Are you concerned for your nation? America’s Perilous Position (by Dr Charles Stanley)

waterfall + prayer-Lord, make me a clean channel, holy and pure, so that through me, you can pour out Your love to a lost and hurting world

Dr Charles Stanley has a very hard and uncomfortable, but extremely important and timely message of wisdom for us all today, no matter where we live, because what is happening in his country is being mirrored right across the world.

“While there are many aspects of American life we love, currently our nation is in a perilous position. We can’t keep doing whatever we want in this country and expect the Lord to continue blessing us. However, many people are unaware of this truth. Some can’t see the danger, while others deliberately ignore the warning signs or just don’t care… It’s easy to be lulled to sleep because change happens slowly. Then suddenly we wake up and realize that America today looks nothing like it did in the past….While we do live in dangerous times, there’s still hope—and God has provided a way out of spiritual darkness, if only we return to Him… Because we have chosen the way of sin rather than godliness, our nation is facing judgment. However, if we as the people of God stand up, speak up, and live out our faith and convictions with boldness, there is hope. We can no longer stay quiet and go our own way hoping that conditions will improve. The only way things will change is if we, the people of God, commit ourselves to live in obedience to Him and refuse to compromise our convictions. No matter what the cost, we must not yield to compromise by remaining silent… “

Listen to Dr Stanley (and read his sermon notes):  America’s Perilous Position





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