An exploding beetle?!

What is half an inch long (1.5cm) and carries twin guns on its hips to shoot fire at anyone who annoys him? More sophisticated than anything you would find in any military, it fires a high-pressure jet of explosive discharges ~ boiling-hot noxious gases ~ at around 500 pulses per second! In this post you will find out more about this feisty little guy; plus we have some FREE Beetle colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas to go with it… enjoy!





Genesis 1:24  And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so.

Job 12:7-10  But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach you; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell you; or speak to the earth, and it shall teach you; and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto you. Who knows not in all these that the hand of the LORD hath wrought this? In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.

Psalm 33:8  Let all the Earth fear the Lord: let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him. For He spoke, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast.




Bombardier Beetle


What is half an inch long (1.5cm) and carries twin guns on its hips to shoot fire at anyone who annoys him? More sophisticated than anything you would find in any military, it fires a high-pressure jet of explosive discharges ~ boiling-hot noxious gases ~ at around 500 pulses per second! My kind of guy! Looking for letter writing ideas for your sponsored child that are fun, printable and FREE? Want to give credit to God as designer? My free printable articles for kids are all about putting God at the centre of each package. Make this article your own – give it your own personal touch – just add photos! It’s easy. This tutorial will show you how (or grab some scissors and glue and just paste your pictures on). And then scroll down to find some cool items to send with your ‘exploding package’.

Bombardier Beetle Article-SAMPLE

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The Mystery of the Exploding Beetle  (answersingenesis) When Dr. Andy McIntosh investigated the bombardier beetle, he discovered explosive evidence of God’s intricate design… History is filled with engineers who asked the right question… Someone with a doctorate in combustion theory doesn’t look at the world the way we do. He knew that there must be more to the story.

Bombardier Beetle – The Arsenal Insect  (answersingenesis) The sinister toad closes in on the beetle. Instead of a futile attempt to scurry away, the beetle waits, as though surrendering. Just before the toad’s tongue flicks out to snag its victim, the beetle fires its cannon. Pop! Pop! Pop! Out shoots burning gas. The emissions fire in pulsation, 500 times per second, but the defensive attack is complete before one second passes. Rather than getting a tasty snack, the defeated toad hops away with a mouthful of noxious gasses.

The Amazing Bombardier Beetle  ( article from scientists who take the Bible seriously; share a snippet with your child – The tiny bombardier beetle’s defence mechanism is amazingly complicated, and could only have been created with all the parts working together perfectly. From twin ‘exhaust tubes’ at his tail, this beetle fires into the face of his enemies boiling-hot noxious gases with a loud pop.

Bombardier Beetle – Scientific Research  (  Professor Andy McIntosh  one of many scientists who believe in the Bible’s account of creation and professor of Thermodynamics and Combustion Theory at the University of Leeds and his team studied the bombardier beetle’s combustion mechanism, hoping to engineer more efficient reigniters (small devices that shoot charged chemicals into the engine if it stops at high altitude) in aircraft engines. With many years of engineering research experience, he readily admits that all the complex machinery that God has designed in nature is far more complicated than man’s. ‘They can even repair and reproduce themselves. So how much more do they declare His eternal power and divine nature.’ (Romans 1:20).

Beetle Mania  (answersingenesis) The bombardier beetle has an incredible firing mechanism that shoots a toxic chemical at attackers with superb accuracy. This design has long intrigued creationists because all its parts must be in place for the mechanism to work—making impossible the gradual evolution of the mechanism over time; from scientists who take the Bible seriously

Bombardier Beetle inspires technology  (answersingenesis) from scientists who take the Bible seriously; share a snippet with your child; After closely studying the Bombardier beetle… Dr. Andy McIntosh, who is a professor of thermodynamic and combustion theory at the University of Leeds in England, led the research and is a young-earth creationist. The Bombardier beetle has a special defence mechanism. It can shoot a toxic chemical spray (heated to 212°F) at predators when it is threatened. God designed this beetle to shoot chemicals in an amazing way! “This creature requires an explosive mixture (hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinone), a combustion chamber to contain the chemicals, exhaust nozzles to eject the mixture into which two catalysts are also injected (the enzymes catalase and peroxidase)—all this at the right moment to make the violent reaction take place… the new technology allowed droplet size, temperature and velocity to be closely controlled, ‘allowing advancements in a variety of areas where the properties of the mist is critical.’ It said it could inspire new types of nebulisers, needle-free injections, fire extinguishers and powerful fuel injection systems.”

