BIRTHDAY ideas… send your Compassion child a PARTY!


birthday texture

Your Compassion child’s birthday is coming up. Well, it is sometime in the next 12 months, anyway! Here are some free printable paper gifts you may like to check out, so you can say ‘Happy Birthday to yo-ou’ with style!

Have you ever thought of having a birthday party in honour of your Compassion child? I haven’t done it yet, but it sounds like fun. Children and grandchildren would get right into it too! Any excuse for a bonus birthday party! Maybe we should all get together and make it one giant birthday party for everyone’s Compassion kids. Wouldn’t that be fun?! :) You know, send out the invites; decorate (outdoors is best); play the games; blow up the balloons (don’t forget the water fights!); blow out the candles on the cake; then send your child the pics so they can enjoy the party too!  



Paper Birthday cake to make  Send paper items and instructions for your child to make their own gorgeous colorful birthday cake. What a great idea!

Birthday cake – learn to draw

Birthday cake – trace and colour

Birthday cake colouring / puzzles / learn to draw  fun; great lapbook items; make sure you check out the placemat.

Birthday – cake shaped maze   help the cat get to the party

Free printable paper cake slice; and paper cupcake by Printable Treats

*Birthday cake



Birthday – free printable gift wrap / craft paper (direct pdf link) I really like this cute and colourful background with cake, party hats and balloons. Idea: great for crafts or if you want to make your own gifts bag.

Free printable Gift Bags   bright and colourful – using balloons, stars and circles. If you are having a party for your child, you will definitely want to check out their other party items too.

Free printable Gift Boxes   our girls will enjoy these sweet pink and yellow printable gift boxes (they almost look like cakes!)

Gift packet – origami

Gift bag – free printable


DID YOU KNOW:  If you wish, you can also arrange to send your Compassion child a monetary birthday gift. The funds (100%) are used to buy something for your child locally. They get exactly what they need (rather than what we might want – I never did get to buy Estefany those pink and sparkly butterfly wings haha!) and by doing this, it benefits your child’s whole community



Birthday – ladybug party hat free printable; this one prints really cute. I’ve sent it to all my girls with a tiny touch of glitter on those flowers.  For something a little different, try printing it on paper of a different texture, e.g. linen look.

Triple scoop paper icecream  free printable; lots of fun

Fun party props   Imagine the fun your child (and their friends) could have with these free printable party props: moustaches and smoochy lips; fun word art (words like Bam; Boom; Fun; Help; Surprise), funny hats, scarves, bow ties, fun party glasses; funny hats (including police and fire brigade); zany glasses; masks, bow ties; a printable bow and arrow; and birthday crowns for your Prince or Princess.

Handbags ~ free printable   adorable

Your little princess will love this adorable mauve free printable fan  (Disney)

Make some cute Bunny Glasses  template and instructions included; this template has used bunnies, but you could use any theme and also adapt it for boys. Maybe they might like some dinosaurs or their favorite animal.

Free printable – birthday wristband or use the idea to make your own. Ideas: Make with fun and colourful paper (here is some colourful pink and green polka dot free printable paper). Add your child’s name. Make extra for their friends, so everyone can share the party. Get your children / grandchildren / students involved and ask them to design or colour in a birthday wristband. If you have a party for your Compassion child, why not make it a party game!

Butler (Business) Card Holder your child will enjoy making their own fun free printable butler, complete with black tie, to store their Bible verse wallet cards. Perfect for any party. He will solemnly hold up and display a new Bible verse for them every day.

Sweet pink and blue hello kitty birthday party banner and printables by Printable Treats

Happy Birthday Banner  (Disney) free printable; colourful

Party – free printables   something for everyone here – Birthday Banners, Gift Tags, Wrappers, Invitations, Cupcake Toppers – Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Rainbow, Little Man Moustache, Bumble Bee, Circus, Ladybug, Ballet, Pirate, Football, Citrus, Candy, Alice in Wonderland

Canon also has lots of free printable birthday ideas – greeting and novelty cards, pop-up cards, mini cards, banners, gift boxes, flowers, decorations, party hats, masks, floral lei, crafts, photo frames, scrapbooking, 3D stickers and even cakes you can print.

And who wouldn’t like a free printable License to Goof (Disney) on their birthday? Again, just for fun.


birthday pinwheel



activityvillage has lots of free printable birthday ideas; colouring pages; puzzles; maths puzzles; cards and party hats to colour; games; crafts; handwriting practice; cut out the candles and put them on the cake; even a teddy bears picnic colouring page – love the teddies with sunnies!  :)

Balloons ~ Personalised Coloring page with a border of stars and circles, happy birthday banner ~ add your child’s name (and yours too!)

Birthday colouring pages for girls (Dover sample)  beautiful cakes and gifts

Puppy – Birthday Origami to cut out and colour which says happy birthday

Remember to jazz up your birthday colouring pages – send your child a party!

Our girls will enjoy this pretty printable word search birthday treat which has been designed by a Compassion sponsor to tell them how special they are (available in English and Spanish).

Birthday – balloon shaped maze   help the teddy find his balloon

Birthday – word search   Find the months of the year and match them to their birthstones and birth flowers

Mazes in the shapes of numbers – 1 to 13

Design your own special birthday puzzle for your child  Idea: include information about your child, their family, friends, country or Compassion Centre.


birthday gift box



frog stationery, frog notepaper, frog note cards, frog bookmark corners, frog photo frames, frog Bible verse cards free printable paper gifts for kids by Paper Gifts for Estefany and just perfect for a zany birthday party!

