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PGFE Ocean Bible Poster-Dolphin with Bible verse from Isaiah 40:12-who else has held the oceans in His hand-and Job 12:7-10- birds and animals have much to teach you; free printable

What’s your favourite ocean animal? Today we’re going to have a look at the graceful and elegant dolphin… we’ll find out their design secret that scientists have admired and copied; plus there are FREE dolphin colouring pages, puzzles, crafts, adorable posters and creative ideas for our kids… enjoy!



Exodus 20:11  For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.

Job 12:7-10  But ask now the beasts and they shall teach you; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell you. Or speak to the earth and it shall teach you; and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto you. Who knows not in all these that the hand of the LORD has wrought this? In whose hand is the soul of every living thing and the breath of all mankind.

Psalm 95:5-6  The sea is His, and He made it; and His hands formed the dry land. O come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the LORD our maker.

Isaiah 40:12  Who else has held the oceans in His hand?




Bottlenose Dolphin – fun facts for kids  (Answers in Genesis) from the Aquarium Guide and scientists who take the Bible seriously; share a snippet with your child

Dolphin – article for kids  ( from scientists who take the Bible seriously; dolphins can’t leave the water or grab a warm wetsuit to swim in. God knew they would need to keep warm in the cool waters so He built something into their bodies to keep the warmth in. Dolphins have a layer of fat or blubber under their skin that does just that; free printable

Discovering the Dolphin’s secret – article  (Answers in Genesis) from scientists who take the Bible seriously; Dolphins are very stream-lined and travel through the water at up to 40 kilometres (25 miles) an hour… examine a piece of dolphin skin under the microscope – and the dolphin’s secret was out… Tests with simulated models proved that this design reduced surface drag by as much as 60 per cent… Even some of the world’s most brilliant scientists could not invent anything as efficient, and when they discovered the dolphin’s secret, they tried to copy it. Such an ingenious design owes its origin to God, the Master Designer. The real patent belongs to Him.

Engineers Look to Dolphins for Improved Sonar  (Answers in Genesis) from scientists who take the Bible seriously; It’s another case of science turning to God’s design for inspiration… engineers may be taking a cue from dolphins in devising improved sonar systems. Dolphins navigate using sonar, sonar that “outperforms any man-made system…”

Blubber gloves  (Answers in Genesis) from scientists who take the Bible seriously; God designed a clever coat of insulation that makes life a breeze for animals that call the Arctic their home; share a snippet with your child

Dolphin information (creation wiki):  Bottlenose DolphinCommon Dolphin; Oceanic Dolphin; PorpoiseAmazon River Dolphin (pink dolphin); Orca (Killer Whale) share a snippet about these wonderful creatures with your child from a Biblical perspective

Killer Whale – fun facts for kids  (Answers in Genesis) from the Aquarium Guide – Did you know that orcas or killer whales are the largest member of the dolphin family?

Killer Whale  (Answers in Genesis) from Marvels of Creation book; share a snippet with your child

Zonkeys, Ligers, and Wolphins, Oh My! – article  (Answers in Genesis) A species is a man-made term used in the modern classification system… Instead, the Bible uses the term “kind”…  plants and animals were created to reproduce within the boundaries of their kind… So, a good rule of thumb is that if two things can breed together, then they are of the same created kind. It is a bit more complicated than this, but for the time being, this is a quick measure of a “kind”… so what is a wolphin?

An explanation of Biblical KINDS  (Answers in Genesis) from scientists who take the Bible seriously; When dogs breed together, you get dogs; so there is a dog kind. It works the same with sea creatures… The wolphin is the result of mating a false killer whale (genus Pseudorca) and bottlenose dolphin (genus Tursiops)… Even though the whale and dolphin are considered separate genera, they may, in fact, belong to the same species... the same kind… created with genetic diversity. Through time the processes of natural selection, mutation, and other mechanisms have altered that original information (decreased or degenerated) to give us even more variation within a kind… just as the same cake recipe can be used to make many different cakes with various flavors and colors.