Beetles – Nature’s Workaholics  ( Coming in all shapes and sizes, beetles are part of the largest order of insects; share a snippet with your child about these incredible little critters from scientists who take the Bible seriously

Beetles – God’s Incredible ‘Go Anywhere-Do Anything’ Crew  (answersingenesis) Bugs have a very important job to do. Masters of land, air and water… our all-wise Creator showed how He can take one basic design and create a spectacular array of forms to accomplish innumerable tasks on land, air, and water; information from scientists who take the Bible seriously; share a snippet with your child

Creeping, Crawling Critters that show God’s Amazing Creativity  (answersingenesis) Insect design shows God’s amazing creativity; bug-studying entomologists tell us that at least one million different insect species live in the world… but there are probably lots and lots more. Insects can be really tiny and hard to find, you know. Do bugs bug you? Here are some fun facts about some of them – let’s have a look at crickets, katydids, grasshoppers, flies, mosquitoes, ants, bees, wasps, beetles, lightning bugs, stick insects – share a snippet with your child from scientists who take the Bible seriously

The beauty of pollination  Bugs have a very important job to do. Take a two minute holiday and be inspired with this fabulous macro photography; be in awe of God’s magnificent creation.

Fireflies are also Beetles  (wiki) The Lampyridae are a family of insects in the beetle order Coleoptera with more than 2,000 described species. They are soft-bodied beetles that are commonly called fireflies, glowworms, or lightning bugs…

Firefly lanterns inspire LED lenses  ( Bioluminescence, such as in fireflies… generates light from chemicals very efficiently… Fireflies are actually not flies but beetles. They use bioluminescence to produce light on the lower abdomen. In the larva, this glow seems to be a warning that their flesh is poisonous, and in the adult, the light helps to attract a mate. The light is produced by a chemical… Not only is the biochemistry efficient, but also the light transmission.

Bioluminescence—the light of living things  ( Many creatures make their own light from a chemical process. Called bioluminescence, it occurs in a variety of organisms… It is sometimes called ‘cold light’, because the efficiency with which this process turns chemical energy into light… [is] extremely high… some 20 times higher than an incandescent light bulb, and higher than the best fluorescent and LED bulbs… The best-known bioluminescent animals are fireflies or lightning bugs (Lampyridae). These beetles use specific light pulse patterns to communicate and locate their mates. The delay after the male’s last flash and the beginning of the female’s response is precisely timed… The astonishing breadth of variation within bioluminescence mechanisms is a testimony to the creativity of the Creator…

Lightning Bugs  (answersingenesis) The most amazing thing about lightning bugs, of course, is their ability to produce light. What mechanism performs this magic? If you ever lived in the eastern United States, you probably witnessed one of those magical light shows that bedazzle on summer nights. As darkness settles over the creeks and woodlots, tiny pinpricks of yellow or green light begin blinking in beautiful randomness. Anyone who grows up watching these magical displays cherishes this childhood memory.

The firefly – summer nighttime wonder  (wnd) 15 facts you always wanted to know about ‘lightning bugs’ that make them all the more interesting – if not downright miraculous.

Insects of the Bible  (Christiananswers) are beetles there?

Fire-Chasing Beetles  (answersingenesis) The Melanophila beetle is one of many creatures that actually hunt for fires. In fact, its heat-sensing skills may offer insights into developing better weapons technology; from scientists who take the Bible seriously

Firefly – masters of the air  (answersingenesis) You might not know it, but fireflies are a type of beetle that lights up the night sky with ease. Special chemicals in their abdomen mix with oxygen to produce their own blinking nightlights…

Hercules Beetle – masters of the land  (answersingenesis) Imagine a bug as big as your hand. That’s the Hercules beetle. This enormous insect lives in Central and South America. It can carry loads 100 times heavier than its own weight. That would be like your 70-pound classmate lifting a 7,000-pound truck!

