Bonus Gifts ~ exclusively for you!

because you're fabulous!

From time to time, I will be offering special BONUS GIFTS to bless the people who follow me. Be on the lookout for them. All you have to do to qualify is to follow me!


Your bonus gift will be a free printable surprise ~ something designed by Paper Gifts for Estefany exclusively for you! It might be a photo frame; some verse cards; notepaper; note cards; a bookmark; bookmark corners; craft paper; stationery; to-do list; or some mini envelopes (so cute!). It might be a sneak preview of an item or a theme coming up (which could be days or months away on the production line)… or something from an existing theme not previously released. Or something which may not be released at all! It might be something for a girl. Or boy. Something to bless your child’s mom. Or something just for you… Whatever it is, it will be a secret surprise! I already know what the first one will be and I am sooo excited. Whenever your bonus gift email arrives, just click on the secret link… and enjoy!



1. No sign up, just… go my to my home page.

2. Find the ‘ideas to your inbox’ on the right hand side and click the orange button (that’s the safest option with WordPress, to make sure the ‘follow’ command actually activates).

3. It will take you to a WordPress page – they manage that side of things automatically for me (thanks guys) – fill in your email address. WordPress will send you a confirmation email, which you will need to activate. And that’s it!

Too easy!



1. Notifications of new posts.
2. No spam! I know… because I clicked to follow myself just to make sure.
3. Exclusive BONUS GIFTS for followers of my blog ONLY ~ and NOT available anywhere else.
4. As far as I know, your email address is NOT used for anything other than added to the list that WordPress give me; and of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time.




You will need to receive posts by email to receive the secret link, as the secret link is emailed to followers, then deleted out of the original post; and therefore deleted out of WordPress Reader when the post is updated.



Update:  I’m just going through and deleting some old posts. But in case anyone is interested, these were the bonus gift dates:

3 June 2013  |  15 June 2013  |  17 June 2013  |  28 June 2013  |  16 July 2013  |  21 July 2013  |  3 August 2013  |  11 August 2013  |   24 August 2013  |  17 September 2013  |  27 September 2013  |  14 October 2013  |  4 December 2013  |  1 January 2014  |  14 March 2014  |  27 April 2014  |  23 May 2014  |  6 June 2014  |  18 July 2014  |  9 August 2014  |  24 September 2014  |  15 October 2014  |  30 October 2014  |  12 December 2014  |  5 February 2015  |  19 February 2015  |  31 March 2015  |  2 April 2015  |  15 May 2015  |  13 July 2015  |  5 September 2015  |  21 October 2015  |  29 October 2015  |  20 January 2016  |  16 March 2016 |  31 March 2016 |  12 August 2016 | 24 August 2016 | 12 November 2016 | 9 December 2016 | 14 January 2017 | 15 January 2017 | 18 January 2017




Update June 2015:  Now there are now TWO ways you can collect (different) bonus gifts. Go to my new Facebook page and click on ‘Secret Treasure’ (in the apps section). LIKE my page to unlock! And here are those dates:

21 June 2015  |  19 July 2015  |  24 August 2015  |  11 September 2015  |  3 October 2015  |  3 October 2015 (Yes, there were two on that day)  |  21 October 2015  |  10 November 2015  |  3 December 2015  |  3 December 2015  |  20 January 2016  |  3 February 2016  |  8 April 2016 |  28 May 2016 (2) | 7 October 2016 | 28 October 2016 | 12 November 2016 | 9 December 2016







17 thoughts on “Bonus Gifts ~ exclusively for you!

  1. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in awarding me with the bonus gifts but I cannot get the secret link to work. Probably something I am doing wrong. I try clicking on the phrase ‘secret link’ but it doesn’t work. Would love to see what it is but please help! I need further info ! Blessings on your work. :)


    • Oh dear! Thanks for letting me know, Sue. Do you get the email alerts? Or are you just checking it in WordPress Reader? I put the full URL into the post, check to make sure it comes through on email – I follow myself to make sure! :) – then immediately delete the link out of the post. I was thinking that WP Reader would then display the updated post – minus the link. And you know, I was just wondering about this the other day. And it’s a really great one, too. I always save the best for my followers! :) I see your email address. Would you like me to email it to you?


        • Hmmm… that’s odd. There is no hyperlink attached to the words ‘secret link’. I wanted to do it that way, but discovered that the hyperlink didn’t come out on the email. You have to click on the full URL which should display in your email alert. It did on mine, anyway. It starts with ‘’ then a whole heap of letters and numbers. I’ll forward on the email that WP sent to me, so you can check it. Thanks so much, Sue for the feedback. We’ll get it sorted yet!


          • Got it! It was on the email you forwarded. The hyperlink code showed and let me go to retrieve the gift! When I actually opened the email, it was the same thing showing the words ‘secret link’ by the hyperlink was not working—only when I didn’t actually open the email fully by following the ‘Read More of this post’ Anyway, got the bonus gift and want to thank you. Very nice. I have always wondered…do you do the artwork on these? Blessings.


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