Tutorial ~ Make your own Stickers (using blank envelope labels)



Blank envelope labels make excellent Bible verse stickers. Buy them from a stationery shop and they should come with how-to instructions. Simply type [or write] your Bible verse in as if it was an address; and then print them out. How easy is that? Here are some extra tips to jazz them up…



The best part about making your own stickers is that you can add your child’s name and type out your Bible verses in your child’s own language.



If you would like to decorate your stickers, you can complete them with hand drawn doodles. Get your kids involved. Or here’s a few tips of how I do mine. First, I set up a blank MS Excel document as a template document. This takes a bit of time to set up, but once you have your template, you can just copy and paste for next time.


1. Choose your sticker paper

Blank envelope labels come in various sizes per sheet. Just choose the ones you want. I chose 33 labels per A4 sheet for my Bible verse stickers – 3 stickers across the page and 11 rows down. That gives our children a decent sized sticker plus plenty of stickers to share around with their friends or with children who may be sad because they haven’t heard from their sponsors in a while.  :(


2. Make sure your printer and your sticker page line up

To set up the template, I take out one blank sticker page, measure it with a ruler and set up an A4 Excel document to match – set margins; set up 3 large columns interspersed with smaller columns for the spaces between cells; and set up row height down your page.



Insert a rectangle shape into the first large cell. Make sure it fits snugly into the cell. When you have it exact, colour the border, so when you do a test print you can see exactly where each cell prints and whether you need to do any adjustments to your template.



Copy and paste that rectangle throughout your page if you wish, but I do mine across the top (3 large cells) and down the first column (11 cells in total down)… like so. If they are correct, the others will be too. It is worth taking the time to make sure your template is set up correctly. When you print your stickers, you do not want any part of your masterpiece to overlap into other cells.  :o



Test Print

Now print a test copy on plain A4 paper (so you don’t waste your sticker paper). If you wish, you may find it helpful to cut out the other blank columns, so you are left with an ‘L’ shaped piece of paper. Compare it to a blank sticker page and make sure all the cells line up. Exactly. This may take a bit of juggling, hair pulling and a few test prints to get it right.


Set up a Blank Template

Once it is perfect, delete all the text boxes and save that document as your blank DIY sticker template.


Now, let’s start making stickers

  1. Make a copy of your template document and open it up. Decide whether you would like one Bible verse or a few different Bible verses; a whole page of the same sticker or different stickers. If you are unsure, keep it simple to start with and just choose one sticker with one Bible verse.
  2. Insert a text box into the first cell [insert – text box] and type (or copy and paste) your Bible verse into it.


3. Choose your colour and font.

4. Add clip art if you wish [insert > picture] to match your theme. Or if you have no specific theme, try some of these:  hearts; flowers; stars; animals; teddy bears; sports… etc. Choose something your child will like.



4. Add a border [insert > shape] if you wish.



This is what your completed first sticker should look like. We have one Bible verse in one text box; one clip art and one border. All fitting snugly into the first cell. If we set up our template correctly, this is exactly how it should print.



5. Now copy and paste [CTRL + C; then CTRL + V] that complete cell into the other cells… OR… if you want different stickers in the other cells, repeat steps 1 – 4.



6. Check your masterpiece in print preview… then print.




Here are some more samples that I did for my kids using just one text box and one clip art inside each cell (no border), and changed to suit each child. These adorable teddy bears are from cutecolors.com.



Here is a sports theme I did for my boys using four cool sports clip arts from MS Publisher, just alternating them.



Now here’s another one I did for my girls using girly fonts, hearts, dragonflies and flowers. Simple but beautiful.



Here’s some fleuro stickers I did using just one coloured rectangle shape and one white text box in each cell.



Here’s a closer look. In this pic, I’ve pulled out one of the rectangles, so you can see it a bit more clearly. The larger rectangle box at the back is coloured. The text box is coloured white and set on top [set to front]. If it helps, think of it just like shuffling bits of paper.



This one has a koala, also from cutecolors.com, peeking over the rim [too cute] and word art with a slight shadow instead of a text box [insert > word art]. It could also easily be done with a text box.




If that looks a bit scary, you could also make your stickers by hand.

1. Simply print a sheet of plain Bible verses (as if they were addresses)…. OR… simply write them in. Know calligraphy? Fabulous! Try that.

2. Get out your coloured pens or watercolours and let your imagination out to play. Not sure what to do? Try a watercolour background wash around your Bible verse in your child’s favourite colour.

3. Enjoy doodling? Make up your own clip art. Try some hearts; flowers; stars; animals; teddy bears; sports… etc. Match your theme.

4. Draw a border if you wish. Hand drawn doodle or ruler? Both look fabulous. You may like to decorate your border with a few well placed dots, tiny stars, curly lines or flowers.

5. Ask your own children / grandchildren / students to help. Kids love making stickers.  :)



For something different, try making your own stickers or sticker decorations using clear contact paper. Simply draw your clip art on the shiny side, cut out and adhere.



I have also done personalised sticker pages for each of my Compassion children with their name on it or alternate cells with Bible verses and their name, e.g. Jesus loves Estefany; God loved Estefany and chose her for His own; Loved by God; Chosen One.



I have also sent some blank envelope labels to our kids so they could make their own stickers. It’s a great package filler if you haven’t busted your 1/4 inch. And if you are fortunate, you may just see one of their masterpieces back on a future letter.  :)




Make your own:
Bible Poster or Postcard
Bible Bookmark
Bible Note Cards / Notepaper
Bible Wallet Cards
Board Game



Have you ever made your own Bible verse stickers? How did they turn out? Love to hear your ideas…



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