GUEST POST: A peek into the Compassion Mailroom

Compassion Global Ministry Centre Poverty Wheel

Here is our next guest post that will give us a glimpse behind the scenes right into the heart of Compassion International’s Global Ministry Centre in Colorado Springs, USA. If you missed the first part of our tour, you can find it here, but hurry, our guide is waiting to take us into the Distribution Center (DCR) where the mail is processed and the Volunteer area, where we will meet one of the 70+ volunteers and have a sneak peek at some really cute mail arriving. So grab your camera and let’s continue our tour… enjoy!  :)




Hopefully you feel welcomed here and have gained perspective about Compassion’s ministry along your walk to the DCR. The Poverty Wheel you passed about half-way down the hall, illustrates exactly how Compassion is able to provide the resources these children, and young adults need to develop into all that God created them to be. 
Compassion Global Ministry Centre Poverty Wheel  Compassion Global Ministry Centre Poverty Wheel
Directly in front of you is a bulletin board displaying child biographies, bookmarks, country information relevant to the sponsored child’s area, pastor letters from the child’s church which Compassion works through, and both paper stationery, and on-line stationery to send letters electronically.  At this point, we will make a right-hand turn so that I may introduce you to Yumi.
Compassion Global Ministry Centre Bulletin Board
Yumi has been a Compassion volunteer for almost five years and is a wellspring of information, helpful hints for working swiftly and efficiently, and has been known to hum a variety of tunes depending on the season. Yumi is our pace car and her interior is as beautiful as her exterior. Here she is displaying a darling little snowman card that a sponsored child has made for his sponsor. [Maybe that’s you?!] It is common (very common) for a volunteer to become intrigued with a letter, piece of artwork, or photo and want to share with other volunteers.
Compassion Global Ministry Centre Volunteer
In this particular photo, each of us learned that day that here in America, snowmen are built of three spheres vertically. In Japan, snowmen are built with only two spheres.
Compassion Global Ministry Centre Mail*
You are more than welcome to visit on Monday when the mail arrives. However, it won’t be the same experience as if you were here in real time to hear the eeeee, whirrrr, pstt-sshh, and thunk, thunk sounds of the various machinery.
A Compassion Volunteer
… (to be continued) *
I am so enjoying this tour behind the scenes. How about you? It was so great to meet Yumi and see that cute little snowman before it heads off to the sponsor’s mailbox, wasn’t it? Maybe it was yours! A very big thank you to our Compassion volunteer. Please take the time to leave a comment and feel free to ask any questions you may have about the behind-the-scenes processing.


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And when you write to your sponsored child, don’t forget…

Tell them about Jesus!




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