FREE Bible Wallet Cards for Kids

PGFE Creation Poem Wallet Cards

~ Put the Word of God in your child’s pocket! ~

As well as teaching our children the Word of God, it is important that our children also learn that they too have something to give. Bible verse wallet cards are a great way for kids to share around with family and friends. Imagine the smiles of their family and friends.  :)



This is the range of free printable Bible verse wallet cards for kids that I have released so far, including giraffes, dinosaurs, polar bears, pandas, beach, tiger, turtle, hearts, dare to be a Daniel, kangaroo, soccer, hearts, Psalm 23… with more designs are on the production line. Print on A4 normal or photo paper, cut and laminate for best results. Photo paper will give you a more professional finish.

Giraffe Free Printable Bible Verse Wallet Cards for Kids A4   Dinosaur Bible Verse Wallet Cards for Kids  Polar Bear Wallet Cards - SAMPLE  Panda Wallet Cards A4   Tutorial-beach wallet cards-sample  Frog Bible verse wallet cards A4  King David & King Saul wallet cards  Tiger wallet cards A4   Beatitudes free printable Bible verse wallet cards with Bible verse for kids  Happy Sail Boats FREE printable Bible Wallet Cards for kids A4  Turtle free printable Bible verse wallet cards and matching stationery for kids in bright happy colours  Turtle free printable Bible verse wallet cards and matching stationery for kids in bright happy colours   FREE Bible Wallet Cards with Bible verse Proverbs 3:5-6  Daniel Secret ID cards / wallet cards A4  FREE Bible wallet cards with Bible verse Proverbs 4.23 PGFE Kangaroo Wallet Cards A4 PGFE Creation Poem Wallet Cards  PGFE Purity Wallet Cards A4 - blue  pgfe-soccer-wallet-cards-1cor10-31-a4 Queen Esther Bible verse wallet cards and free printables for kids 4x6  Psalm 23; Shepherd's Psalm; Bible Wallet Cards; free printable  Psalm 23; Shepherd's Psalm; Bible Wallet Cards for younger children; free printable




Love Collection Scripture Cards  (scroll down to ‘Love Collection Scripture Cards’ almost at the end of the post) in a gorgeous trendy floral watercolour design that our girls will love; and you will find the rest of this series here and here; free printable

Garden blessing cards  for purchase from Karla Dornacher; 3 gorgeous sets x 6 per page with Bible verses and beautiful garden / country home graphics; our girls will love these if you are looking for a special gift

Joy Scripture Cards  (MaryDeanDraws) with her trademark cute little stick figure type graphics; 4 per page; free printable

Scripture Memory Cards  trendy; in soft colours; free printable

16 Bible verse wallet cards for kids about love  from the Happy Home Fairy; red, purple, and pink cards with happy hearts and dots; 2 pages; 8 per page; plus 8 Bible verse wallet cards in blue, green, red and yellow; animals and stars; also 8 per page; fun; free printable

Bible Verse Scripture Cards  (crosscards) several different lovely sets available; free printable

8 Scripture Memory cards about God’s love  in pink and purple tones; 8 per page; fun and trendy; plus 8 Scripture Memory cards about worry  in strong colours; free printable

4 Hand-lettered Watercolour Scripture Memory Cards  (PitterandGlink) in colour or to colour; The Lord is my song; Grace upon Grace; He will cover you with His feathers; Walk as children of the Light; free printable

Bible Wallet Cards  (AmyDelightful) with Bible verse from John 8:12 – I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life; and the words ‘You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey’; 6 per page; coloured fonts on white background; free printable

8 Scripture Memory Cards  about God’s love for younger children; cute animal graphics; free printable

8 Bible verse wallet cards for kids  8 per page; simple border; cute animal graphics; free printable

Scripture Memory Cards  (scroll down) 7 sets; 9 per page; with graphics in soft colours of people doing everyday things; free printable