Ligers and wholphins? What next?  ( from scientists who take the Bible seriously; The Bible tells us in Genesis chapter 1 that God created plants to produce seed ‘after their kind’… God also created the animals to reproduce ‘after their kind’… And we take it for granted. When we plant a tomato seed, we don’t expect to see a geranium pop up out of the ground. Nor do we expect that our dog will give birth to kittens… Our everyday experience confirms the truth of the Bible that things produce offspring true to their kind… Kekaimalu the wholphin: In 1985, Hawaii’s Sea Life Park reported the birth of a baby from the mating of a male false killer whale (Pseudorca crassidens) and a female bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)… suggests that the 12 living genera might have all descended from the original created kind.




Dolphin – colouring (from Answers in Genesis VBS) Fin the dolphin tells us, ‘No-fin’ is a bigger deal than taking God seriously; free printable

Psalm 29:3 – colouring  (Dover sample) The voice of the Lord is upon the waters; dolphins surfing

Dolphin – colouring  (supercoloring) a selection of pages to choose from; free printable

Dolphin – colouring  (Dover sample) 5 dolphins playing in a bay

Dolphins having fun – 4 colouring pages  (itsybitsyfun) dolphins playing with a ball; jumping through a hoop; free printable

Dolphin – 6 colouring pages  (kleurplaatje) of dolphins having fun; free printable

Dolphin – colouring  (redtedart) 2 designs with decorated with flowers and fine detail; free printable

2 Dolphins – colouring  (coloring-pages-kids) and they look like they are smiling; free printable

3 Dolphins jumping – colouring  (colouringpages) free printable

Dolphin – colouring  (coloringcafe) two dolphins jumping over each other; free printable

3 Dolphins in the ocean – colouring  (Mr Adron) two jumping; free printable

Dolphins – colouring  (1plus1plus1equals1) in fine detail; free printable

Dolphins – colouring  (crayola) smiling as they pass their fish friend; free printable

Dolphin – colouring  (; scroll down) a selection of colouring pages to choose from; free printable

Dolphins jumping waves – colouring  (Activity Village) and they look like they’re having fun; free printable (for members)

Jazz up your colouring pages  shrink or combine pages to make a new scene, add a border, a title, a Bible verse and some clip art to make your colouring pages more interesting with this easy tutorial



GOD OF WONDERS DVD  Ocean creatures are engineering marvels and compelling evidence for an an incredible Creator. Visually stunning and presented by PhD scientists full of awe as they explore our Creator’s handiwork and what it reveals about His character, power, wisdom, majesty and care. You need a break anyway, don’t you? Take a two minute holiday and watch these Biblical scientists giving glory to God. The whole documentary is fabulous, but in this short segment, they discuss the incredible creatures of the sea.




Ocean in His hands – Isaiah 40:12  (ateachingmommy) Bible memory verse puzzle, Bible memory verse card, colours; handwriting practice to help your child memorise the Bible verse and cool devotional to figure out how big God is: Who else has held the ocean in His hands? We know that the ocean is VERY big, isn’t it. It holds more water than this bucket, than this cup, and even this pool (or bath tub). Our memory verse this week talks about the oceans; free printable

Ocean – printables  ( lots for younger children – easy puzzles, counting, handwriting,  learn to draw and other activities; your little girl will love the adorable dolphin from this under the girly sea theme (even bigger girls might like some stationery with these super cute graphics on them); free printable

100 Dolphin mazes  (krazydad; the same number in each book is a different maze: 15 = dolphin; 11 = killer whale) free printable

Ocean – activity books  (itsybitsyfun) with colourful graphics – easy puzzles, learn to draw, counting, handwriting and other activities for younger children; free printable

Dolphin, porpoise and orca – easy dot to dot puzzles  (enchantedlearning; numbers 1 to 40) free printable

Dolphin – dot to dot puzzle  (busybeekidsprintables; numbers 1 to 29) free printable

Dolphin – colouring / puzzles / learn to draw  (colormountain) free printable

Dolphin – writing prompt  (sparklebox) colour the dolphin then write a story about them or what you learned about them; free printable

Dolphin printables  (Activity Village) puzzles; acrostic; jigsaw; lacing card; name badges; notebook to make; writing prompt; place cards; templates; posters (include a favourite Bible verse); and you will find more Dolphin worksheets here – easy dot to dot; handwriting; tracing; and more; free printable

