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Doing a theme and finding it hard to find items to match? This post will show you how you can use a word cloud generator + a favourite Bible verse in any language + SHAPE TEMPLATE (OUTLINE) = to fit ANY theme…



After my post about 12 cool word cloud generators a friend took the idea one step further and sent me this lovely surprise. Psalm 23 in the shape of a lamb. Isn’t it cute? The shape outline was loaded into the word generator; a few buttons were pushed and Tagxedo (in this instance) did the rest. What a great idea. It was just perfect to send with my Warrior or Wimp theme about King David / King Saul. Isn’t it fabulous how sharing ideas with each other multiplies creativity?!

Tagxedo (8)



My friend also did the same one in Amharic for our lovely Diribe who lives in Ethiopia. I must admit – I look at the Amharic script and pretty much faint. So it was a very special gift. Thank you so much! I took off the Tagxedo frame; added my own frame; some grass and a couple of flowers and my Psalm 23 Amharic sheep happily grazed it’s way to Ethiopia in time for Diribe’s birthday.

Tagxedo (7)



These have been done through the ‘add image’ option on the shape menu in Tagxedo. Upload a picture or template of whatever shape or outline you want to your preferred word generator, then select layout options / fonts / colours from there until you get the effect you want. Choose whatever words you want – maybe a Bible verse; some information to go with your theme; some encouraging words; or your child’s name.



You can even do several different word clouds of individual letters, and add them together to spell out a different word – like your child’s name; your letter theme; or a Bible word like ‘Grace’ as my clever friend did here.


Creative ideas for your word art:  Turn it into a puzzle; illustration; postcard or poster; bookmark; note cards or wallet cards. Put one in a free printable photo frame and wouldn’t your child love to see their name in a word cloud in your stationery?


And here is another idea from my friend… thank you!  :)




Tagxedo also have some ready to go shapes that I had fun playing with:

Jonah: Doing a Jonah theme? Check out this cool whale.

Tagxedo (3)      Tagxedo (4)


Dinosaur: Doing a dinosaur theme? You will definitely want to include this cool dinosaur… that is, if you have any spare room in your package! :)

Tagxedo (6)


Crown: Doing a Prince of the King / Princess of the King theme? (more ideas for that coming soon!) How about a crown with your child’s name and a suitable prince or princess Bible verse on it, like this beautiful verse from Colossians 3:12 ~ God loved you and chose you for His own.

Tagxedo (9)


Elephants: Writing about elephants? This little guy is too cute!

Tagxedo (2)


Geography: Sharing a lesson in geography? Doing a travel theme? Or your first letter? How about a cool word cloud map outline including words and features about the country – either theirs or yours?

Tagxedo (11)


Snowflakes:  Doing a snow theme? Here’s a cool snowflake word cloud.

Tagxedo (5)


Girly: Looking for something girly for a birthday? Just want to encourage your child? They will love this high heel shoe in their favourite colours with their name and favourite Bible verse on it!

Tagxedo (10)    Tagxedo (1)




Daniel: Doing a Daniel theme? Use a lion outline template.

Armour of God: Doing an armour of God theme? How about a shield or sword shaped word cloud?

Easter: Doing an Easter theme? How about a cross shaped word cloud?

Frog: Doing a frog theme? Think Kermit.

Giraffe: Doing a giraffe theme? How about one of these?

Space / Universe: Doing a space theme? Imagine a rocket ship.

Horse: Doing a horse theme? One of these will look great.

Beach / Summer:  Doing a summer theme? This beach stencil is perfect for your word cloud.
Beach Stencil

Birthday / Every day letter:  Or how about some fun cool sunglassesstarsheartsflowers, or a high five (use one of these fun templates or draw around your own hand and scan it) or a footprint in a birthday or everyday letter?

More fun stencils:  Animals, landscapes, vehicles

You get the idea. Type in their name and favourite Bible verse. Or some words about your child. Or choose some encouraging or motivating words to help them focus on their schooling or future goals (and choose a shape to match ~ how about a graduation hat?) Type in some Godly character words. Tell them how much they mean to you. Tell them how proud you are of them. Tell them how much God loves them.

Word Cloud Bible:  Here is something a bit different – all 66 books of the Bible in a separate word cloud using the complete text of each book of the Bible; 66 free printable pages ready to print and send one page at a time. Have a look at it – it’s really interesting and gives a great visual overview of each book. Why not match it up with a brief comment or study from each book each time you write; or shrink them down and fit a few on the one page.



Okay, you have your word cloud masterpiece… what now? Here are some creative ideas…

1. Poster / Postcard: Turn your masterpiece into a poster or postcard.

2. Make a Scene: Do a few shaped word clouds to suit your theme and make your own scene, e.g. several ‘Psalm 23 sheep’ would make an excellent farm or grazing scene. Add some clip art. Include the words of this beautiful Psalm next to your word cloud scene.

3. Shrink it. Use your word cloud as a decorative image when you make your own stationery for your letter, gift stationery for your child, notepaper, wallet cards or note cards with a very special personal touch.

4. Bible Verse Puzzle: Choose one of your child’s memory verses (from one of their letters) or a favourite Bible verse to make your own puzzle. Why not omit the verse reference and see if they can work out where in the Bible it comes from. Make sure you include the reference hidden away somewhere in your package so they can confirm it.

5. Bible verse Treasure Hunt: Do a few different Bible verse word clouds and paste them onto one puzzle page. Send your child a Bible treasure hunt. Include a list of Bible verses to look up, to work out where the treasures come from.

6. Make your own colouring page: Do a few shaped word clouds (make sure you have lots of white space so there is something to colour in) to suit your theme, put them onto the one colouring page and make your own scene. Eg. as already mentioned, several ‘Psalm 23 sheep’ would make an excellent farm or grazing scene. Include the words of the Psalm ~ in your child’s language ~ next to your picture.

7. Adapt your word cloud for any theme or special occasion: Christmas, Birthday; or even to bless your child’s mom or teacher.

8. Turn your child’s photo (or their outline) into a word cloud. Won’t that be a buzz for them?! The instructions on this tutorial will help you get their outline.

9. Check out the Tagxedo Gallery or one of the other word cloud generator galleries for more creative inspiration.

Whatever theme you are doing… if you can find a shape for it, and a matching Bible verse, you can do it! Have fun and don’t forget to share your creative ideas with us!




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