100 ways to encourage a child


I love this one. What a fabulous resource for our sponsored children. Imagine their eyes lighting up when they read this. 100 ways to praise a child – free printable poster (A4). Here’s some creative ways you can use it…

1.  Simply print it out and send as a poster (A4).

2.  Include some of these phrases in your letters as encouragement or just to shower your child with love.

3.  Put a frame or border around it. Or as this is already in a Word document, you could just as easily add a border in Word (click on page layout – page border).

4.  Choose one or two phrases that stand out to you and put it into a bookmark with their name on it and favourite Bible verse. Add clipart or a photo they would love if you wish.

5.  Choose a few phrases and make it up into a colourful postcard (4×6); note cards; or typography art (super easy as it just uses different fonts and colours) and personalise it for your child.

7.  Turn it into a fun puzzle for your sponsored child.

8.  Make up your own lunch box cards for them to share around with their family and friends.

9.  Make up your own stickers.

10.  Make up your own board game for kids and personalise it just for your child.

11.  Make your own stationery and include a phrase on that as a heading. Imagine their smiles as they unwrap that!

12.  And don’t forget… your own children and grandchildren!  They all need your love and encouragement. They will love this one too.


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