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DID YOU KNOW:  The word ‘dinosaur’ was only made up in 1841, centuries after the Bible was written. “Dinosauria” = (deinos) “terrible, powerful, wondrous” + (sauros) “lizard or reptile” in Greek. It was the name chosen by creationist, biologist and paleontologist, Sir Richard Owen.

POP QUIZ:  What were dinosaurs called before 1841? Answer

dinosaur dragon in mirror

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DID YOU KNOW:  The King James Bible uses the word dragon or dragons more than 30 times. This has special significance as the KJV was published in 1611 AD. Only 400 years ago, Bible translators were confident that their readers would know exactly what they were talking about. Real – and not mythical – creatures.



I’ve been wanting to do a dinosaur theme for my Compassion kids for a long time but knew it would be a big one, so kept putting it off. This month, I’ve finally done it. Here is the dinosaur article that I did for my kids; and there are some cool dinosaur freebies to go with it. They are also available in French. And in this post, there’s plenty of dinosaur colouring pages, posters, puzzles, learn-to-draw, crafts, cartoons, stationery and information for kids that fits right in with the Bible. There’s something here for everyone… boys, girls, older or younger will be fascinated by this theme while learning about the magnificence of our Creator… enjoy!



FREE Bible Poster; Revelation 22:13; I am Alpha and Omega; The Bible is the history book of the universe; free printable




Here’s the short story on dinosaurs as I understand it from the Bible – the history book of the universe:

1. God made dinosaurs as part of His ‘very good’ creation. Water dinosaurs (plesiosaurs) and flying dinosaurs (pterosaurs) would have been created on day 5 of creation week along with all other sea creatures and flying creatures. Land dinosaurs were created on day 6 of creation week along with mankind and the other animals that live on land.dinosaur eating green plant
2. Man lived with dinosaurs until they became extinct.
3. Big teeth or not, according to Genesis, all dinosaurs originally would have eaten plants.
4. After the Fall when the deadly ‘sin’ virus entered creation, death, decay and disease was the result. Sadly, this included man and creatures turning on each other.
5. Two of every KIND of dinosaurs went onto Noah’s Ark, more than likely teenagers. Why teen? They would have been smaller; eaten less; made less mess (unless of course, they were like some of the teenagers that we are familiar with :) ) and also would have been in top breeding condition for years to come once the Flood finished.

THINK SPOT:  Representatives of ALL the land animals and birds were on the Ark, but did you know that the dove and raven are the only ones actually named in the Bible as being on the ark?


Dinosaurs formed day 6

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What happened to the dinosaurs

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What happened to the dinosaurs

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6. The rest of the dinosaurs – and other humans and animals not on the ark – would have perished during the Global Flood. What would expect to see around today as evidence of a global flood? How about some water laying around? Did you know that the earth today is covered by 75% water?! (If you haven’t seen this view of the earth’s globe before, you will be shocked). Plus, we would expect to find billions of dead things laid down by water all over the earth, wouldn’t we? So what do we find? Billions of dead things, laid down by water, all over the earth. Even the middle of deserts and on the top of Mount Everest. They are called fossils. Water is the essential ingredient. And many show evidence of extremely rapid burial, another essential ingredient to preserve soft tissue before it decays or is scavenged (which is why we don’t see too many fossils forming today). Here is a fossil of an extinct marine ichthyosaur giving birth. You can clearly see the tiny baby still in the birth canal.  :o
7. The dinosaur KINDS came off the Ark with Noah, his family and all the other animal KINDS and bird KINDS, ready to repopulate the Earth.
8. Dinosaurs are considered to have become extinct since then (sadly, like too many other species you can probably think of).
9. Historical eyewitness evidence confirms that dinosaurs lived for centuries after the Flood. Stories, legends, drawings, descriptions, etchings, carvings and sculptures of these creatures abound, some possibly exaggerated, but some originate from only a few hundred years ago. Many people knew them as ‘dragons’. A farmer is reported to have killed one in 1572 AD while leading his cattle. Ancient peoples all around the world told stories of heroes who killed large reptiles. And if you insert this phrase: ‘historical stories of dinosaurs (or dragons)’ into this search engine, you will find more. Here is one of them:

“St. George had to deal with a dragon. Alexander the Great’s army encountered a dragon. Marco Polo recorded dragon dealings. Flavius Philostratus provided this sober account in the third century A.D.: ‘The whole of India is girt with dragons of enormous size; for not only the marshes are full of them, but the mountains as well, and there is not a single ridge without one…’ Similar accounts have been handed down orally within North, Central, and South American Indian groups. The fact that so many different peoples told the same details authenticates their testimony.” (icr.org)

Then as dinosaur numbers started to fade, so did the memories of them ever being around. Back then, there were no 21st century zoo programs fighting valiantly to preserve them from extinction.
10. Fossils (bones turned into rock) of these ‘terrible lizards’ started to be rediscovered during the 1800s and given a new name… dinosaur.


