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*Estefany 2004 - too cute!   Estefany   Flowers and Butterflies from Estefany

Estefany has always brightened our day with her beautiful hand-drawn gifts (so precious) of sunshine; rainbows; hearts; butterflies; chubby cats with big whiskers; hot air balloons; tiny turtles strolling under bright and colourful flowers; houses with trees, fences and meandering paths; people having fun on playground swings; waterfalls, mountains and rivers. If you have a sponsored child who loves to draw, how about some how-to-draw tutorials? Here are just a few ideas to get you started…


Christmas 2007 inside  A drawing from Estefany :)

Do you see the ‘Marry Christmas’ – so cute! :)



1. Tracing – trace over a dotted outline; this is a good one for younger children.
2. Draw what is missing – draw a line here, a line there in order to complete the picture.
3. Step by Step – this is another good one for younger children where they copy a picture in smaller steps.
4. Drawing Grid – you are given a smaller complete picture (a bit like a picture of a jigsaw puzzle on the box); plus a larger blank grid.
5. Complete the Picture – where part of the picture or an outline is there for you and you just complete it (e.g. one half is given and you have to draw the other half; or where one item is there but the other is missing, like a girl holding an invisible puppy on a lead; a boy whistling to an invisible parrot on his shoulder; a boy with binoculars watching an invisible elephant).
6. Copy – trace over a completed picture or sit it side by side and copy it (e.g. colouring pages are great for this as they have nice firm outlines).
7. Draw geometric shapes – over a photo, then round them out (e.g. great to get the correct perspective on animals / movement).
8. Create the Picture – I made up a fun Tower of Babel newspaper article like this one for my kids, with a brief newspaper wrap up on this startling story, and leaving room for them to draw the picture. My newspaper headline read: Confusion Takes Over! Subtitle: Where did all the different languages come from? The caption at the top read: The newspaper artist was caught up in all the confusion and unable to finish his drawing. To make his news article complete, help him out by drawing a picture for the front page news story. And then I did a brief recap of the Tower of Babel, newspaper style, underneath. This would work really well for any Bible theme.
9. Drawing prompt – for the truly adventurous. You are given a blank piece of paper and a scenario and asked to draw it. Here’s some fun suggestions to get your creative juices flowing with ideas:

  • Draw something that you might like to… see; wear; make; ride; invent; listen to; cook
  • Draw something you might find… at the beach; by a lake; at the zoo; at a farm; at your home; at church; at school; at a birthday party; near a volcano; in a foreign country; outside your window; in a garden
  • Draw… your greatest treasure; as many things you can think of that are yellow; someone you would really like to meet; your family; as many things you can think of that begins with the letter D; a picture of you playing a musical instrument you would like to learn; an adventure you would like; an animal that you would like to have as a pet; your favourite flower.
  • Draw something that… makes you laugh; hangs upside down; sparkles; has bubbles; glows; floats; bounces; has big ears; has a tail; you would like to wear; you would like to do after you leave school; is frozen.
  • Draw you or your family or friends… playing a game; dancing to music; performing in a concert; wearing hats; laughing; having fun; worshipping in church.
  • Draw your favourite… animal; pet; day; celebration; friends; historical person; costume; colour; shop; food; sport; teacher.
  • Draw something in a place where you would not expect to see it… like your favourite animal sitting at your desk in class; the president of your country walking down your street.




Click on these posts and do a search (CTRL + F) for the word ‘draw’. A sample of what is available is below:

Creation Day 1  |  Creation Day 2  |  Creation Day 3  |  Creation Day 4  |  Creation Day 5  |  Creation Day 6 (Land Animals)  |  Creation Day 6 (Adam)  |  Creation Day 6 (Eve)  |  Creation Day 7  |  Noah  |  Tower of Babel  |  Moses  |  Ruth  |  David & Goliath  |  Daniel  |  Jonah  |  Armour of God  |  Bible Treasure Theme  |  The Secret of the Missing Scrolls  |  Let’s teach our kids to pray / worship

Daniel – trace over and complete the details  (practicalpages) this is a fun trace over (and also a colouring page) from the Picture Smart Bible that kids of all ages will enjoy. Here is a free sample Daniel lesson (the actual download does not have the word ‘sample’ written across the page) to go with it, giving an overview of the book of Daniel; free printable

