What legacy are we leaving?
Are you investing in your marriage?
Pray for our Godly leaders on the front line
What is the link between prayer and crime? How is your city doing?    

Heavenly Disneyland   
The world is an empty cardboard box
I’ll have what she’s having… then again, maybe not
True Story of Radical Obedience
Are you a fan or follower?
Bring your dirt to God
Billy Graham: With all my heart I want to leave you with the truth
Unbroken… Louis Zamperini… and Billy Graham… the rest of the story
If you were to die tonight, where would you end up – heaven or hell? (Frank Jenner story)
Polycarp – movie
Do you believe – movie
A Matter of Faith – new movie   
Mime – the unmerciful servant: kids speak it – adults act it (hilarious)
Gifted Artist – Jesus painting (Turning the world the right side up)
Hold your loved ones close
This is why I believe
When our love is not enough
The Rapture: Millions will vanish, but it will be explained away…!
Count Down Fever (Jesus is coming soon!)
God plans a beautiful life for you
1130 Gratitude
The Desert Process  

Someone Cares 
The Anchor of Hope  



Love = Letters
Say no to sad mail days
To write or not to write
Sample Letter 1 – 23
Dinosaurs in Ghana
10 letters in one week 

A life of fear – Eduar gets his bus
Haiti… 4 stories of hope… 5 years on 
How do you inspire your child to serve others?

Glimpse behind the scenes – Compassion translator
Kefa & Estefany – out of a suitcase and into our hearts
Former Compassion Children – Where are they now?

I like going to church because there nobody hit me
Olive meets her sponsors and shares how Compassion changed her life
Glimpse behind the scenes – Compassion International Global Ministry Center: Part 1 – 2345 – 6 – 7
Where is your sponsored child’s country on this persecution spiral?
Why write? Compassion pastors explain
Compassion Letter Guidelines (2016)
Sponsor Visit: Going to Bolivia to meet Raquel – Part 123



Meet ‘Nurse hOPE’ of 100% hOPE, Uganda (simply adorable)
Operation Uganda  (helping orphans in Uganda)
Aunty Rosa’s Orphans (Bible Faith Outreach Orphanage, PNG)
Hungry Orphans – can you help? (Bible Faith Outreach Orphanage, PNG)
Hungry Orphans – update (Bible Faith Outreach Orphanage, PNG)

Millions of lives touched by gifts of love packed into a shoebox (Samaritan’s Purse)
Olivia ~ delightful child with sparkling eyes ~ unbelievable hardship  (Shelter Them) 

Raise money for your favourite charity while surfing the internet 
Gifts from Africa… for a Great Cause
 (Mercy House Kenya)

The Surgery Ship
Stella’s Voice  (a voice for orphans)
This 7 year old inspires other kids that we are never too young to make a difference  (Children for Children)

Africa Medical Mission Trip  (Walk to Africa)
Night to Shine – Tim Tebow Foundation  showing God’s love to people with special needs

A fun blog hop 
A Bouquet of Spoons

Post Pals – send a note to a very sick child



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