What happened to the dinosaurs

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What happened to the dinosaurs

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11. As dinosaurs are considered to be extinct, our knowledge of what they looked like can only be a guess from examining clues in the fossil record. That is why they are often depicted differently. Did you know that many dinosaur exhibits were built from only a few fragments of bone?! (Click on the link and be prepared to be shocked).


Cartoon courtesy: Richard Gunther (mightymag.org/gunther.net.nz)

12. Scientists have speculated on dozens of different reasons on the ‘mystery’ of why dinosaurs became extinct. These speculations include:  constipation; sunburn; comets; a global dust cloud and fire storm from a meteorite impact. Despite the fact that fossils are laid down by water and buried rapidly, a flood is strangely conspicuous by its absence.
13. There are many legends, sightings and stories (see below) from eyewitnesses that some dinosaurs may possibly still be alive today!  :o



elephant and hippo with tails like a cedar

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Job 40:15 Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eats grass as an ox. Lo now, his strength is in his loins, and his force is in the navel of his belly. He moves his tail like a cedar: the sinews of his stones are wrapped together. His bones are as strong pieces of brass; his bones are like bars of iron. He is the chief of the ways of God: he that made him can make his sword to approach unto him…

NOTE:  Does your Bible have a modern footnote about an elephant or hippo?! Really…? A tail like a cedar…? Hmmm, ever seen one of them with a tail like this?! The Hebrew word תנין (tannin) likely refers to both land and sea serpents or dragons.

Job 41   Click to read this great description of another dinosaur in the Bible by the Creator Himself.


Creation Museum - Taking back the dinosaurs

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Dinosaurs and the Bible ~ fun article for kids  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) giving glory to God as Creator; also available in French; free printable

Dinosaur Free Printable Article for Kids from a Biblical Perspective A4

The short story on dinosaurs – for kids (Answers in Genesis) by scientists who take the Bible seriously; We often hear that dinosaurs died out millions of years ago. But that’s not true. God’s Word, the Bible, tells us something totally different.

Dinosaur – Q&A for kids (Answers in Genesis) lots of fun information for kids (and also answering kids’ questions) from scientists who take the Bible seriously. Topics include: Are dragon legends true?  Many cultures have legends about dragons. Pictures of dragons appear on pottery, drawings, and other forms of art. People told stories about dinosaurs and created artwork depicting them… you have probably heard that dinosaurs existed millions of years ago and became extinct before people lived on the earth. This is not true. The Bible says that God created the earth around 6,000 years ago. He made land-dwelling dinosaurs on Day 6 of the Creation Week… Dinosaurs – lost and found; Does the Bible Mention Dinosaurs?; Slaying the Dragon Myth; When Did Dinosaurs Live?; Are Dinosaurs Still Alive Today?; Where are the Great Beasts Today?; Dinosaur Soft Tissue; Creation; and lots more; share a snippet with your child

Dinosaur – Q&A  (Answers In Genesis) lots of information for older kids from scientists who take the Bible seriously. Topics include: Dinosaurs and the Bible; Dinosaurs and DragonsDinosaurs – designed to be bigFearless T-Rex; When did dinosaurs live?; Fossils of the T.rex; How did those huge dinosaurs fit on the Ark?; Dinosaur bones; Dinosaur extinction; Dinosaur footprints; Dinosaur movies; Dinosaurs and humans; Dragon legends; Types of dinosaurs; Dragons – fact or fable?Dragon Legends from around the worldWhat really happened to the dinosaurs?; Meet Ebenezer, the 1.5 million dollar dinosaur; and more; share a snippet with your child

Dinosaurs and Dragons – fun information (Creation Museum) What if dinosaurs didn’t live more than 65 million years ago, and dragons weren’t just fiery fictional creatures found only in fairy tales? Get ready to challenge your preconceptions, and learn what the Bible has to teach us about the existence of dinosaurs and dragons.

