The Secret of the Missing Scrolls – Part 4

The Secret of the Missing Scrolls

DID YOU KNOW:  New discoveries in archaeology over the centuries have ALWAYS confirmed the Bible to be ACCURATE IN EVERY TINY DETAIL! So much so, that secular archaeologists often use the Bible as a guide.  :o

This post is all about the second free printable article that I did for my Compassion kids in this fun and exciting apologetics adventure series, The Secret of the Missing Scrolls – and it’s all about the secrets of archaeology. If you missed them, click here to see part 1 (overview); part 2 (sample letter); and part 3 (the first article). Coming up next time in part 5: puzzles!




Add your own photos to this free printable article for kids, using this easy tutorial as a guide. Give it your own creative touch. Scroll down this post to read the article text. This article is also available in French.


Secrets of Archaeology - free printable article for kids




– Archaeology at Qumran
More Archaeology at Qumran (mikveh – ritual baths)
Great photo of a mikveh and coins
The actual Bedouin Goatherds claimed with the discovery and original archaeology team at Qumran + aerial shot of Qumran + interesting information from the Israel Antiquities Authority. Scroll down to see the advert that someone put in the Wall Street Journal trying to sell these priceless scrolls!  :o
– Khirbet Qumran Caves  beautiful photo with rose pink light
Qumran Caves
Entrance to one of the Qumran caves
More photos of Qumran
Original pottery jars (complete with cracks) (click on the photo to see the slide show – and it’s photo 3)
An original pottery jar (complete with cracks)
A great shot of one of the bigger scrolls
A smaller scroll
The Great Isaiah scroll   (could this be the actual scroll that the Lord Jesus read from when He began His ministry?!)
Scroll fragments  (Google)
Scrolls; the caves; cave entrance + Qumran  (Google)
Essenes scribes hard at work
– Painting of ‘boy’ discovering the Dead Sea Scrolls
Map of where the scrolls were found
Ancient scrolls meet Google and modern technology
– Photo of the Dead Sea, Qumran   [Did you know that you can FLOAT on the Dead Sea and even read a book?!  :o ]
Ancient Roman siege engines  (for the boys!)


I laminate my articles before sending them to my kids, to keep them looking nice. For this series, I actually laminated both of these articles back to back in the one laminating sleeve. I also sent an extra copy for my child’s Compassion teacher, with a post-it note on it to remind them to give it to them.


This article is also available in French. For other children who are NOT ENGLISH or FRENCH speaking, I also send it to them but make sure I INCLUDE ALL TEXT IN THE LETTER so that it gets translated. (Note: this may not be necessary under the new Compassion letter guidelines, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide). Add a short note and some hugs and kisses and that’s an extra letter. If you would like to do this for your child too, you are welcome to ‘copy and paste’ any of my text below.


DID YOU KNOW:  Preparations are well under way today to rebuild the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. They don’t have political approval for the land just yet, but they have been quietly preparing everything they need for the inside. Just as Jesus foretold in Luke 19:41-44, it was destroyed in 70 A.D. by the Romans, and has never been rebuilt. Jesus also states in these verses WHY the temple was destroyed (fascinating! – check it out). But Jesus, Daniel, Paul and John all make references to the Jewish temple as once again standing by the mid-point of The Great Tribulation, so it WILL be rebuilt. Read more…




Archaeology is when scientists dig up old ruins to see what they can find about ancient civilisations and the people who once lived there. This extremely important work also helps us find out more about the Bible.

The year was 68 AD. The Roman warriors were coming, viciously tearing through Judea, brutally destroying everything and everyone in their path. They were on their way to destroy God’s holy city of Jerusalem and His Temple. Jesus had warned this would happen (Luke 19:41-44). Everyone was in a panic. A small community of Jewish people lived at Qumran, near the Dead Sea. They were right in the soldiers’ path. They made a desperate decision. Wrapping hundreds of fragile scrolls in linen, they placed their priceless treasures gently inside clay jars, and hid them in caves near their homes. It represented 300 years of hard work—carefully copying God’s Word and other important documents. They hoped to be able to return someday to collect them. They never did. But God kept their treasure safe in the volatile Middle East—for nearly 2000 years! 

Their secret was finally discovered by a shepherd in 1947. An archaeological excavation began. It uncovered 11 caves hiding 950 scrolls, jars, bowls, lamps, leather, cloth and the sole of one leather shoe! (I imagine someone long ago limping around in the desert! Do you?!) Today, you can visit the archaeological site of Khirbet Qumran, nestled in the hills about a mile inland from the Dead Sea. The hike up to the ruins is hot, dry and dusty. However, the view and the beauty of the desert makes the heat worthwhile. From the visitor centre, you can see the ancient ruins among the sandy, rocky surroundings. The Dead Sea stretches out in the distance.

God’s Word can be trusted

Scholars think the scrolls were written in a monastery there between 250 BC to 68 AD. New discoveries in archaeology over the centuries have ALWAYS confirmed the Bible to be ACCURATE IN EVERY TINY DETAIL. The Dead Sea Scrolls confirm that the Old Testament Bible we read today is accurate. In fact, God’s Word is so precise that secular archaeologists use it as a guide! Oh, and what happened to Jerusalem and the Temple? They were destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD, just as Jesus had warned. The Temple has never been rebuilt. God’s people, the Jews, were scattered. But God is directing history and His timing is precise. He still has big plans for them. They finally returned home to Israel in 1948, just as God had also promised. And just in time to receive their scrolls, which God had kept safely hidden in the desert for them all that time! Nearly 2000 years!

Quotes by Archaeologists: 

‘Forgotten cities have been found, the handiwork of vanished peoples has reappeared, contemporary records of biblical events have been unearthed… Nowhere has archaeological discovery refuted the Bible as history.’  John Elder, archaeologist.

‘It may be stated categorically that no archaeological discovery has ever controverted [disagreed with] a biblical reference.’  Nelson Glueck, world famous archaeologist



MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS  (not necessary for this package, but just for your own personal interest… fascinating)

Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library (Leon Levy Collection) at the Israel Antiquities Authority Jerusalem
The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Shrine of the Book where the actual physical scrolls are kept at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem – take a virtual tour
Information about Qumran from the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Google meets Qumran – Times of – Dead Sea Scrolls  describing the ultimate treasure hunt to piece together and photograph thousands of fragments of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls – God’s Word – and put them online so that everyone can see them for themselves. Written 2,000 years ago and first discovered at Qumran on the Dead Sea in 1947. These high-resolution images of 950 different manuscripts, are made using special imaging equipment first developed for NASA. The hi-tech cameras have made visible sections of parchment that were previously indecipherable.
Does archaeology support the Bible?  (Answers in Genesis)
Discover the location of the most important Biblical discovery ever made  check out this cool drone footage over Qumran (3 mins); Since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947-1956, extensive excavations have taken place in Qumran. Nearly 900 scrolls were discovered. Most were written on parchment and some on papyrus. Cisterns, Jewish ritual baths, and cemeteries have been found, along with a dining or assembly room and debris from an upper story alleged by some to have been a scriptorium as well as pottery kilns and a tower.



And most importantly, when you write to your Compassion child about this exciting apologetics adventure that is still continuing as you are reading this today, don’t forget to tell them who is behind it all…  :)

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Daniel Bible Verse Card; free printable



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