Daniel – colouring; fill-in sheet; draw a picture  (religiousdoodles) this is a good recap sheet; combine some facts with a drawing about Daniel to go into your package; free printable

Local Boy Defeats Giant – Draw the picture for a newspaper article  (Biblewise) about David and Goliath; free printable

I am (statements of Jesus) – trace over and complete the details  another fun trace over (and also a colouring page and lesson) from the book of John in the Picture Smart Bible (the actual download does not have the word ‘sample’ written across the page); free printable

Jonah – trace over; drawing grid (colormountain) to go with your Jonah theme; free printable

Draw the 6 days of creation  (Answers in Genesis) by dividing your page into strips; perfect for your Days of Creation package; free printable

Esther, Joseph, Ruth, Resurrection, Biblical feasts  (click on ‘traceable’) draw Bible history in stick figures to go with your Esther, Joseph, Ruth or Resurrection package; free sample

Open Bible and candle – trace over + drawing grid (colormountain) with a window in the background; free printable


child painting
mm-mmmm, doesn’t that look like fun?!  :)



Click on these posts and do a search (CTRL + F) for the word ‘draw’; see a sample of what is available below:

Birds  |  Bugs  |  Butterflies  |  Cat  |  Chameleon  |  Dinosaur  |  Dolphin  |  Donkey  |  Elephant  |  Forest Animals  |  Frog  |  Giraffe  |  Horse  |  Kangaroo  |  Ladybugs  |  Lamb  |  Lion  |  Panda  |  Polar Bear  |  Seahorses & Seadragons  |  Tiger  |  Turtle  |  Zebra  |

Learn to draw cartoon whale  (how-to-draw-cartoons-online) this is what the whale would have looked like when his lunch (Jonah) disappeared.  :)

Learn to draw a cartoon whale  (how-to-draw-cartoons-online) with a pail of popcorn and looking at a snail sitting on his tail; too crazy, but very cute. I had to include it – hey, maybe the whale and the snail went to the movies together after Jonah left for Nineveh.  :)

Learn to draw – monkey, elephant, hippo and meerkat  (pdf – scroll down to page 23; Answers in Genesis); main page; free printable

Learn to draw – animals with fur  (samanthasbell) realistic pencil sketches; Learn to Draw a Horse (side view); Horse (trotting); Penguin; Bear; Swan; T-rex Dinosaur

Drawing with Dots for younger children  (samanthasbell) learn to draw by connecting the dots (without numbers) – rabbit, cardinal, sea turtle, toucan, rooster, cat, owl, skunk, fish, snail, squirrel, deer, beaver, butterfly, giraffe, kangaroo, frog, elephant and baby; free printable

Learn to draw cartoon animals  (mondedestitounis)  giraffe, bird, horse, dog, rabbit, duck chick, frog, mouse, cow; step by step + trace over; too cute for younger children; free printable

How to draw in easy steps  a bug, car or fish in 2 steps; a cat, dog, ladybug or butterfly in 3 steps; an insect in 4 steps

Learn to draw – dragonfly  (ziggityzoom) for very young children; free printable

How to draw – frogs, dragonflies, water lilies  (thegraphicsfairy.com); birds flying and landingowls; free printable

Learn to draw – various animals and birds  (colormountain) click on each colouring page and scroll down each page to find the trace over and drawing grid; free printable

Cartoon animals  (how-to-draw-cartoons-online) scroll down to find 2 levels of difficulty; various animals; free printable

Learn to Draw – ArmadilloHedgehog  (Jan Brett) free printable

Learn to Draw – Animals  (Activity Village) badger, bat, beaver, camel, cat, chick, chicken, dog (2), cow, crocodile, dolphin, donkey, duck, frog, fox, goat, ground hog, hedgehog, horse, kangaroo, koala, mole, mouse, panda, platypus, (cute white) rabbit, rat, reindeer, rooster, shark, sheep, snake, squirrel, tiger, wolf, wombat, echidna, elephant, owl, ox; members only

Complete the Picture – Animals  (Activity Village) drawing grid (strip) + fill in the outline; cat, bumble bee, chicken, cow, dog, duck, elephant, goat, horse, pig, sheep, squirrel, tiger, dolphin, kangaroo, koala, wolf, wombat, crab, hippowhaleechidnadolphingoldfish; members only