MrMrstiny.jpg has lots of cute and elegant printables perfect for a birthday – gift wrapping, stationery, envelope liners, petal shaped cards, note cards, gift boxes, hearts, cupcake flags, banners, paper bows, paper flowers.

Happy Birthday Princess 3D Card  (Disney) very pretty

Print at home birthday cards (free printable)  37 designs to choose from; lots of different colours; add your child’s photo (or your family photos of the birthday party you had for your sponsored child)

Over 200 free printable birthday cards for kids – click on each image to reveal more – something for everyone here – boys, girls, younger or older kids

Birthday stationery for kids  free printable colorful borders – birthday, balloons, candles, party

Fun and colorful fireworks;  border of colorful stars (free printable version is fine)

Birthday food stationery for kids free printable colorful borders – candy, cupcakes, chocolates, ice cream, jelly beans

Birthday lined stationery cute and colorful animals in party hats that our younger children will enjoy

Birthday card – idea boys or girls would love this fun and bright colourful cake with stars background.

Birthday – rainbow surprise free printable easy rainbow to make, which folds down and then pops out of the envelope; add birthday details for your child; sealed with a large blue water drop; cute

Birthday – cute stationery idea ”Some bunny is: having a party / turning 1/2/3” – very cute pink and white stationery with white ears that stand up – don’t forget to turn that cute cotton wool tail into a (flat) paper one.

Make your own Birthday card  some cute ideas here – remember to adapt for paper only

Make a Accordion Photo Frame Card template and instructions included; very cute; adapt this idea for boys or girls, younger or older

Secret Code Birthday Card to make so easy and fun; our boys will love this.

Mad Scientist – kids birthday ideas I like the test-tube card sealed with ‘open with caution’ hazard stickers; free printable; boys will love this one too.

Birthday – free printable stationery colourful balloon header with the words ‘Happy Birthday’ around the borders has several birthday borders – birthday border with cake, candles, balloons, confetti, party hats and crown; colorful cupcakes border; small stacked cupcakes border; cupcakes and hearts border; balloons and fireworks border; balloons and confetti border; happy birthday border with cake, candles, party hats, gifts, balloons, confetti.

Free printable lined birthday paper – blue border of stars and gift boxes

Free printable lined birthday paper – pink border with neat beige stars, beige background, small teddy, gift boxes, party hat

10 fun birthday borders for kids  for a letter or a note (scroll back to top of page, when page loads)

Birthday – free printable pink cupcake – lined stationery Scalloped pink header and footer with small cupcakes against a mauve background; featuring one large smiley face cupcake with sprinkles and a cherry on top in bottom corner; sweet

Birthday – free printable stationery pink and girly stationery notepaper/card and envelope – Kawaii cake and pink heart

Birthday – free printable envelope (direct pdf link) white envelope with a cute cloud and pink cupcake

Birthday cupcake ribbons free printable; bright and colourful

Birthday – cute rainbow invitations scrapbooking tags, cliparts (to make your own birthday Bible verse cards, stickers, etc) – click on ‘free cliparts’ – our younger children will love these adorable graphics, like this little ice skater.

ccanibear9 text generator with fancy fonts for a special birthday greeting; Hint: make your own pretty birthday stationery or notepaper – simply add a text box and write Happy Birthday + their name in a fancy font on plain or textured paper.

Birthday images – make your own birthday card

Some cute birthday free printables and party ideas (scroll down) for younger children – trains, turtle, monkey

Train birthday party – free printables   small boys will love these adorable train items for purchase – banners, gift boxes, tags, labels, invitations



Design your own birthday bookmark with your child’s name on it and favourite Bible verse. Add clipart or a photo and laminate if you wish. Make it a special birthday gift your child will treasure.

I know something good about you encourage your child and make them feel really special on their birthday with this great bookmark idea from an innovative classroom.

Colourful Smarties – free printable photo frame for your child’s photo or your family photo; mmmm… chocolate… almost good enough to eat!

Neon – free printable photo frame a perfect fun party frame against a black background for boys or girls of any age.

Put your child’s photo (or your family photo) into one of these free printable photo frames (scroll down).

Make a Birthday – blank coupon booklet for kids make up a colourful booklet of coupons; fill in whatever you like (this coupon is good for….a long distance birthday hug… or whatever).

frog stationery, frog notepaper, frog note cards, frog bookmark corners, frog photo frames, colourful craft paper, frog Bible verse cards all free printable by Paper Gifts for Estefany and perfect for a zany birthday party!


100 ways to praise a child free printable poster that any child would be delighted to receive – this will make their birthday last all year!

Birthday – free printable certificates and cards

12 Cool Word Cloud Generators  NOT feeling creative? But want to do something special for your child’s birthday? Type in any Bible verse – in any language – into one of these cool word cloud generators; click a button and it will do creativity for you! Or type in your child’s name and some words about them. Too easy, free, brilliant and you don’t have to sign up. Send it as a poster or postcard. Laminate if you wish to make it a birthday gift your child will treasure.

Birthday Reminder Chart   free printable; colourful organisation chart so you don’t miss another birthday (your sponsored child may like a copy for their own friends and family too)

birthday smarties

Anyone want some of these yummy chocolate smarties? Remember to allow roughly two months (sometimes more, sometimes less) for your party package, monetary gift or letter to get to your Compassion child. Please note that it doesn’t have to be a package – just shower them with your love – that’s the most important thing. You can also send birthday greetings to your Compassion child onlineBut don’t forget…



What would you do if you could give your Compassion child a real birthday party (which they could actually attend) and money was not a consideration?

What was the best birthday party that you have ever had?

birthday balloons


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