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FREE printable Turtle Poster with Bible Verse

It was a magical evening. We waited silently on the beach with the other tourists, at a safe distance and watched as Mrs Sea Turtle emerged from the ocean and lumbered up onto the beach. Once she’d dug a hole with her flippers and started laying her ping-pong-ball-sized eggs, we were allowed to quietly join her. It was a moment that I will cherish forever; and if you have ever witnessed something like this, I’m sure you know what I mean. Sadly, we never made it back in time to see the little turtle hatchings. Maybe next time. :)

In this post, you will find FREE turtle / tortoise / terrapin ~ colouring pages; puzzles; posters; stationery; paper gifts; crafts; learn to draw; and other creative ideas for kids; fun facts from a Biblical perspective… plus a few other free printable turtle treats to brighten your day… enjoy!




Turtles  (creation.com) information from a Biblical perspective by scientists who take the Bible seriously; with its armoured shell, thick leathery skin and slow movement, the turtle is one of the most easily recognised creatures on earth; turtles can even read magnetic maps… The shell of the box turtle (Terrapene) is so strong it can readily support a weight 200 times greater than its own; a man with proportionate supporting power could bear up two large African elephants

Sea Turtles  (Answers in Genesis) from a Biblical perspective by scientists who take the Bible seriously; Sea turtles are excellent swimmers. Their powerful paddle-like flippers take them great distances… Satellites have tracked them criss-crossing the oceans. Sea turtles are excellent divers as well. Leatherbacks, in particular, can dive thousands of feet as they search for their favourite dish, jellyfish. Normally, the incredible pressure at such depths would rupture air-filled lungs. However, these turtles are designed to expel the air from their lungs, which collapse. The turtles then use the oxygen stored in their red blood cells and muscles…

Amazing Turtle Shell Development  (Answers in Genesis) from a Biblical perspective by scientists who take the Bible seriously; part of the turtle embryo’s body wall folds in on itself, causing the ribs to grow outward. The fold produces a thickening of the turtle’s skin…

Turtles in the Winter – frozen alive  (Answers in Genesis) yet they later emerge unharmed! God’s miracle in design. ‘I built an outdoor pen in which Waldo puttered about throughout the summer. When winter approached, he dug a shallow burrow to prepare for the cold… It can get bitterly cold in Idaho, but that winter was unusually frigid. I remember it dipped down to 30°F below zero (-34°C). When spring came, I must admit that I wasn’t hopeful to find Waldo alive. On the first warmish day I anxiously scraped away the leaves. I saw the top of his shell, barely below ground level. “He didn’t dig deep enough,” I worried… I touched his shell and to my delight it lurched as he moved within. He had made it through that wintery blast! I knew box turtles “hibernated,” but I had no clue how he could survive being frozen alive… Waldo was alive and well!

Turtles – Walking Cathedrals  (Answers in Genesis) from a Biblical perspective by scientists who take the Bible seriously; unlike most reptiles, which escape danger by hiding or running, turtles carry around a protective shield and home all rolled into one. No other vertebrate does anything quite like this. A portable home requires special architectural designs…

Loggerhead Sea Turtle – Fun Facts for Kids  (Answers in Genesis) from a Biblical perspective by scientists who take the Bible seriously; sea turtles can rest or sleep underwater for several hours at a time

Alligator Snapping Turtle – Fun Facts for Kids  (Answers in Genesis) from a Biblical perspective by scientists who take the Bible seriously

Common Snapping Turtle – Fun Facts for Kids  (Answers in Genesis) from a Biblical perspective by scientists who take the Bible seriously

Galápagos tortoise – Fun Facts for Kids  (Answers in Genesis) from a Biblical perspective by scientists who take the Bible seriously; the shell of the tortoise is not solid; it is made of hollow structures that are like air chambers. This design gives the tortoise the ability to carry its shell without being crushed beneath its weight.

Tortoises of the Galápagos  (creation.com) from a Biblical perspective by scientists who take the Bible seriously; the largest living species of tortoise, the Galápagos tortoise can weigh over 250 kg (550 lb) and live for over a century; more about Galápagos tortoises here

Turtle / Tortoise / Terrapin – what’s the difference?  Both are reptiles that lay eggs and have hard, bony shells. Tortoises live on land, in deserts, grasslands and forests. Turtles have webbed feet and live in rivers, lakes or the ocean, leaving the water only to lay their eggs. A terrapin is a turtle that spends time both in and out of the water. It always lives close to water though and is found in swamps and wetlands.