Learn to Draw Birds  (Activity Village) chick, cockatoo, dove, duck, kiwi, kookaburra, peacock, penguin, robin, turkey, emu; members only




Blank faces (2) and blank faces (1)  (dabblesanddabbles) kids of all ages will enjoy these face shape outlines and fun hair styles already drawn; just fill in the rest; free printable

Blank face and ear shape  ready for you to fill in the hair, eyes, nose, expressions; free printable

Blank faces  (raisingourkids) fill in the oval shape outline for younger children; draw in hair, eyes, nose and expressions, copying the samples given; free printable

Draw the human eye  (onlypencil) realistic sketch

Draw the human eye  (ratemydrawings)

Draw human hair (young girl)  (miketheuer) realistic pencil sketch

Draw a smile  (dueysdrawings) realistic pencil sketch

How to draw manga (Chibi) boys and girls  (drawinghowtodraw) with large heads, small bodies and sweet faces

How to draw manga boys  (drawinghowtodraw)

Draw people  (drawinghowtodraw) faces, hands, eyes, noses, different ages, various techniques

Learn to Draw – School  (Activity Village) members only

Learn to Draw – Professions  (Activity Village) members only


child painting



Stick figures having fun  (raisingourkids) skipping, batting, sitting; free printable

Stick figures having fun  (raisingourkids) running; on a swing; diving; skipping; throwing a ball; free printable

50+ fun learn to draw ideas for younger children  (raisingourkids) free printable

Complete the Picture – Sports  (Dover sample)  girl playing soccer; surfer; lacrosse; figure skating

Learn to draw – cartoon sports  (how-to-draw-cartoons-online) soccer ball, football, football helmet; golf clubs; basketball; hockey goalie;

Learn to Draw – Sports  (Activity Village) basketballcricketcyclistfootballgymnast 1gymnast 2netballrugbysquashswimmertennisalpine skiingAmerican footballathlete 1athlete 2Aussie rules footballequestrianice skaterbadmintonbob sledcross country skiingsoccer 1figure skatingfreestyle skiingice hockeylawn bowlssoccer 2soccer 3skeleton – a fast and icy Winter Olympic sport… apparently. You learn something new every day. :) , ski jumpingsnowboardingspeed skating; members only

Complete the Picture – Sports  (Activity Village) soccer, American football, girl figure skating, baseball, cricket, rugby, skier, surfer, tennis; members only




Learn to draw cartoon flowers  (how-to-draw-cartoons-online) in a few simple steps; Draw flowers easily  showing how to easily build on different shaped petals; Learn to draw a long stemmed rose

Learn to draw a long stemmed rose  (drawingstep); Learn to draw a rose  realistic sketch;

Learn to draw cartoon flowers  (Activity Village) daffodil, rose, snowdrop, sunflower, thistle, tulip; members only

Learn to draw cartoon – valley, mountains, volcano and beach  (how-to-draw-cartoons-online)

Learn to draw a beach scene  with deck chair, beach umbrella, beach ball, palm trees and water line; Learn to draw a tropical beach; Learn to draw a tropical island with palm trees; Learn to draw a jungle; Learn to draw a landscape with a lake reflection, fir trees and mountain backdrop;  Learn to draw a river; Learn to draw a tropical waterfall; Learn to draw a tropical lagoon; Learn to draw a mountain scene




Learn to draw a cartoon space rocket ship  (how-to-draw-cartoons-online)

Learn to draw a helicopter  (how-to-draw-cartoons-online)

Learn to draw a Ferrari or Lamborghini  (how-to-draw-cartoons-online)

Learn to draw a sports car  (dueysdrawings) for older boys

Learn to draw – Transport  (colormountain) planes, boats, school bus, cars, train; click on each colouring page and then scroll down to find trace over and drawing grid

Learn to draw – Transport   (Activity Village) bike, bus, space shuttle, taxi, boat, yacht, ship; members only

Learn to draw – Eiffel Tower

Learn to Draw – London Landmarks  (Activity Village); Lean To Draw – Taj Mahal  members only




Free art lessons  (samanthasbell; scroll down to the ‘drawing’ section) easy step by step tutorials; plus more advanced techniques

Draw anything you want by using geometric shapes  (how-to-draw-and-paint) learn to draw basics using simple geometric shapes; Free art lessons

Shading  (miketheuer)




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Images of Children painting: pixabay.com

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