Only 55 kinds? – Only 110 dinosaurs on the Ark? – Average size of a cow?  (icr.org) information from scientists who take the Bible seriously; only about 600 species of dinosaurs had ever been named, that many species had been named from only a piece of one bone, that many of the species were probably of the same “kind,” that many dinosaurs were small, that God wouldn’t have brought the largest specimens to Noah, and that, in my opinion, there were probably only around 100 dinosaurs onboard the Ark, with an average size of a cow…

Dinosaurs Q&A (creation.com) lots of information from scientists who take the Bible seriously; Topics include: What happened to the dinosaurs?; How did the animals fit on Noah’s Ark?; Bird evolution?; Did dinosaurs really die out millions of years ago?; Dinosaur blood cells – how could they survive millions of years?; Dinosaur footprints; Dinosaurs and humans?; Dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark?; Stamping out the legends; Thunder Lizards; The dinosaur (skeleton) that looks like a dragon; Did dinosaurs really rule the earth?; Was behemoth a dinosaur?How did dinosaurs become extinct?; Fossils – Q&A; and lots more; share a snippet with your child

Buried while giving birth  (creation.com) Have a look at this exquisitely preserved fossil of an extinct marine reptile, an ichthyosaur, giving birth to a live baby—the beak of the baby is still inside mother’s birth canal. There is no way the mother just lay on the ocean floor for thousands of years while being slowly covered by accumulating sediments. To be preserved so beautifully, it must have been buried and hardened very rapidly, to avoid damage by scavengers or decay (as we see happen today when something dies).

Tiny pterosaur – fossil egg  (creation.com) This fossil egg of a pterosaur (flying reptile) is 53 mm (2.08 in) long and 41 mm (1.61 in) across. The pterosaur’s folded wings, tucked compactly inside the egg, give the embryo a wingspan of 27 cm (10½ in). Had it lived, researchers say that the embryo would have grown into a ‘medium-to-large pterosaur’, i.e. with a likely wingspan between three and six metres (10–20 ft).

Hundreds of modern plants and animals are found buried with dinosaurs – but hidden from the public  (creation.com) Dr Carl Werner and his wife Debbie travelled over 100,000 miles (160,000 km) and took 60,000 photographs as they filmed the television series Evolution: The Grand Experiment… They focused on fossils found in dinosaur rock layers, and compared these fossils to modern animals and plants… “We found fossilized examples from every major invertebrate animal phylum living today including: arthropods (insects, crustaceans etc.), shellfish, echinoderms (starfish, crinoids, brittle stars, etc.), corals, sponges, and segmented worms (earthworms, marine worms). The vertebrates—animals with backbones such as fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals—show this same pattern. Cartilaginous fish (sharks and rays), boney fish (such as sturgeon, paddlefish, salmon, herring, flounder and bowfin) and jawless fish (hagfish and lamprey) have been found in the dinosaur layers and they look the same as modern forms. Modern-looking frogs and salamanders have been found in dinosaur dig sites. All of today’s reptile groups have been found in the dinosaur layers and they look the same or similar to modern forms: Snakes (boa constrictor), lizards (ground lizards and gliding lizards), turtles (box turtles, soft-shelled turtles), and crocodilians (alligators, crocodiles and gavials). Contrary to popular belief, modern types of birds have been found, including: parrots, owls, penguins, ducks, loons, albatross, cormorants, sandpipers, avocets, etc. When scientists who support evolution disclosed this information during our TV interviews it appears that they could hardly believe what they were saying on camera… Paleontologists have found 432 mammal species in the dinosaur layers; almost as many as the number of dinosaur species. These include nearly 100 complete mammal skeletons. But where are these fossils? We visited 60 museums but did not see a single complete mammal skeleton from the dinosaur layers displayed at any of these museums…”



How to build or sculpt a dinosaur for a museum display  (Answers in Genesis) a fun look behind the scenes at the state-of-the-art Creation Museum designed to bring the Bible to life and restore the authority of God’s Word.

Dinosaur tracks can be found on every continent (icr.org) But just how did they form? Short punchy video (less than 2 minutes) from scientists who take the Bible seriously; or click here for a short article

Sea Monsters – more than a legend?  (creation.com) Although many creatures have become extinct in the thousands of years since Noah’s Global Flood, it is far less surprising for creationists than evolutionists when some of them, known only from the fossil record, turn up alive and well.

Would the real leviathan stand up  (creation.com) The most promising candidate is Sarcosuchus, a monstrous ‘armour-plated’ crocodile. Sarcosuchus had an unusual bulbous cavity at the end of its snout that could have been used for mixing fire-generating chemicals. Other creatures still alive today (same designer) can do this too, e.g. the Bombardier Beetle.

Dinosaur – Q&A  (askjohnmackay.com / creationresearch.net – recommended by and a former colleague of Ken Ham) Enjoy this laid back Aussie’s fun, no-nonsense style and ask any tricky dinosaur question you want. Maybe your child has a dinosaur question they would like answers for? Topics already answered include:  Were dinosaurs on Noah’s ark? If so, what happened to them? What happens to bones when an animals dies? Dinosaurs became birds? How could Noah have fitted huge dinosaurs on the Ark? Carbon dating of dinosaur bones? Dinosaurs and the Bible? Fire breathing dragons? Dinosaur soft tissue – no big deal, right?

