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Bible with lots of markings

Do you ever share some of what you are learning from the Bible with your sponsored child? Why not include snippets of your own Bible treasure in your letters? It’s a great idea even for younger children. It doesn’t have to be much, but it is important to let them know that they can trust God’s Word. God says what He means and means exactly what He says. Here’s some great Bible study resources and tools to get you started.

And remember, a good rule of thumb if you are struggling to understand something in the Bible, here’s a couple of tips:

1. I’ve always found if I don’t understand something, it’s because my understanding is incomplete. Make a note in a notebook ~ include the date and a brief comment. Then ask the Lord to teach you about it. It may not happen in the next five minutes, but it will happen. And when it does, make sure you go back to your notebook and mark it down. A great faith-builder to look back on for tough times.

2. Look for Jesus Christ and put Him on every page. In John 5:39 He Himself said that the whole book speaks about Him, and remember that Jesus was speaking about the Old Testament. The New Testament eyewitness accounts had not yet been written. They were still being lived.

“Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.”




  • A ton of Bible Verses for our Kids  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) 35 pages of Bible verses carefully selected for our kids, ready to print and send. Choose just one to include in your letter. I have been sending a page with every letter and my kids love them. Kefa told us it helped him be a ‘good boy’.  :o
  • Blue Letter Bible  free online Bible – KJV, NKJV, NLT, NIV, ESV, NASB, RSV, ASV, YLT, DBY, WEB, HNV, LXX + more; commentaries; dictionaries; articles; sermons; charts; maps; easy to use. If I’m looking for a Bible verse or to know what the original Greek and Hebrew really says, this is where I go first; fabulous resource.
  •  (faithcomesfromhearing) fabulous free online Bible; 1,675 different languages and translations in an easy to read format. Or try playing an audio version in the background while you are working. It’s amazing how you can easily listen to a whole Bible book in no time.
  • Ethnic Harvest   Bibles in over 250 languages
  • Biblica – Bible online – NIV, NirV, KJV, NASB, NLT, AMP; Amharic; French; Kiswahili; Malayalam; Portuguese; Thai; English, Spanish; many in PDF format; Bible verse of the day
  • – Bible online – A free Bible on your phone, tablet or computer (free app); or listen or read online in a clear and easy to read format; 1092 versions; 779 languages
  • Bible Hub – plus Bibles in other languages
  • Bible Study Tools  various versions and Bible study resources; including a compare translations tool
  • Bible Gateway – Bible online – various versions and languages; Bible study resources – commentaries, dictionaries, study tools, reading plans.



BIBLE STUDY RESOURCES  (Dr Chuck Missler)  Free Bible Study articles for the serious student; incredible knowledge of Hebrew, Greek, science, and history and how it all dovetails together. The Bible is an intricate tapestry. God has carefully dictated, designed and authenticated every microscopic detail from outside our time and space. Even ‘boring’ genealogies hold hidden treasures. If you are not familiar with Dr Missler’s teaching, I cannot recommend it highly enough. He brings the Bible to life. Listen to his FREE Learn the Bible in 24 series and share a snippet with your child. My family has learnt so much from him and you will, too – for example this – amazing!

Blue Letter Bible   Fabulous Bible study resources designed by Dr Chuck Missler and team; look up any Bible verse in different versions; compare different translations side by side; discover the meaning in the original Hebrew and Greek words (without any prior knowledge) with a simple click of a button; discover where else a word appears in the Bible (cross reference); maps; charts; timelines; dictionaries; outlines; images; commentaries (text, audio and video); and topical references. Lots of resources from many different Bible teachers; an incredible Bible study tool – all free.

Pastor Chuck Smith ~ teaching through the whole Bible   include snippets of Bible treasure in your letters (you can read, then copy and paste the text – or listen).