Diving Beetle – masters of the water  (answersingenesis) It’s not every day you see a beetle with scuba gear, but the diving beetle comes close. It can trap a bubble of air under its hard outer wings and dive down to catch worms, leeches, and even fish.

Beetles – one successful bug  (answersingenesis) They’re everywhere! Under logs, in the grass, zipping by your face, skipping across the pond. No matter where you go, you can’t get away from them. Look in the fields, and they’re there. If you head to the desert, you’d find them. Run to the woods, and they’ll meet you there. What are they? Beetles!

Beetles that see in 3D  (answersingenesis) Seeing the amazing design of the jewel scarab beetle is like looking at a sign that reads, “Made By God!”

The bombardier beetle – how it works  ( from scientists who take the Bible seriously; for more advanced students; share a snippet with your child who loves to know how things work





Fireflies – colouring  (homeschoolgiveaways) with Bible verse from Matthew 5:16 – Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven; free printable

Beetle – colouring pages  (supercoloring) free printable

Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies – colouring  (dabblesandbabbles) lots of cute little miscellaneous bugs to colour; free printable

Japanese Beetle – colouring  (colouringpages; scroll down) free printable

Beetle – colouring  (Dover sample) 4 large beetles among swirly flowers

Beetles and Firefly – colouring  (thecolor) free printable

Beetle – colouring pages  (duckduckgo) 

Beetles – hidden picture puzzle  (answersingenesis) 13 hidden objects; maze; word search; unscramble; free printable

Bugs – easy puzzles  (Dover sample) crossword; circle the bugs that are alike
Bugs – puzzles  (Dover sample) word search



Beetle – family devotional  (answersingenesis) Even though sin messed things up (Genesis 3), Jesus said that God still takes care of His creation (see Luke 12:24). One way we see the Creator’s care is how successful beetles are in making a home in nearly every habitat on land. And if God cares for beetles, just think how much more He cares for you.

Jumping Beetles  (Biblesnackpacks) Kids devotions and activities with a backyard / bugs theme. Grab a backyard snack.

Firefly – craft  (designforsoul) a very cute, but easy craft using tiny pom poms; or use them to make a rainforest waterfall scene diorama

Lightning Bug – paper bag craft  (iheartcraftythings); Leo the Lighting Bug – craft; Beaded Glow-in-the-Dark Lightning Bugs;

Hercules Beetle – craft  (learncreatelove); Firefly – craft; Fingerprint bugs – activity for kids  (learncreatelove) make beetles and fireflies; for younger children; free printable

Beetle – activities for kids  (woodlandtrust; scroll down) beetle spotter sheet; free printable

Bombardier beetle – door hanger  (skyenimals) with a photo of a real bombardier beetle; free printable

Fingerprint bugs – activity for kids  (learncreatelove) make fireflies, beetles; Firefly – craft; cute crafts for younger children; free printable

Match Up the Bugs – memory game  (1plus1plus1equals1) free printable

Flying bugs and creepy crawlies – activities for kids  (woodlandtrust; scroll down) minibeast iDial to make; mini-beast hunt; creepy crawly spotter sheet; flying insect spotter sheet; build a minibeast palace in your garden; free printable

Beetle and Firefly – crafts for kids  (theinspirationedit) for younger children

Bugs – party ideas for tots  (getcreativejuice) some cool party ideas and there’s a free printable as well

Bombardier beetle – learn to draw  (skyenimals) from a photo of a real bombardier beetle; free printable

Beetle – learn to draw  (drawingtutorials101) lots of cool beetles to draw; free printable

Make your own DIY Beetle Activity Book

DIY Activity Book for Kids (or adults) custom made with choose your own colouring pages, puzzles, crafts, posters, bookmarks, stationery and other paper gifts; free printable





Beetle – Bible verse card  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) with Bible verse from Genesis 1:24; simply right click – save; free printable

Bugs bugs everywhere, bugs bugs in your hair – poster for kids  (answersingenesis) Biblical perspective from scientists who take the Bible seriously; free printable

Bombardier Beetle ~ fun cartoons  (discovercreation) share these fun cartoons with your child; free printable

