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Not sure what to send to your sponsored child? How about a devotional to inspire and encourage them to live Godly lives following in the footsteps of Jesus. Send a whole page or just a snippet. Make it a little more personal by including a few words of why you chose it for them or how it has impacted you. Here are some cool ideas to get you started…




My Utmost for His Highest  by Oswald Chambers. This daily devotional is for anyone who is serious about following Jesus. It’s excellent, challenging, and thought provoking for older children and adults. It always reminds me, with a smile, of the part of the Bayeux Tapestry where Bishop Odo ‘comforts’ the reluctant troops… with a big stick! (See ‘Bishop Odo, holding a stick, confortant the boys’.) My own mentor, who lived to the grand old age of 94 before heading off to party in Heaven, used to read this every day. She was the most Godly person I’ve ever known.

Streams in the Desert  by Mrs LB Cowman / Mrs Charles E. Cowman. This daily devotional is also excellent for older children and adults. A comforting, gentle arm around the shoulder for tough times. This is another classic my beloved mentor used – and that is how she treated others. The cattle prod for herself. The comforting arm for others… wow, I still miss her!  ;(

Charles Stanley  ( Daily devotional filled with Godly wisdom

King’s Highway  include an encouraging snippet of Godly inspiration and insight from Nancy Missler; if you or your child are going through a rough time, you will find comfort here

Standing Strong through the Storm  (Open Doors) fabulous and inspiring devotionals from the persecuted church.

Greg Laurie  excellent, challenging, fun, thought provoking daily devotional for older children and adults.

FCA Resources  devotionals by – and for – Christian athletes about great character qualities like courage, integrity, perseverance, etc – fabulous for boys or girls; as well as heaps of other great resources

365 Promises  one Bible verse a day + some small photos for the whole month (on the one sheet); also Father’s Love Letter daily devotional with photo

Answers in Genesis  devotionals for kids with Bible verses to read and worksheets where kids can fill in their answers; free printable

Answers in Genesis  devotionals reinforcing the Biblical authority of God’s word

Days of Praise  ( daily devotionals for older children and adults

Blue Letter Bible  daily devotionals from:  Daily Promises; Day By Day By Grace; Spurgeon;

Back to the Bible: several devotionals to choose from: Streams in the Desert; Spurgeon – Morning and Evening; Bible minutes; Family Devotions; and more.

You Devotion – classic daily devotionals – Streams in the Desert – Mrs. Charles Cowman; Morning and Evening – Charles Spurgeon; Faith’s Checkbook – Charles Spurgeon; Our Daily Walk by F.B. Meyer; and more

David Jeremiah  daily devotionals

Jentezen Franklin  daily devotional

Set Apart Girl  These devotionals are designed to encourage young women to live holy, pure and Godly lives

Eric Ludy / – topics and archives with downloadable notes, articles, quotes; share them with your child to inspire them to follow in the footsteps of CT Studd: ‘We will dare to trust our God… we will venture our all for Him, we will live and we will die for Him, and we will do it with His joy unspeakable, singing aloud in our hearts.

Word4today  Bob Gass; trendy and popular daily devotional for teenagers; or Word for you today  daily devotional for older children / adults

David Wilkerson  ( daily devotionals that can be downloaded as a pdf; archive; also available in Spanish, French, Tagalog and some other languages.

Tozer and A.B. Simpson daily devotional

God is Real  daily devotional

Selwyn Hughes  Everyday Light daily devotionals

Jesus Freak  daily devotionals  devotions for kids  One minute daily devotional for older children.  |  |  More devotionals to choose from







Superbook  (fun Bible cartoons) has a 30 day devotional with a Bible verse, a lesson to learn, fun activities like a word search and matching puzzles and a prayer; free printable

clubhousemagazine  by Focus on the Family  daily devotionals with key Bible verses  Grab a snack from the Bible. God has many exciting things for us to discover in His Word and in His amazing world. Devotions and activities for younger children (toddler – primary school)  daily devotions for kids (8-12 years old)





The Father’s Love Letter  A beautiful and intimate letter from God to your child comprising a beautiful selection of Bible verses; available in 116 languages and formats for all ages including:  English; Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hindi, Swahili, Amharic, Indonesian, Tagalog; Thai; and check out the fabulous ‘Best Dad ever’ cartoon in English or Spanish. Also available as a devotional.

FathersLoveLetterSpanish   FathersLoveLetter

Bible Study  share a snippet with your child

Bible with lots of markings

Apologetics  share a snippet with your child; protect your child’s faith and answer their questions even before they know they have questions


Reasons why the Bible can be trusted  ( written by a scientist with a PhD in organic chemistry; some resources also available in Portuguese; Chinese and Indonesian. Include a couple of quick facts in every letter to build your child’s faith.

The Gospel in a 4 minute rap  (short video) Write out the words to send to your child with a description; very clever, short, sharp, trendy, entertaining, challenging





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