Dinosaur fossils – evidence for the great Flood?  (ChristianAnswers.net) information for kids; thousands of dinosaur bones can be found where they were washed together by violent flood waters and buried under mud, sand and rock. Many of the animals were torn apart and their bones broken and jumbled-up. The muds and sands hardened like concrete to form the great layers of fossil rocks we find today… Animals and plants will fossilize only if they are buried quickly and deeply – before predators, decay and weather destroy them.

Dinosaurs, dragons and the Gospel  (ChristianAnswers.net)  Dinosaurs fit in perfectly with the Bible’s record of history

Dinosaurs and the Bible  (ChristianAnswers.net) Resources for teaching about creation using dinosaurs


A dinosaur egg was only about the size of a football

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DID YOU KNOW: The largest sauropod dinosaurs may have been up to 58 meters (190 feet) long and been as high as 9.25 meters (30 feet 4 inches). However, many dinosaurs were quite small like Xixianykus, which was only about 50 cm (20 in) long. Biblical scientists estimate there were probably only about 55 different dinosaur KINDS (55×2=110 dinosaurs) on the Ark, with the average size roughly that of a cow.




How many different dinosaurs were there? (icr.org) scroll down to find out but the answer may surprise (and shock) you

List of Dinosaur names (ChristianAnswers.net) Biblical perspective *



DID YOU KNOW:  When dinosaur fossils are discovered, they are found jumbled up with ALL KINDS of modern birds, plants and other animals exactly like we see around today. This is precisely what we would expect to see from a global disaster like Noah’s Flood. However, museums do not display these fossils, but hide this information from the public. Why? Dr Carl Werner investigated this puzzle: video or text. You will be stunned at what he found.

And although ‘millions of years’ rolls off the tongue so easily, bones don’t come with tags, either… do they?

Fossils are not discovered with a tag saying 'millions of years'

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Dinosaur – colouring  (Answers in Genesis) several dinosaur colouring pages to choose from including a stained glass dragon; along with a stained glass knight; and stained glass castle; Dinosaur teens boarding Noah’s Ark – colouring (pdf) love this one, or view from this main page; I will trust in You – colouring dinosaurs boarding Noah’s Ark with other animals and Bible verse from Psalm 31:14 – But as for me, I will trust in You, O Lord. I say, “You are my God.”; Dinosaurs and other animals leaving Noah’s Ark – colouring; Dinosaurs and other animals leaving Ark with knapsacks over their shoulders – colouringAdam patting dinosaur – colouring; Where’s Mrs Adam – colouring Adam shrugging his shoulders, with dinosaurs and other animals in love; Where’s Mrs Adam – colouring with dinosaurs showing big grins; Adam names animals – colouring with dinosaur looking over his shoulder and all the animals receiving their name tags; Dinosaur – colour by number; and more; free printable

Dinosaur – trace over and colour (max7.org) Psalm 46:1 – God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble – trace over the 4 dinosaurs dotted outlines in this scene, then colour. I was excited to see this one is also available in Swahili for our Agatha (click on ‘advanced download’); free printable

The Great Dinosaur Mystery – colouring  (ChristianAnswers.net; scroll down to dinosaurs) The one place kids should hear about dinosaurs is in church; use kids’ natural fascination for dinosaurs to turn them toward our Creator; creation and the Bible – and how dinosaurs fit into it all; Dinosaur coming out of an open Bible into the Garden of Eden – fun colouring; God made me too – colouring dinosaur holding a sign; Dinosaur – colouring (of Behemoth, a dinosaur in the Bible) comparing its size to an elephant; Dinosaur T.rex – colouring ferocious or friendly?; Dinosaur eggs – colouring with baby dinosaur hatching;  Dinosaurs – two by two – colouring; Dinosaur (Triceratops) – colouring; God made the world – colouring an Earth globe with a ‘made by God’ tag; Were you there? – colouring a student respectfully asks his teacher teaching millions of years; and more; free printable

4 Dinosaur – colouring pages  including a fun one of kids riding on the back of a dinosaur; free printable

My Pet Dinosaur – colouring  add your child’s name; free printable

17 Dinosaur – colouring pages for kids including this Flying Pteranodon catching a fish; Apatosaurus taking a bath (I added a couple of cartoon kids having fun on their backs when I sent mine); free printable

Dinosaur colouring pages (coloringcafe.com) – Pterodactyl; Triceratops; Apatosaurus; Stegosaurus; Diplodocus; Tyrannosaurus-rex; AllosaurusBrachiosaurus; Baby Dinosaur; Spinosaurus; Velociraptor  free printable

