GUEST POST: All aboard! Compassion Tour Resumes

Today, our Compassion volunteer and tour guide is back and waiting to take us for another sneak peek behind the scenes into the heart of Compassion International’s Global Ministry Centre in Colorado Springs, USA. Click here if you missed the firstsecond or third parts of our tour… we’ll wait for you to catch up… enjoy!


So glad you are here in the DCR [Distribution Center]. There are many wonderful people to meet. Each a pleasure to serve with, in fellowship and friendship. Each committed to handling correspondence with care and prayer, emphasis on prayer ~ Compassion is a praying ministry.

Compassion Global Ministry Centre, Colorado USA

Please allow me to introduce you to Charlie, his wife Pat and Len. Charlie is well known by almost all for his wit, and he has a word for just about everybody. . . and he works swiftly. Pat is adored for her tender heart and adorable giggle, and is conscientious about the tasks she performs. Kind Len is known for his quiet and gentle spirit, and is extremely proficient at processing “Final Letters.”

Compassion Global Ministry Centre, Colorado USA

On the floor next to Len is a full bin of final letters needing to be processed. The reasons for a final letter vary. Some reasons are to be celebrated, like when a sponsored child has graduated Compassion’s program, or the family has improved their economic situation and is no longer in need of Compassion’s support. Sadly, there are situations where a child’s guardian has decided to pull their child from Compassion’s program, or personal circumstances force a family to move out of an area where Compassion’s ministry is located.

In the corner you will see columns of green labeled baskets. These baskets contain letters that children have written their sponsor. They are bundled by country. Some come in stacks of 250 and others may contain as few as one. The amounts vary and usually the baskets with the lesser amount of letters are nested, and there are many vacant bins. The baskets are ordered by date and volunteers will work the appropriate colored tags by selecting the basket beginning at the top and working down from left to right . . . unless indicated by a differently colored label. These baskets require special handling.

Compassion Global Ministry Centre, Colorado USA

This is George, sporting bright orange today as he processes child letters. Each child letter is carefully matched to its corresponding stationery, along with a return envelope and in this case, an insert. George prefers the work station with the adjustable table, which allows him flexibility in completing his tasks. (Really, the table does raise to allow for a shift in position while working). Safety and a user-friendly environment are just one way that volunteers and employees are provided for.

The rubber-banded stacks of letters on the cart are ISL’s (Internet Sponsor Letters). Many sponsors use Compassion’s website to write their children letters. This is a wonderfully efficient way for sponsors to communicate with their child. There is a wide variety of stationery to choose from, and also the capability of including up to three photos in the letter. The advantage of writing online letters is that the time frame from the Global Ministry Center to the child receiving the letter is shortened.

Compassion Global Ministry Centre, Colorado USA

Charlie is doing ISL’s today. He is responsible for spotting any irregularities in printing that could be technologically corrected on site and most importantly, identifying any letters from Compassion’s LDP  (Leadership Development Program) countries. These letters require different handling. Otherwise, letters are then sorted by country using the blue collator strips. There are still people to meet and things to see; so you are welcome to stop in again. Until next time, thank you for writing to your child. Letters are treasured by the children.


A big thank you to our tour guide for taking time out of their busy day to show us around. And when you write to your child, don’t forget…  :)

Compassion International banner




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