12 Scripture Cards  2 x 6 per page; black text on white background with blue butterfly clip art; free printable

Scripture Memory Cards  click on each image to open a pdf with 6 cards per page; 3 designs – God’s faithfulness, Joy, God’s Love; free printable

Scripture cards   4 per page in a sweet and sassy scrapbook style; they could also be folded over to make mini note cards; free printable

Encouraging and pretty Bible verse wallet cards   free printable (for subscribers)

Scripture Memory Verse Cards  6 per page; blue outside border and dotted inside border; verse on white background; more here (and if you are going through a tough time, you will love this encouraging post); free printable

Aerobic Teddy ~ Bible Verse Cards 1 – 2345   4 per page with teddy bear graphics; free printable

4 Scripture Memory Cards  (scroll down) on trusting God; white background, black text with pale blue swirl

Printable Bible Memory Cards   52 weeks of Scripture memorisation; longer Bible passages on a white background with pretty flower header and topper; Animal Scripture Memory Cards   animal graphics on a white background with red border; free printable (when you follow site)

Personalise these Bible Verse Cards  6 per page; add your child’s name into the Bible verse; and here’s another set about confidence from the same site; free printable

8 encouraging Bible verse cards   plain coloured borders and decorated with vintage flowers for girls; free printable

Scripture Memory verse cards   free printable black and white cards using cute little stick figure kids; several pages with 4 per page; from Seeds Family Worship who put Bible verses into music to help kids learn them, then get kids up on stage to perform with them. It sounds like they have a lot of fun. You may like the music for your own family – click on the ‘buy now’ icon – then see ‘tracklist’ – to listen free online. Many tracks are also offered for free download

Joy – Bible Verse Cards  (scroll down) 8 per page; several designs to choose from; free printable

Thankfulness – Scripture Cards  8 per page; free printable

Scripture Memory Cards   8 per page using coloured fonts on a white background; free printable (for subscribers)

ABC Bible Memory Cards   one for each letter of the alphabet; colourful arrow graphic on white background with black text; designed for toddlers but suitable for all primary age children; free printable (when you follow site)

ABC Scripture Cards  (scroll down to ‘ABC Printable Scripture Cards’) 4 per page; one for each letter of the alphabet; black text on white background plus graphics; free printable

ABC Bible Verse Flashcard printables  one for each letter of the alphabet with coloured borders (for subscribers)

Snow capped coloured mountains – Scripture Memory Cards  8 per page; featuring Bible verse from Psalm 103:19; Vintage Bible wallet cards for younger children  8 per page; like these sweet little vintage bluebirds (8 per page); or vintage mix and match Scripture cards (8 per page); free printable

Handwritten Bible Verse Cards  (scroll down) 3 x 10 per page; white background, black handwritten text with some coloured highlights; free printable

Love and Blessings to you – Bible wallet cards  in bright colours; free printable




Make your own Bible wallet cards from scratch with this easy how-to tutorial from Paper Gifts for Estefany ~ or shrink a FREE Bible Poster or FREE Bible verse card into your page and turn them into wallet cards.

Blank Bible Wallet Cards (WildOlive) Choose your own Bible verses to put into these cute Bible wallet card frames; free printable

Blank Bible Wallet Cards  (GraphicGarden) Choose your own Bible verses to put into these cute country style frames; 18 per page; free printable




Butler – Bible wallet card (or business card) holder  (DigitProp) your child will enjoy making their own fun butler, complete with black tie, to store their Bible verse wallet cards. He will hold up and solemnly display a new Bible verse for them every day; or perhaps they might prefer a BeaverBlue or Green DinosaurViolet Dinosaur (a template for blank dinosaur cards can be found here – scroll down to ‘update’); or how about a Cat; or Mad Scientist to make; fun and free printable

Make your own Bible verse memory cards using some from above or make your own using blank index cards and put them together with these free printable memory Bible verse covers




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