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Many of God’s magnificent creatures are excellent at sports, but did you know that if they had an Olympic Games for animals, kangaroos would outclass most of them, taking home many gold medals in long jump, high jump, boxing and karate. This FREE article for kids will help you share this incredible design giving glory to God as Creator.




  • Baby Kangaroo is no bigger than a jelly bean or peanut when first born.
  • Kangaroos can easily jump over a fence more than 2 metres (6.5 feet) high.
  • A grey kangaroo holds the long-jump record of nearly 13.5 metres.
  • Kangaroos come in different sizes – from as tall as a man to as small as a mouse.
  • Strong muscles seal off the pouch to protect Baby Kangaroo from bouncing out and to keep him snug and dry.
  • Baby Kangaroo has their own special teat, with milk that changes chemical structure as they grow.
  • When Baby Kangaroo gets too big for the pouch, they will still feed from Mrs Kangaroo until they are about one year old.
  • By then, there could be another tiny baby inside the pouch on a their own special teat, and getting milk of a DIFFERENT chemical structure, just perfect for that baby.  :o




All my articles are designed to give glory to God as Creator and yay! this one comes with photos so there is nothing for you to do this time – just download both pages, print and send. Check out the too cute adorable little guy with his paw peeking out.  :)

Kangaroo Free Printable Article for Kids from a Biblical perspective

Kangaroo Free Printable Article for Kids from a Biblical perspective (page 2)


You may like to laminate the articles to keep them looking nice for your kids. Because this one has two pages, I generally laminate them in the same sleeve ~ back to back ~ and just run them through the laminator a couple of times to make sure they are properly sealed. I also used to send an extra copy for my child’s teacher ~ with a post-it note on it to remind them to give it to them.



This article is also available in French. For other children who are NOT English or French speaking, I also send it to them but make sure I INCLUDE ALL RELEVANT TEXT in the letter so that it gets translated. This may no longer be necessary, but if you would like to do this for your child, you are welcome to ‘copy and paste’ any of my text (scroll down to the bottom of this post). Add a short note and some hugs and kisses and that’s your letter done.




Kangaroo ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts, creative ideas, stationery + more to make your package a party; plus adorable Kangaroo freebies with Bible verse designed by Paper Gifts for Estefany.

Kangaroo free printables for kids with Bible verse - stationery, poster, envelopes, note cards, wallet cards, to do list    Kangaroo free printables for kids with Bible verse - stationery, poster, envelopes, note cards, wallet cards, to do list





… gold medals and the Animal-Extreme-Sports Olympics ☺

Many of God’s magnificent creatures are excellent at sports, but if they had an Olympic Games for animals, kangaroos would outclass most of them. They would take home many gold medals in long jump, high jump, boxing and karate.

Kangaroos hop—much like a bouncing ball—and if they want to go faster, they simply take longer and longer hops. Red Kangaroos can jump more than 6 metres. A grey kangaroo once jumped nearly 13.5 metres. Even a young grey kangaroo can easily jump over a fence more than 2 metres (6.5 feet) high! Imagine if you could have them on your sporting team. Your team would win a gold medal for sure!

These magnificent creatures live in Australia. A female kangaroo is called a ‘doe’. A fully grown male like this one (on the left) is called a boomer which simply means he is a BIG boy! Check out his muscles. I don’t think anybody is going to argue with him! Would you? There are many different types and sizes of kangaroos and they are all known by different names. Some stand as tall as a large man; others are as small as a cat. There is also a hopping marsupial mouse; and even a very shy kangaroo that lives in trees in the rainforest. Some of the smaller varieties of kangaroos are called by different names—wallabies, euros, wallaroos, potoroos, bettongs, or pademelons.

Kangaroos are marsupials, which mean they carry their babies in a special pouch, which is just like a big pocket. They are nocturnal, sleeping or resting in the shade during the day, and feed at night. A baby kangaroo is called a Joey. God has designed their babies to be born when there is plenty of food around, so Mrs Kangaroo will have lots of milk for her baby. During times of drought or if there is already a Joey in Mrs Kangaroo’s pouch, new babies are held in suspense and not born until the rains come or the other Joey leaves home.