Firefly – Photography  (fireflyexperience) for purchase; or just to enjoy – they truly are exquisite

Beetle – bookmark  (supercoloring) a parade of beetles on lime green background; free printable

Firefly – labels / name tags  (nametagjungle) a cartoon firefly with a border of a silhouetted forest against the night sky; Bugs – labels / name tags  Floral lime borders with colourful insects – beetle, ant, butterfly, ladybug, dragonfly, bee; perfect to add a favourite Bible verse and make your own Bible wallet cards; free versions are fine

Cute bugs – stationery  ( featuring a selection of cute bugs; free printable

Cute bugs – stationery  (sparklebox) featuring a selection of bugs; portrait or landscape; free printable





Found a great beetle photo that your child will love? Add a favourite Bible verse and make your own:

Bible Note Cards
Bible Bookmark ~ add your child’s name!
Bible Poster or Verse Card
Bible Stickers
Bible Board Game
Design your own puzzle  specifically tailored to suit your child  
Jazz up your colouring pages  combine or shrink colouring pages to make a unique scene, add a title, a Bible verse, a border and some clip art to your bug colouring pages to make them more interesting with this easy tutorial






Ladybugs | Bees | Bugs | Butterflies ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas for kids

Butterfly article for kids giving glory to God as designer; free printable





Yes! This fascinating little guy does explode! The Bombardier Beetle may be only 1.5cm (half an inch) long, but it carries two tiny guns on its tail… and shoots fire to defend itself from hungry predators, like spiders or toads! Just as the predator gets ready to flash out a long, sticky tongue, the beetle swings its cannons around and ‘BOOM’! It blasts the predator in the face with a high pressure jet of boiling toxic chemicals. The predator limps away trying to get that awful stuff off him!

How does this tiny little beetle do it? Two chemicals are mixed together inside him in a specially lined firing chamber. A third chemical is added to make it explosive. This mixture is then blown out of two tiny tubes on its tail at 20 metres (65 feet) per second. They can also be swiftly aimed—180 degrees—for pinpoint accuracy. Using high speed cameras, scientists have discovered there are about one thousand miniature explosions. But each explosion happens so fast, one after the other, that all we hear is one ‘pop’. Having lots of small explosions stops the beetle from accidentally blowing itself up… or launching itself up into a tree like a miniature rocket!

Many people have been persuaded to believe that this incredible design happened all by itself! But ALL these very special features had to be there AND working correctly from the very first beetle… or all that would have been left is a splattered—or eaten—bug! These incredible creatures and their complex defense system were exquisitely designed by God during the very first week of history. You can read all about it in your Bible—in Genesis chapter 1. God gave them their special firing chamber; lined it with asbestos to protect them; gave them the right chemicals they needed; the ability to mix them in the correct quantities when they felt threatened; put the two tiny guns at exactly the right place on its tail; gave them the pressure tanks, muscles and nerves in all the right places; pointed them outwards (so they didn’t accidentally shoot themselves); gave them the ability to aim them accurately 180 degrees at predators… then fire them at exactly the right time! And for it to happen as lots of small explosions, one after the other, so they would not be hurt themselves. And all of this had to happen very fast! Wow! That’s a lot to get right!

God also created every kind of creature to reproduce after its own KIND. When beetles have a baby, it is not a cow or a sheep. It is a baby beetle. God created so many wonderful things for us to care for and enjoy. Things that are beautiful…. intricate… mysterious… perfect. To teach us about Him. To show us how wonderful, magnificent, wise and powerful He is. So that we will worship Him! Jesus! God the Creator!


Got questions about science and God? This site is FABULOUS!

Information from: ~ got questions about science and God? This is a fabulous site with lots of scientific information from a Biblical perspective. Written by Ph.D. scientists (previously evolutionists) who believe that God says what He means and means what He says. Got questions about God? This is where you will find real answers. Like me, they are all about reinforcing the authority of Scripture and giving glory to God as designer. We CAN and MUST take God’s Word seriously. God says what He means and means what He says. If He meant something else, He would have said something else.



A very big thank you to D. Walther for very kindly providing the translation of this article for us for our French speaking children.



And when you write to your sponsored child, don’t forget…

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