115 Dinosaur – colouring pages for kids  free printable

6 Dinosaur – colouring for younger children; free printable

Dinosaur – colouring  (pdf) This is one mean and grumpy looking dinosaur with huge teeth and bushy eyebrows; free printable

Dinosaur – colouring  (Duck Duck Go)

Dinosaur – colouring  (Google)

Jazz up your colouring pages  shrink or combine colouring pages to make a unique scene; add a title, a border, a Bible verse and some clip art with this easy tutorial; Note: I often found dinosaur colouring pages generally lack other animals, people or ‘normal’ plants and flowers in them, so I added them in. Think Garden of Eden + dinosaurs.



dinosaur in garden




Dinosaur – puzzles for kids (Answers in Genesis) from a Biblical perspective – Triceratops shaped maze; Dinosaur – fun coloured puzzles  (click on lessons 2, 6, 24 and 25) What about dinosaurs? T.rex teeth – what’s on the menu? Where did they go? Which animals are the oldest? Circle the animals not on the Ark; Dinosaur word find  20 words naming different dinosaurs; Dragon Secret Code  decipher the code using a Bible verse then draw a dragon of the deep; Dinosaur word find 20 dinosaur and Bible words; Dinosaur match – puzzle match the dinosaur features to the names; Dinosaur match – puzzle match the dinosaur to the silhouette; Dinosaur dot to dot  numbers 1 to 28; Dinosaur word block  find the word ‘dinosaur’; Fossil worksheet; free printable

Put the dinosaur bones back together  just like a real paleontologist; easy 5-piece puzzle to cut out and assemble; free printable

Dinosaur Activity Book  (Answers in Genesis) puzzles, games, and other challenging activities to provide hours of fun while teaching kids about some of the most popular—and most unusual—dinosaurs; cut up and send for your sponsored child; for purchase; more dinosaur items to purchase

Dinosaur – multiple choice quiz  (ChristianAnswers.net) 10 questions from a Biblical perspective; press CTRL+P to print or save as pdf; more dinosaur fun facts, games, puzzles, information and resources for kids  free printable

Dinosaur shaped Maze  free printable

Stegosaurus shaped Maze  free printable

Dinosaur shaped word search (pdf) find the 10 dinosaur names and 3 bonus words; free printable

Design your own dinosaur puzzle specifically suited for your child with this easy tutorial; you could use the free article for kids – Dinosaurs and the Bible as the basis for your questions




Dinosaur – learn to draw a fierce (but kid friendly) triceratops

Dinosaur – learn to draw  (Answers in Genesis)

Fire Breathing Dragon – learn to draw (Activity Village)

Dinosaur – learn to draw  (scroll down) 20 to choose from

Learn to Draw Dinosaur cartoons  varying degrees of difficulty


dinosaur-grey triceratops*



Dinosaur – thaumatrope (Paper Gifts for Estefany)  an optical illusion spinning paper toy – ‘God made me too’; free printable

FREE Dinosaur Mini Thaumatrope for kids

Dinosaur triceratops – mask  (pdf) to colour; free printable

Happy Dinosaur – mask  (pdf) to colour for younger children; free printable

Standing Stegosaurus  (digitprop) This cute little dinosaur comes in blue or green. It can be used as a calendar, address book or it has blank cards so you can use it for whatever you want; fabulous idea for Bible verse wallet cards; just write your Bible verses on to the blank cards and pop them in to this holder or mix ‘n match with the calendar and address book; free printable

A gentleman dinosaur to make  (digitprop) standing template; complete with black top hat; free printable

Dinosaur printables and crafts  (Activity Village) including a cute dragon mask and dragon bookmark (adapt for paper), door-hanger, handprint dinosaurs, cute dinosaur finger puppets, jokes, worksheets, dinosaur reward chart, dinosaur stationery and dinosaur feet. Idea: print extra so your child can have dinosaur races with their friends!  :)

Fire Breathing Dinosaur/Dragon card to make  (madebyjoel) with movable tongue; free printabledinosaur-green

Dinosaurs at the Museum – to make  (madebyjoel – Paper City collection); free printable

Get messy and send your child a dinosaur handprint from you or get everyone in your family to do one and send a whole dino family to your child but remember to adapt for paper only; this would be a great card idea

Make a cool dinosaur tail  adapt for paper only for your sponsored child to dress-up

Dinosaur Paper Hat  another cool dress-up idea made from green construction paper just using strips and triangles; decorate for some additional flair

Dinosaur finger puppets  (scroll down) with your fingers as the legs – Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex; Brachiosaurus; free printable

Rainbow Dinosaur  this looks like fun; adapt the size to A4 for your sponsored child

Dinosaur Mobile  cut out a whole heap of dinosaur templates, stencils or pictures to make a cool dinosaur mobile like this (or this one is available for purchase)

Dinosaur Dig – This is a fun activity to do with any dinosaur templates, stencils or pictures. Cut up templates like a jigsaw puzzle; put sand or dirt into a box and bury their ‘dinosaurs’, then act as palaeontologists :) and CAREFULLY dig for dinosaurs, so as not to hurt the ‘fossils’. If possible, they will need something like a little shovel, sifter and paint brush.

