Tutorial ~ Jazz up your Colouring pages


Jazz up the colouring pages for your children. Add your own borders, Bible verses, page title and clip art. Make it a masterpiece in just 4 easy steps and then print!



1. ADD A FRAME:  Right click on any free printable border and save it to your computer. Open it up in a program like MS Publisher, Photoshop or Open Office Draw. These instructions are for MS Publisher. Set page size to A4.  Adjust size and position so that it is sitting nicely inside your page… like so.

Sample frame with border

2. ADD A TITLE:  Insert a text box or word art. Choose a title for your colouring page and type it in. Choose colour and font.

3. ADD A BIBLE VERSE:  Insert text box. Type in a favourite Bible verse or a Bible verse to match your theme. Choose colour and font. Your page should now look something like this…

Sample frame with border, title and Bible verse

4. ADD YOUR COLOURING PAGE/S: Copy (CTRL + C) and paste (CTRL + V) your colouring page so that it fits nicely inside the border. Adjust size and position of everything until it looks just right.

5.  PRINT.


That’s it. Too easy. You’re really getting the hang of this.  :)




  • This is also how you turn a free printable border into a photo frame. Just add a photo instead of a colouring page.
  • Free printable photo frames (scroll down) are also great to use as a frame to jazz up your colouring pages.
  • Didn’t find a free printable border or photo frame you like? Make your own border. Choose your background. Insert a white rectangle shape on top of it (and slightly smaller) for your frame. One smaller white rectangle sitting inside a larger coloured rectangle works really well, like the one above. Choose a border colour and thickness, before moving onto step 2 above.
  • Insert a tiny touch of clip art (click ‘insert’ – ‘picture’). Imagine a discreet trail of animal footprints across your scene. Or some matching clip art next to your title. How about a butterfly or a ladybug sitting on a flower… your imagination and creativity is the limit.
  • Create a brand new scene. Try putting 2 or 3 different colouring pages within your frame and shrink them down to create a brand new scene. You may need to play with it a little until it looks just right. For example, when I sent my kids a ladybug theme, I found a whole heap of separate smaller ladybug colouring images and put them into a garden scene colouring page I liked.
  • The secret to keeping ink costs down, but still having your pages look fabulous is LOTS of white space. All you need is a tiny touch of colour to make your page a masterpiece.
  • Make your own stationery. Instead of a colouring page, simply add a large text box inside your border and type your letter. Add a Bible verse and some clip art if you are feeling adventurous. See my separate make your own stationery tutorial for more ideas and a free sample.





Make your own:  Poster; Bookmark; Wallet Cards; Stationery; Note Cards; Stickers; Puzzles; Board Game; More DIY Tutorials

Beach scene poster

Here are some samples of colouring and puzzle page frames that I have done for my kids. You are welcome to download them. Click on the images and it will take you to the relevant posts with more freebies and ideas for that theme.

Universe Colouring Frame A4 Frog Frame A4    Daniel Colouring Frame A4  Panda Coloring Frame A4  Bible Treasure Frame - Landscape   Scroll free printable frame for kids  In the Footsteps of Jesus - Secrets of the New Testament - free colouring or puzzle page border frame for kids - landscape A4; free printable  Polar Bear Coloring Frame - SAMPLE Dinosaur Frame to jazz up your coloring pages A4  Giraffe Free Printable Coloring Frame A4   Turtle free printable photo frame for kids in bright happy colours   Turtle free printable photo frame for kids in bright happy colours  FREE Bible Photo Frame with Bible verse from Proverbs 4.23 in soft swirly blue; add your child's photo!   Psalm 23; Shepherd's Psalm; Frame with Bible verse; free printable Psalm 23; Shepherd's Psalm; Frame with Bible verse for younger children; free printable Psalm 23; Shepherd's Psalm; Frame with Bible verse for younger children; free printable Queen Esther Bible verse coloring page frame border and free printables for kids 4x6





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Graphics courtesy of:  cutecolors.com

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