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Let’s teach our children to believe the Bible with confidence and answer their questions before they become problems. More and more, I am introducing apologetics into the package for my sponsored children to make their faith REAL. Telling them about the Creator. Creation. Exactly who Jesus is. Why we can trust Him. Why we can trust the Bible… etc, etc. That Jesus was fully God and fully man ~ a REAL historical person ~ who came to Earth on a very special mission, lived, died, and rose from the dead, thus proving that He was God! How many other people do you know ~ especially religious leaders ~ who have ever been raised from death?! Here are some of my favourite apologetics links. Include a snippet in your letters every time you write and also ask them if they have any questions they are looking for answers for…





Peanut Butter – Atheists’ nightmare  (Dr Chuck Missler; less than 2 minutes) find out why it has had over 2.3 million hits, then share this cool illustration with your child.*

The Secrets of the Missing Scrolls  One of my favourite packages for my children was a mystery / adventure theme describing the ultimate treasure hunt to teach them that God’s Word CAN be trusted. This one is about the Old Testament. I sent them deep into the desert on a very special and dangerous mission, travelling backwards and forwards through time; boldly helping others to escape from Roman soldiers; witnessing dangerous and secret meetings at the highly volatile Jerusalem border; preparing the Great Isaiah scroll for the coming Messiah; being part of an exciting archaeological expedition; and actually discovering the archaeological treasure find of the century… real eternal treasure… the very famous Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Secret of the Missing Scrolls The Secret of the Missing Scrolls article; fun Bible adventure theme for kids about the Dead Sea Scrolls; free printable

The Secrets of the New Testament – the sequel to The Secret of the Missing Scrolls, this one is why we can trust the eyewitnesses who wrote the New Testament.

In the Footsteps of Jesus - Secrets of the New Testament - free apologetics article for kids A4; free printable

Where did Cain get his wife?  If that question has ever bothered you, like all questions about God and the Bible, there is an extremely logical answer. It’s just a matter of discovering it.

Creation – FREE articles for kids  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) various to choose from talking about some of the amazing designs in our world and giving glory to God as Creator; free printable

zFRENCH Universe article for kids giving glory to God as designer; free printable Comparing Gods Designs to Ours; Biomimetics Article for kids; free printable

Dr Chuck Missler  (khouse; scroll down) lots of wonderful information confirming the Bible

Creation for kids  (creation.com) beautifully illustrated articles ready to print for your child from scientists who take the Bible seriously; free printable

Creation – Q&A  (creation.com) a wide variety of topics about God, science and the Bible from scientists who take the Bible seriously

Answers in Genesis – Q&A | Answers for kids  (answersingenesis) a variety of apologetic topics about God and science from scientists who take the Bible seriously; free printable

How do we know the Bible is true?  (Christiananswers) many people tend to go along with the popular delusion that the Bible is ‘full of mistakes’ and is ‘no longer relevant’ to our modern world. Let’s look at the facts | Christian Answers | Kids – Q&A | Teens dealing with contemporary problems | Other languages  answering a whole range of tricky questions on various topics

Institute Creation Research – Apologetics | Q&A  (icr.org) a wide variety of topics about God and science from scientists who take the Bible seriously

A Defence of the Bible   (adefenceofthebible) reasons why the Bible can be trusted; written by a scientist with a PhD in organic chemistry; some resources are also available in Portuguese and Indonesian. Include a couple of quick facts in every letter to build your child’s faith.







Bible Study

Bible with lots of markings








Tell them about Jesus!



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  7. Dear Andrea,
    This is useful things for teaching material. I think these links will be good and very useful not just for my child later but for me too:) Thank you very much for share this to us. I definitely will visit the site links soon. Many blessings to you. Have a great day.


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