Track a real life sea turtle




Turtles and Friends in the Lily Pond – colouring  a lovely colouring page with turtles, frogs, butterflies, dragonfly, lizards, crustacean and heron; free printable

Sea Turtles on Coral Reef – colouring  (scroll down to the only colouring page thumbnail, labelled ‘Underwater Illustration’) free printable

Sea Turtle – colouring pages  (FirstPalette) Loggerhead and Leatherback; in colour or to colour; free printable

Sea Turtle cute hatchlings – colouring  scurrying down to the ocean

Baby Sea Turtle – colouring  (TammyYee) with friends; and Baby Sea Turtle – colouring  by himself; free printable

Turtle – colouring pages; Terrapin (Freshwater turtle) – colouring pages; Tortoise – colouring pages; free printable

Turtle – colour by number  free printable

Turtles Diving – colouring  (scroll down) and Giant Tortoise – colouring  free printable

Sea Turtle Diving – colouring  (ColoringCafe) add your own background, e.g. coral reef, fish, cave, sea garden; free printable

Sea Turtle – colouring  swimming through the ocean; add your own background; free printable

Sea Turtle – colouring  (Dover sample) swimming through a coral reef

Turtles – Down at the Pond – colouring  (Frecklebox) turtle, frog, duck, snail, a fish, bridge and a boat that can be personalised with your child’s name; free printable

Turtle – colouring pages  free printable

Turtle in deck chair – colouring  complete with newspaper, glasses and beach umbrella; free printable

Turtles resting in a lily pond – colouring  free printable

Leatherback Sea Turtle – colouring (pdf); Green Sea Turtle – colouring (pdf); Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle – colouring (pdf); Hawksbill Sea Turtle – colouring (pdf); Loggerhead Sea Turtle – colouring (pdf) anatomically correct sea turtle drawings and size comparison to a human being; free printable

Sea Turtle Diving on Coral Reef – colouring  (pdf) free printable

Turtle – colouring  (Goodsearch)

Jazz up your colouring pages  shrink or combine colouring pages to make a unique scene; add a border, a Bible verse, some clip art to make your colouring pages more interesting with this easy tutorial




Tortoise – maze  (Answers in Genesis) for kids from a Biblical perspective; help mother turtle find her baby; free printable

Turtle – maze  (number 14 in each is book is a different turtle maze) free printable

Turtle – T shaped maze   all about the alphabet letter T: The Tired Turtle is Trekking through the maze to see the Tall Tulip; free printable

Turtle – shaped maze  help the turtle get through the turtle shaped maze from the dry desert to find the pond; free printable

Turtle shell – maze

Sea turtle – maze  help the sea turtle get back to the ocean; free printable

Turtle shell – easy maze  for younger children; follow the path through the turtle’s shell; free printable

Turtle – mazes  (Goodsearch)

Sea Turtle – puzzles  (scroll down) word search from a word bank; crossword from a word bank; quiz; write and draw; writing prompt; free printable

Sea Turtle – Spot the Difference  at the beach and about to dive into the ocean; in colour; free printable

Sea Turtles – hidden picture puzzle  (Dover sample) coral reef background

Turtle – word search  11 words; plus there’s a cute doll-sized turtle terrarium to make for your own kids; looks like fun and you can send the pics to your sponsored child; free printable

Turtle – word search  fill in the blank quiz first, in order to complete the word search; 8 words; free printable

Turtle ~ word search  all about the alphabet letter ‘T’; draw a path from the turtle to the ocean by following the T’s in the letter maze; free printable (for members)

Sea Turtle – dot to dot  (Dover sample) numbers 1-22; easy

Baby Turtle – dot to dot  for younger children; numbers 1-30; free printable

Sea Turtle – dot to dot  (pdf) numbers 1-37; free printable

Sea Turtle – dot to dot  (Dover sample)  numbers 1-465; and you can see what it looks like here

Turtle – dot to dot puzzles  (Goodsearch)

Turtle – sudoku  free printable (for members)

Make your own puzzles  specifically designed for your child, taking your puzzle clues from one of the above information pages from creation.com or Answers in Genesis




Turtle – coral reef diorama to make  (FirstPalette) Learn all about coral reefs and oceans in this fun activity – coral reef fishes, jellyfish, starfish, seahorse, crab, octopus, sharks, whales, sea turtles, and dolphins to colour. Here are the sea turtles (loggerhead and leatherback); in colour or to colour; free printable

Make a turtle out of sand and dirt  this is a novel craft idea from Dover and what a great idea! Everyone has access to sand and dirt. Just send the instructions. Or let your own kids make one first and send the photos to your sponsored child so they can make one, too.

