whale spouting water

Is it just a whale of a tale?

Dr Harry Rimmer, D.D., Sc.D., tells of personally meeting a sailor who fell overboard from a trawler in the English Channel and was swallowed by a gigantic Rhincodon whale shark. The entire trawler fleet set out to hunt the shark down and 48 hours after the accident, the shark was sighted and slain with a one-pound deck gun. The carcass was too heavy for the ship’s winches to handle, so the crew towed it to shore, intending to give their friend a Christian burial. When the shark was opened, the man was found unconscious but alive. He was rushed to hospital, where he was found to be suffering from shock alone, and was later discharged. He was on exhibit in a London museum at a shilling admission, and was advertised as ‘The Jonah of the Twentieth Century’. Read more…

Sceptics often ridicule this Bible story, but it was confirmed by none other than the Lord Jesus Christ – the Creator Himself – in Matthew 12:39-41. Plus it’s obviously happened to others too. When writing to your sponsored child, you may like to include this real life story of ‘The Jonah of the Twentieth Century’. If they are interested in speculations as to exactly what the original ‘great fish’ could have been, click here (; here (; or here (Answers in Genesis for kids) to get some thoughts from scientists who take the Bible seriously. Now, here are some free colouring pages, puzzles, crafts, cartoons, posters and creative ideas for a ‘Jonah and the great fish’ theme, also traditionally known as ‘Jonah and the Whale’.





Jonah runs from God – colouring; Jonah being swallowed by a happy big fish – cartoon and coloring  and Jonah lesson ideas for kids  free printable

Jonah boards the ship at Joppa – colouring (scroll down) with lots of detail for older children; cartoon style; free printable

Jonah overboard – coloring  showing Jonah next to the ship with a big fish lurking nearby; free printable

Jonah – colouring  (pdf) from The Action Bible (it’s actually a creation page, but that shadow on the bottom definitely looks like Jonah; what do you think?); free printable

Jonah on the beach – colouring  looking back at the opened mouth big fish; free printable




Jonah – puzzles and activities for kids  (Biblewise)  Jonah praying inside the big fish – maze; Jonah inside the big fish – coded message puzzle; word search; stories; colouring; free printable

All about Jonah – fun fill in sheet; whale maze; Jonah wordsearch  in a cool doodle style; free printable

Jonah inside whale – easy maze

325 Puzzle / Coloring Bible Activity Sheets for Kids  (Calvary Curriculum Original; scroll down to numbers 161 to 163) each booklet is about 6 pages and has one coloring page and several puzzle pages, including word searches, fill-in-blanks, crosswords, true or false, circle correct words, mazes. The Jonah related items are numbers 161 to 163; also available in Spanish (scroll down to numbers 161 to 163); free printable

Jonah – Word Mat  (make sure you click the link immediately under the David and Goliath word mat) in full colour (love the whale’s tongue); free printable

Jonah and the big fish – colouring / puzzles / learn to draw (scroll down) free printable

Whale colouring / puzzles / learn to draw  free printable

whale – learn to draw free printable

Learn to draw cartoon whale   this is what the whale would have looked like when his lunch disappeared!   :)

Learn to draw a cartoon whale – with a pail (of popcorn) and looking at a snail – sitting on his tail  too crazy, but very cute! I had to include it – hey, maybe the whale and the snail went to the movies together after Jonah left for Nineveh!  :)




Jonah standing in the big fish’s mouth – craft (great hand puppet, too)

Jonah swimming around inside the big fish – fun craft

Jonah inside the big fish – easy and fun craft

Jonah ~ a whale of a craft  to help kids remember that walking with God in obedience is always the best choice.

Blue whale paper toy   complete with teeth and spout; free printable

Whale – origami easy; humpback whale design already printed – ready to print and fold; free printable

Whale – peg craft  for a cute Sunday school or homeschool activity (or adapt for paper only)




Jonah 4:2 – Bible poster You are a gracious God and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and relenting from disaster; the tail of a large fish disappearing into the ocean depths; or here is the same verse with words only on a plain teal background; free printable

Whale – beautiful poster (Answers in Genesis) Biblical perspective; free printable

Jonah – cartoon booklet  (number 26) in colour or to colour (CB); big (story – 24 pages) or small (tract – 2 page); in very bright primary colours; and if you click on the search box, the other languages menu will drop down – e.g. Spanish; French; Portuguese; Hindi; Kinyarwanda; Swahili; Amharic; Tagalog; and more; free printable




Jonah cartoon (Answers in Genesis) God created the world’s first submarine, complete with the first emergency passenger ejector system. Biblical cartoon to make your child smile; free printable. Idea: great image if you are making your own stationery.

Jonah - world's first submarine complete with eject system


Jonah being thrown overboard; Big fish swallowing Jonah; Jonah praying inside big fish; Jonah on beach  More Jonah cartoons; free printable




Ocean in His hands – Isaiah 40:12 Who else has held the ocean in His hands? Memory verse card, devotional, puzzle for younger children; free printable

For something different, how about a word cloud generator + some words about Jonah + a shape outline template of a cool whale? Lots of fun!

Tagxedo (3)      Tagxedo (4)




Whale – lined stationery  this large, very cute blue whale definitely has a cheeky glint in his eye; free printable

Whale – card (Canon Creative Park) Write your note on the underside of the whale’s belly; free printable

Blue whale stationery / page border  (sparklebox) blue ocean and sky border; whale clipart with a spout and cheeky grin; free printable

Jonah – stationery showing Jonah sitting on top of a whale’s head; free printable

Or have a go at making your own stationery – choose a whale template outline and decorate your stationery and package with this cool watercolour whale





Daniel  man of integrity, leadership and wisdom

Daniel Verse Card 4x6

Armour of God

PGFE Armour of God free printables

Bible Treasure theme

Bible Treasure Theme ~ Certificate ~ Add your child's name

The Secret of the Missing Scrolls

The Secret of the Missing Scrolls

Warrior or Wimp? The story of two kings – King David / King Saul

David & Saul wallet card - Luke 10:27

Moses and God’s Top 10

Gods Top 10 Poster A4 -SAMPLE

Joshua  |  Noah  |  Joseph  |  Older boys


dinosaur dragon in mirror






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Dinosaur and Whale Images Copyright © Answers in Genesis. All Rights Reserved. The images are used here by permission of the copyright owner, Answers in Genesis. (Answers® and Answers in Genesis® are registered trademarks of Answers in Genesis, Inc.) For more information regarding Answers in Genesis, go to, and 

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