Dinosaur – photo collage adapt your paper size to A4 and add your child’s and family’s photos for some cool dinosaur family photos; free printable

Dinosaurs in Love – easy pop-up to make and here’s another Dinosaur – easy pop-up to make  print on coloured paper, then cut and fold; free printable

Dinosaur toy  (mrprintables) simple cardboard template to make and decorate

More dinosaur activities for kids (Pinterest)




Dinosaur paper gift items in English and French that I made for my kids with Bible verse from Exodus 20:11 – FREE Dinosaur poster/verse card; dinosaur bookmark; dinosaur bookmark corners; dinosaur wallet cards; dinosaur frame (for colouring pages and puzzles); dinosaur door hanger; dinosaur note cards; dinosaur notepaper; dinosaur mini-envelopes; dinosaur stationery; to go with the Dinosaurs and the Bible ~ article for kids giving glory to God as Creator; by Paper Gifts for Estefany; free printable

Dinosaur free printable Poster for kids A4

Dinosaur poster for kids  (Answers in Genesis) Biblical perspective; free printable

Dinosaur Flash Cards  (creation.com) small cost





3 Dinosaur wallpaper images (Answers in Genesis) free printable

Cool photos of dinosaur fossils  (scroll down) from the Creation Museum (Answers in Genesis); free printable

Flying dinosaurs  an artist’s impression of three impressive pteranodons flying above a lake at sundown

“Luckily we found this bone, so we were able to reconstruct the whole creature”. You may smile, but be prepared to be shocked. Did you know that many of our dinosaurs are built from only a few bones?!  (Dinosaur museum cartoon courtesy of Richard Gunther (mightymag.org/richardgunther.net.nz).


We’re taking dinosaurs back – creation museum cartoon (scroll down; from Answers in Genesis)

Creation Museum - Taking back the dinosaurs

Dinosaur egg cartoon  (Answers in Genesis)

A dinosaur egg was only about the size of a football

What happened to the dinosaurs – cartoon series  (Answers in Genesis)

Dinosaurs formed day 6 What happened to the dinosaurs What happened to the dinosaurs What happened to the dinosaurs What happened to the dinosaurs

Dinosaur Cartoon – behemoth, elephant or hippo?  (Answers in Genesis)  A young boy reads a description of a dinosaur in his Bible in Job chapter 40

Dinosaur clip art for younger children  (Duck Duck Go)





Dinosaurs and humans (creation.com)

Dinosaurs and humans (icr.org) make sure you check out and share this short, punchy video (less than 2 minutes) with your family and friends

Dinosaurs and humans (Answers in Genesis)

Genesis Park   A showcase of evidence that dinosaurs and man were created together and have co-existed throughout history.

Forbidden history – Dinosaurs and the Bible  Dragon history is nearly universal throughout ancient cultures of the world. Where did it come from? How did different people, separated by continents, describe, record, draw, etch, sew and carve these creatures with such uniformity, if they were not eyewitnesses? And why is this history forbidden?

THINK SPOT: Some Norwegian Viking vessels have fire-breathing dragons carved on them. Could they be Leviathan as described in Job 41:18-20 with sparks, smoke, and flashes of fire coming from the mouth and nose?





Dinosaur didn’t die 65 millions years ago, they are still alive today  (video documentary) featuring well known PhD scientists who take the Bible seriously – from creation.com, Answers in Genesis and icr.org – discussing multiple dinosaur sightings from all over the world; and as Dr Wieland states (at the 13:54 mark) ‘if you only had one or two stories that sounded a bit similar to dinosaurs, you could see it as just a coincidence, but when you have this universal theme right across the globe, many different continents, many different cultures and over a vast span of human history then there’s probably going to have to be some universal core truth there.’

Dinosaurs hidden in the swamps of Africa?  (creation.com) Over the past 100 years, there have been many reports of sightings, in a remote area of central Africa, of a swamp-dwelling animal known to local villagers as ‘mokele-mbembe’—the ‘blocker-of-rivers’.