When Baby Kangaroo is first born, it is blind, deaf, has no hair and is no bigger than a jellybean or a peanut. Some are even as small as a grain of rice. But the tiny baby has to make an enormous journey. It has to climb very quickly up their mother’s soft fur on her tummy, until it reaches the safety of her pouch. This is done by a slow wriggling crawl, guided by instinct. An instinct that God has given them. No baby kangaroos would ever have survived to grow up and make more babies unless the first mother kangaroo’s pouch was designed just right, and the very tiny baby Joey was designed with the instinct and ability to find it. God also made sure that Baby Kangaroo was born with quite strong forelimbs (arms), to help cling to Mum’s fur along the way. When Baby Kangaroo reaches the pouch, it becomes the Joey’s new home for around 8 months. Inside, they have a choice of four teats, which becomes ‘their teat’. Strong muscles seal off the opening to the pouch, to protect the Joey from bouncing out and to keep the pouch waterproof.


For the first few months, Baby Kangaroo stays safely hidden inside the pouch and feeds on milk. God has designed Mrs Kangaroo’s milk to automatically change its chemical structure with her growing baby! As Baby Kangaroo grows bigger, they peek out at the world from inside their snug, warm little pouch. Then they hop out for a little while, staying close to Mum while grazing on green grass and shrubs, just like a sheep or a goat. At the first hint of danger or when they get tired, they simply jump back in the pouch, head first! All you can see are their long feet disappearing! Then they do a complete somersault inside Mum’s pouch, before their face peeks out again! Or maybe just a paw!

When Mrs Kangaroo wants to move, she stands upright, holding her small front paws in front of her. With both feet together, she hops away in great bounces, as graceful as a ballerina, but like a huge coiled spring… ‘boing! boing! boing!’ Up high on her toes, she digs her huge claws into the soil while kicking her long muscular legs up backwards and behind her. She uses her long curved tail–which is up to one metre (39 inches) long–to balance. Kangaroos make a thump, thump, thump sound, like you would, if you hop with both feet together. If you and your friends wanted to pretend to be a kangaroo, this is how you could do it. Hold your hands out in front of you, with your palms facing down towards the ground; lightly curl your fingers towards your wrist (as if you were holding on to something), and then with both feet together, hop, hop, hop away! So much fun!

After Baby Kangaroo gets too big to stay in the pouch, it will still come to mum for a drink until they are one year old. By then, there could be another tiny baby inside the pouch on a different teat, getting milk of a different chemical structure, just perfect for that new baby! Isn’t God‘s design amazing? Kangaroos in a zoo are sometimes tame enough that even small children can touch them, but in the wild they usually stay far away from people. One day while walking out in the bush, I accidentally got very close to a wild wallaby. It was most unusual. He had been concentrating on something else and had not seen me. I stopped when I got closer, because I knew he was not tame and would be frightened when he realised I was there. Suddenly he saw me and jumped away, quite startled.

Kangaroos are unique; and wonderful examples of God’s craftsmanship. Right from the beginning, the oldest kangaroo fossil that has been found looks like… a kangaroo! They were designed by a Creator who knew exactly what He was doing. He made them—along with all other animals that live on land—in the very first week of history when the world was made. Have a look in your Bible–in Genesis chapter 1–and see if you can work out what day that was. God also created every kind of creature to reproduce after its own KIND. When kangaroos have a baby, we know it will not be a cow or a goat or a pig. It will definitely be a kangaroo. Isn’t God clever to think up so many astonishing and different designs? God created so many wonderful things for us to care for and enjoy. Things that are beautiful…. intricate… mysterious… perfect. To teach us about Him. To show us how wonderful, magnificent, wise and powerful He is. So that we will worship Him. Jesus! God the Creator! To Him all praise, glory and honour is forever due.


Information from: creation.com ~ a fabulous site with lots of scientific information from a Biblical perspective. Written by Ph.D. scientists (previously evolutionists who were indoctrinated by atheist universities) who have come to believe that God says what He means and means what He says. Got questions about God? This is where you will find real answers. Like me, they are all about reinforcing the authority of Scripture and giving glory to God as designer. We CAN and MUST take God’s Word seriously. God takes Himself seriously and expects us to take Him seriously, too.




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Kangaroo Photo at top of page: pixabay.com (design by Paper Gifts for Estefany)

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