Turtle and friends – cute finger puppets  turtle, koala, ladybug and owl with finger holes (and if you scroll further down this page to the ‘paper gifts’ section, you will find a link to some matching bookmarks); free printable

Turtle Shell – Quilt for Kids to Make  (pdf) this could easily be adapted for paper and would make a fun group activity; free printable

Baby Sea Turtle ~ Paper Bag puppet  (TammyYee) to cut out and colour; cute; free printable

Turtle – origami  (TammyYee) Pacific Green Sea Turtle design already printed; ready to print and fold; easy; free printable

Turtle – origami  using your own paper; free printable

Pull along Turtle – to make  (FirstPalette) out of a paper bowl or paper plate; this looks like a fun activity

Walnut Turtle – craft  make a turtle out of a half walnut shell; just add legs, mouth and a tail; then how about some turtle races

Turtle – paper toy to make  free printable

Sea Turtle Jigsaw  (Activity Village) and Sea Turtle Lacing Card; free printable (for members)




Turtle / Tortoise / Terrapin – learn to draw  sixteen different types to choose from; free printable

Sea Turtle – learn to draw; Cute cartoon sea turtle swimming (underside view); Baby Sea Turtle;

Sea Turtle – learn to draw  (scroll down for step by step instructions)

Tortoise – learn to draw  scroll down for detailed step by step instructions to draw a realistic tortoise with shading

Turtle – learn to draw  by tracing over the dotted lines; for younger children

Decorate your turtle shell with some of these ideas  hearts, stripes, chevron, etc




FREE Turtle Bible posters – a turtle hatchling making its way to the ocean; sea turtle about to emerge from the ocean – designed exclusively for you by Paper Gifts for Estefany and featuring Bible verse from Nehemiah 9:6 – You Lord, you alone are Lord; You made the heavens and the stars of the sky. You made the land and sea and everything in them; You gave life to all. Print your free posters on A4 photo paper or 4×6 photo paper (for a verse card, if you prefer) and laminate for best results. Look at this little guy… too cute. :)

FREE printable Turtle Poster with Bible Verse


FREE printable Turtle Poster with Bible Verse


Turtle – FREE stationery and paper gifts for kids  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) in two colours with Bible verse from John 3:16 – God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son so that if anyone believes in Him they will not die but have eternal life – and decorated with turtle clip art ~ there’s a photo frame, bookmark, stationery, note cards, mini envelopes with mini note cards, to-do list, envelope, envelope liner, wallet cards and notepaper; free printable

Turtle free printable photo frame for kids in bright happy colours  Turtle free printable note cards for kids in bright happy colours

Sea Turtle – Bible poster  (crosscards) featuring Bible verse from Psalm 41:1-2 – Blessed are those who have regard for the weak; the Lord delivers them in times of trouble. The Lord protects and preserve them; they are counted among the blessed in the land; He does not give them over to the desire of their foes; lovely turtle against ocean background with some white decorative scrolls; free printable (for members)

Sea Turtle – bookmark for kids  (Answers in Genesis) with some fun facts from a Biblical perspective; double sided; in colour or to colour; free printable

Turtle – bookmark   cute and stubby to fold over your page; free printable

Sea Turtle – bookmarks  (BookmarkBee) 4 different designs; add a favourite Bible verse and a note of encouragement on the back; free printable

Or use a Turtle Template to make your own turtle word cloud of a favourite Bible verse or some fun turtle facts

Turtle – lined stationery and matching envelope  turtle upside down in his shell sipping a drink in bottom corner, turtle taking a snail for a walk in the opposite top corner, with an olive and white dotted border; free printable

Turtle – stationery  (PageBorders) cartoon turtle with a simple green border; free version is fine

Sea Turtle – lined stationery  (scroll down to ‘Sea Turtle Theme Paper’) two turtles about to enter the ocean; free printable




Found a turtle photo or turtle clip art that you just know that your child will love? Add a favourite Bible verse and make your own:

Bible Poster or Verse Card
Bible Bookmark ~ add your child’s name
Bible Note Cards
Bible Wallet Cards
Bible Stickers
Board Game

Don’t forget to jazz up your envelopes if you are including any special treats like turtle stickers for your homeschool students.


And when you discuss this with your child, don’t forget to them about the creative genius behind this incredible design…

Compassion International banner




Chameleon ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas for kids


Frog in a Sleeping Bag ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas for kids

Fun freebies! A little zany too :)

Dolphin ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas for kids

PGFE Ocean Bible Poster-Dolphin with Bible verse from Isaiah 40:12-who else has held the oceans in His hand-and Job 12:7-10- birds and animals have much to teach you; free printable

Creation Day 5 ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas for kids

Let there be sea creatures and flying creatures - Creation Day 5 free printable Bible poster for kids

Creation Day 6 ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas for kids

Let there be land animals - Creation Day 6 free printable Bible poster for kids



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