Dinosaurs alive in PNG?  (creation.com) villagers travelling in a canoe reported seeing the creature wading in shallow water

Live plesiosaurs?  (creation.com) “Of all plesiosaur-like creatures washed up on shores around the world, basking sharks account for over 90%… There is evidence, however, for live plesiosaurs in recent times… It would not surprise me at all if a live plesiosaur was found today.”

Other modern ‘dinosaurs’ rediscovered  (creation.com) Coelacanth (an extinct fish) and the Wollemi Pine (an extinct tree) – so why not other dinosaurs?pleiosaur

Cryptozoological (Hidden Animals) evidence (GenesisPark.com) possible great reptiles still surviving today; each location has been personally visited and multiple credible reports verified

  • Plesiosaurs (great swimming reptiles) – Lake Champlain, Loch Ness, Santa Cruz, Lake Okanagan
  • Pterosaurs (flying reptiles) – Africa, PNG
  • Sauropod – Africa, Amazon
  • Ceratopsians (frilled dinosaurs) – Africa

Forbidden History  Is there evidence that dinosaurs and man have existed together? Are there still living dinosaurs? Have you been told that the dinosaurs died off “millions” of years ago? Is evidence of dinosaurs existing with man being suppressed because it proves false prevailing scientific theories about the age of the earth and the origin of man and animals.

Whilst researching this topic, I was fascinated and surprised to find so many stories and links, including one saying eyewitness ‘sightings of pterodactyls in Mexico are so frequent that creationist and missionary John Pendleton is setting up a trap’. I decided to personally track down and write to Mr Pendleton and he very kindly replied and confirmed this information: ‘Sorry, I don’t have a photo YET! I have talked to lots of people who have seen it. One lady was almost carried off in December 2006. I want to trap the thing live.’ Dinosaurs and the Bible (video presentation) At the 13:40 mark in this video, Mr Pendleton talks about a flying dinosaur in PNG carried a near-dead tribal man off, then dropped him back on the ground, when it realised he was still (barely) alive. Apparently, they are known to be scavengers, often raiding new shallow graves. In another video link he gave me, he further describes how he is hoping to trap and tranquillize a live flying pterosaur where he lives in Zacatecas, Mexico and put a radio-transmitter on it, in order to find the whole family. Pterosaurs are at least the size of a hang-glider. He describes how the lady who was almost carried off in December 2006 was wiring a gate door shut, heard flapping wings, crouched down & managed to elude capture. He also refers to sightings of swimming reptiles in 50 lakes across the world (and has spoken to a ‘Nessie’ eyewitness himself); plus there have been reported sightings of pterosaurs in PNG, Australia, New Mexico, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Africa. More videos from John Pendleton



Nessie’s official web site   the official Loch Ness monster site with information and photographs of sightings.

NOTE:  I have mainly restricted the majority of my links to Biblical organisations that I know and trust who have Ph.D. scientists on staff (like creation.com / icr.org / answersingenesis.org). If you are interested in further information on this fascinating topic, I found a virtual rabbit warren of links, books and web sites by cryptozoologists (who study ‘hidden animals’) investigating live pterosaur sightings reported from all over the world. Could modern living and nocturnal Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaurs (called ropens) with intrinsic bioluminescence account for some strange sighting of lights? It is claimed that the ropen’s defining characteristic is the glow it emits from its stomach and tail. Many eyewitnesses have claimed to see this glow at night. A simple search will bring up hours of fun!  :)





Challenging Dr EV Lution – Dinosaur story for kids  (creation.com) Thirteen-year-old David Avila and the Creation Science Club, along with a mysterious secret friend, search back through recorded history, look into science’s most recent fossil-finds and go on a dangerous treasure hunt in Argentina to collect real-life scientific evidence that refutes evolution and upholds the truth of the Word of God. Here is a peek at chapter 1. The rest of the book is available for purchase.

Dragons of the Deep – illustrated book  (creation.com) Ocean Monsters past and present, by Dr Carl Wieland. Mighty predators like Liopleurodon, and the lesser-known sea serpent Styxosaurus probably inspired tales of sea dragons before they became extinct; the whale-wrestling colossal squid was thought to be mythical until its recent live discovery. Fantastic creatures and fascinating facts impart a thoroughly biblical worldview. Book for purchase; or you may like to cut up the book or print off the free printable 3 page sample for your child.

Dinosaur – Challenges and Mysteries – book  (creation.com) for purchase by scientist Michael Oard; Biblical perspective; uncover new and mysterious dinosaur evidence being discovered around the world, including their tracks, nests, eggs and bones. Let a dinosaur expert show you how the Genesis Flood explains the discoveries—and the mysteries. Beautifully presented in full colour with amazing pictures and drawings.

