Our designs are all inferior copies of God’s originals!


How many times do we hear about scientists who were inspired with new breakthroughs in technology after studying the designs of The Master Designer? This is called biomimetics. God thought of everything first. Even helicopters were designed after someone observed a dragonfly!



This free printable article that I designed for my kids is a collage of photos with minimal text. It compares some of the incredible things that God has designed to some of the great achievements of mankind. There is nothing original. All information originates with Him! We have freely copied God’s designs for everything. Make this article your own ~ just add photos!  View my how-to tutorial or you can simply glue your photos on. In the top section, put man’s version, e.g. a camera. And in the bottom section, put a corresponding photo of God’s original, in this case, a human eye. Cutting up magazines or taking photos (or using up old ones) are great for this activity. You could also draw them in. Get your own kids involved; and take a photo of them doing it to send to your sponsored child. They will have lots of fun thinking up what God’s originals could be.


Comparing Gods Designs to Ours Article A4




Here are some photo suggestions of things you may like to include in your collage. Whatever you choose, try to find it’s corresponding equivalent in each category, e.g. helicopter – dragonfly; fighter jets – swifts (small birds); fireworks – aurora; robot – human; stuffed toy – kitten or puppy. Here are some more biomimetics suggestions:


This is what I used for mine:

MANKIND’S GALLERY ~ robot, artificial hand, aircraft, helicopter, space exploration, electronics, camera, computer, electricity (light bulb), building, artwork, painting, sculpture, fireworks, weaving, fabric, stuffed toy

GOD’S GALLERY ~ human body, anatomy diagram of a real human hand, diagram of a human brain; close up of a human face, close up of a human eye, a baby, a hand; snow; mountains; waterfall; lake; river; beach; star; planet; animal; sea creature; bird; butterfly; insect; tree; flower; sunset; aurora; kitten or puppy.


DID YOU KNOW:  Cuttlefish colour changes even inspired new energy-efficient TV screen design



You may like to laminate your finished article to keep it looking nice. Add it to a binder with some related colouring pages, puzzles, crafts or make your own DIY Activity Book. I like to send an extra copy for my child’s teacher ~ with a post-it note on it to remind them to give it to them. My kids have told me that their teachers love them.



This article is also available in French – a big thank you to F & D Walther for making this translation available to our French speaking Compassion children. And being mainly photos, it’s a nice easy article to send to our other non-English speaking children. Just make sure you include the text within your letter (scroll down).




Comparing God’s Designs to Ours

Being made in the image of God, humans are very creative and clever. We have accomplished some very impressive things. Let’s look at some of them and then compare them to God’s original designs. Did you know that there is nothing that we have invented that God has not already thought of first?! And done way better! He owns the copyright for everything, including us! Our clumsy designs are all inferior copies of God’s originals. No matter how brilliant, they are a long way from GOD’S EXQUISITE DESIGNS which live and breathe. They are magnificently agile and can even repair and reproduce themselves! They were made by THE Master Designer, so God’s designs have the gift of LIFE!





Baby in Womb: Before you were born, God knew you  |  Baby in Womb: When I was growing there in secret, God knew me  |  Butterfly  |  Chameleon  |  Okay, I’m in love… how do I tell if they’re ‘the one’? (red) – (blue)  |  Colugo  |  Daniel – Lions’ Den  |  Daniel’s Friends – Fiery Furnace  |  Dinosaur  |  Elephant  |  Exploding Beetle  |  Frog in a Sleeping Bag  |  Giraffe  |  Horse  |  Kangaroo  |  Ladybugs  |  Our designs are all inferior copies of God’s originals  |  Panda  |  Polar Bear  |  Royal Baby  |  The King of Kings is Born  |  Secret of the Missing Scrolls  |  SeashellsSnowflakes  |  Space / Universe  |  Think Big (Dr Ben Carson)  |  Tiger  |  Warrior or Wimp (King David / King Saul)  |  Woodpecker

Seashells article for kids giving glory to God as designer; free printable  Butterfly article for kids giving glory to God as designer; free printable  Panda article for kids giving glory to God as designer; free printable



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