FCA resources   Bible studies and other resources – designed by and for Christian athletes; fabulous for older boys and girls

God’s love for us – Bible study booklet  (Calvary Curriculum) 78 pages designed as a summer camp activity fill-in booklet with colouring page; a little about you (favourite colour, food, etc) and 8 fun Bible studies with lots of graphics to colour, mazes, word searches, mirror word searches, crosswords, dot-to-dot, coded puzzles; scroll down for more Bible study booklets; free printable

Bible Study Downloads  (Dr Rick Griffith, Singapore Bible College) a culmination of teaching God’s Word for 45 years. Here you can freely download dozens of courses, thousands of pages of course notes and sermon manuscripts, PowerPoint presentations, as well as hundreds of translations by his students into 45 languages. Every biblical book has at least 100 slides with an average of over 300 slides per book of the Bible. Inside the presentations you’ll find thousands of color pictures, diagrams, and charts in an attractive format.

Search Light  (Jon Courson) read the Bible study notes or choose from a list of topics to listen to   Bible studies and research to inspire

eBible   Bible maps, graphics, photos and other resources

Answers to 100+ questions  (abdaacts) about Christianity

Living a Life of Faith ~ a Bible study for older girls  (bloggingpastorswife) with plenty of room to sketch, draw, doodle or write your own notes; free printable

Sunday School Resources  (Answers in Genesis; scroll down) reinforcing the authority of Scripture

World Missionary Press  Gospel booklets – 180 different languages

Christian’s Classics Ethereal Library  (CCEL) making classic Christian literature widely available.

Middle Town Bible Church   Bible studies, Bible reading schedule, Bible geography and more




Bible Journal Worksheets  (Biblejournalingdigitally; scroll down to the end of the post to download) use for a Bible Chapter or passage and includes key subject, key verse, key people, key words, key principles, application, conclusion; in a trendy and colourful format; free printable

Bible study index cards  (heartofwisdom) blank cards (recipe card in a box format) to help children think about a Bible passage and write or doodle their own notes; free printable




Apologetics  Answer all those tricky questions your child (or you) may have and teach your child to believe the Bible with confidence


Devotionals  Not sure what to send to your sponsored child? How about a devotional to inspire and encourage them to live Godly lives following in the footsteps of Jesus… or even a snippet. Here are some cool ideas to get you started…


Bible Treasure Theme   Ahoy me hearties! Arrr! Yar ha arrr! One of my favourite themes that I have done for my sponsored kids was a fun Bible Treasure theme full of pirates, treasure chests and swashbuckling adventure to encourage them to dig into eternal treasure and the promises of God!

Bible Treasure ~ Bookmark Corners

The Secrets of the Missing Scrolls   Another of my favourite packages for my kids was a mystery / adventure theme describing the ultimate treasure hunt to teach them that God’s Word CAN be trusted. I sent them deep into the desert on a very special and dangerous mission; travelling backwards and forwards through time; boldly helping others to escape from Roman soldiers; witnessing dangerous and secret meetings at the highly volatile Jerusalem border; preparing the Great Isaiah scroll for the coming Messiah; being part of an exciting archaeological expedition; and actually discovering the archaeological treasure find of the century… real eternal treasure… the very famous Dead Sea Scrolls containing the Old Testament.

The Secret of the Missing Scrolls

In the Footsteps of Jesus ~ Secrets of the New Testament  a broad overview of the New Testament; written by eyewitnesses with an incredible true story to tell

In the Footsteps of Jesus - Secrets of the New Testament - free apologetics article for kids A4; free printable

RZIM – Dr Ravi Zacharias   excellent Christian apologetics teacher who speaks all over the world in universities and with world leaders including from other religions.   reasons why the Bible can be trusted; written by a scientist with a PhD in organic chemistry; some resources also available in Portuguese; Chinese and Indonesian. Include a couple of quick facts in every letter to build your child’s faith.




And when you write to your sponsored child, don’t forget to them about the creative genius behind this incredibly designed book who loves them to bits…

Tell them about Jesus!


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