Dinosaurs and Dragons comic book  (creation.com) No human ever saw a living dinosaur… or did they? All over the world, there are many stories about dragons. Discover the facts of history as you find out about these amazing animals and how they connect to the Bible; small cost

More Dinosaur items  (creation.com) for purchase




Cool dinosaur stationery, matching dinosaur note cards, dinosaur notepaper and dinosaur mini-envelopes that I made for my kids in English and French with Bible verse from Exodus 20:11; by Paper Gifts for Estefany; free printable

Dinosaur Free Printable Stationery for Kids A4 Dinosaur free printable Note cards with Bible verse A4   Dinosaur free printable Poster for kids A4 FRENCH Dinosaur free printable mini envelopes + note cards A4

Dinosaur – stationery  (pageborders.org) plain blue squiggly border with cute green dinosaur, mountain and tropical foliage at bottom of page; free version is fine

Dinosaur – stationery (scroll down) a dinosaur standing as tall as the page and leaning over the top of page to munch on a tree; free printable

Flying pterosaur – stationery  white lined paper with colourful pterosaur topper; free printable

Dinosaur – stationery – blank or lined  with words ‘You’re dino-mite’ and clip art of a dinosaur holding a heart; free printable

Dinosaur and tropical plants – stationery  (pageborders.net) free printable

Dinosaur – stationery  (printabletreats.com) soft mauve and green dinosaurs against a white background; free printable

Fire breathing purple dragon wrapped around a tower – stationery  (Activity Village) blank, lined or handwriting; free printable

Fire breathing dragon – stationery (Activity Village) blank, lined or handwriting; free printable

Winged dinosaur – stationery (Activity Village) blank, lined or handwriting; free printable

Dinosaur – lined stationery  happy cartoon dinosaur clip art on white background; free printable

Dinosaur valentine notes / gift tags  colourful purple, mauve and yellow dinosaurs on a white background in lime green and pink frames; free printable





Idea: add a Bible verse to your favourite dinosaur image and make your own:
Bible Poster or Verse Card
Bible Bookmark – add your child’s name
Bible Note Cards
Bible Wallet Cards
Bible Stickers
Board Game
Don’t forget to jazz up your envelopes if you are including any special treats like dinosaur stickers for your homeschool of Sunday school students. Sticker sheets are fine for your sponsored child.




Dinosaur didn’t die 65 millions years ago, they are still alive today  (video documentary) featuring well known PhD scientists who take the Bible seriously – from creation.com, Answers in Genesis and icr.org – discussing multiple dinosaur sightings from all over the world; and as Dr Wieland states (at the 13:54 mark) ‘if you only had one or two stories that sounded a bit similar to dinosaurs, you could see it as just a coincidence, but when you have this universal theme right across the globe, many different continents, many different cultures and over a vast span of human history then there’s probably going to have to be some universal core truth there.’

Dinosaurs, Genesis and the Gospel  4 fun videos for kids

Hundreds of modern animal fossils found with dinosaurs (but hidden from the public)  short video – 3:17 minutes

Dragon munchies for your family  (pdf) I’m thinking of sending these pics to my Compassion kids and see if they can come up with something creative like this for lots of fabulous party fun

Dino girl party – very cute ideas

Dinosaur – colourful thank you cards for girls  for purchase

Dinosaur – party invites (pdf) and matching thank you notes (pdf); print for a special dinosaur occasion. Idea: hold a dinosaur party in your Compassion child’s honour and send them the photos; free printable

World class dinosaur fossil – at the Creation Museum  (Answers in Genesis) Take your family to see it – kids under 5 are free – so they can learn the truth about life, dinosaurs and the universe from a Biblical perspective; and make sure you send your sponsored child the photos to build their faith, too. Here’s a sneak peek virtual tour of the Creation Museum. Be prepared to be impressed!






Noah’s Ark

Ark Encounter_Noah's Ark Kentucky USA

© AnswersinGenesis.org

Ebenezer – the $1.5 million dollar dinosaur
Ebenezer – a creationists’ best friend  (Answers in Genesis)
What is it like to dig for dinosaur bones?  (icr.org)



And when you are writing to your sponsored child about these incredible creatures, don’t forget to tell them about their magnificent Creator who is way more clever than us…

Tell them about Jesus!




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Many images in this post are Copyright © Answers in Genesis. All Rights Reserved. The images are used here by permission of the copyright owner, Answers in Genesis. (Answers® and Answers in Genesis® are registered trademarks of Answers in Genesis, Inc.) For more information regarding Answers in Genesis, go to answersingenesis.org, CreationMuseum.org and ArkEncounter.com
Dinosaur in Musuem Cartoon: © Richard Gunther / mightymag.org
oTHER Images: pixabay.com

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