Design your own puzzle  specifically tailored to suit your child; send one of the articles above and make up your questions from that




Dolphin – hands-on activity for kids  (; scroll down to bottom of page) an easy and fun activity for kids using rubber gloves and water to demonstrate how blubber keeps dolphins warm; for homeschool students

Dolphin – origami  (tammyyee) with lovely design already pre-printed; free printable

Dolphins and other sea creatures to colour or use for crafts  (firstpalette) and smaller dolphins (scroll down to ‘deep sea animals’); coral reef fish, jellyfish, starfish, seahorse, crab, octopus, sharks, whales, sea turtles; make a fun ocean diorama; free printable

Ocean diorama  (enchantedlearning) create a fun ocean scene in a box; dolphin templates here; free printable

Dolphin – craft  (learncreatelove) and  Killer Whale – craft  to colour, cut out and use for crafts; free printable

Dolphin crafts  (Activity Village) free printable




Jumping Dolphin – learn to draw  (artprojectsforkids) free printable

Speeding Dolphin – learn to draw  (my-how-to-draw; click the arrows either side of the image for the tutorial)

Learn to draw – cartoon orca (killer whale)  (how-to-draw-cartoons-online)

Dolphin – learn to draw  (Activity Village) grid copy; step-by-step; complete the picture; free printable (for members)




Dolphin – Bible Poster  (isn’t he gorgeous?!) by Paper Gifts for Estefany with Bible verses from Isaiah 40:12 (Who else has held the oceans in His hand) and Job 12:7-10 (Even birds and animals have much they could teach you; ask the creatures of earth and sea for their wisdom. All of them know that the Lord’s hand made them. It is God who directs the lives of His creatures; every man’s life is in His power); free printable

PGFE Ocean Bible Poster-Dolphin with Bible verse from Isaiah 40:12-who else has held the oceans in His hand-and Job 12:7-10- birds and animals have much to teach you; free printable

Killer whales – Bible Poster  (crosscards) two beautiful killer whales against a dark blue ocean and Bible verse from Galatians 5:13 – You were called to be free, but do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love; more Ocean – Bible posters here; free printable

Dolphin – Bible Bookmark  (Answers in Genesis) ‘No-fin’ is a bigger deal than taking God seriously; and Psalm 112:1 – Blessed is the man who fears the Lord; print as two separate bookmarks or as one double-sided; beautifully illustrated for kids; free printable

Dolphin shaped bookmark  (wewilsons) these look really fun; add a Bible verse and a note of encouragement on the back; free printable

Dolphin Bookmark  (bookmarkbee) tumbling blue dolphins with ocean waves; add a Bible verse and a note of love on the back; 4 per page; free printable

Dolphin – Bookmark  (sparklebox) with room to add your child’s name, your name, a short note or Bible verse; more classroom dolphin printables; free printable

Dolphin shaped bookmark to make  (Activity Village) adapt for paper only for your sponsored child; free printable (for members)

Dolphin – photo frame  (yopriceville) add your child’s photo into this lovely frame; free printable




Fin the Dolphin ~ cute clip art  (Answers in Genesis; scroll down to Day 5)

Blue Dolphin ~ cute clip art  (1plus1plus1equals1; from ‘In the Sea printables’) your little girl will love this adorable smiling blue dolphin with apricot and pink flower (even bigger girls might like some stationery with these super cute graphics on them); free printable

Dolphin ~ photos




Found a suitable dolphin image that you just know that your child will love? Add a Bible verse and make your own:

Bible Poster or Verse Card
Bible Bookmark ~ add your child’s name
Bible Note Cards / Bible Notepaper ~ use the same tutorial, but just space out your initial four rectangles.
Bible Wallet Cards
Bible Stickers
Stationery with Bible verse
Bible Board Game

Don’t forget to jazz up your envelopes if you are including any special treats like dolphin stickers for your homeschool students. Sticker sheets are fine for your sponsored child.




Dolphin – stationery  ( 3 tumbling dolphins in two shades of blue all the way around your border on a white background; free versions are fine

Dolphin at the porthole – card and envelope  (Canon) fun 3D pop up card to print and make; open up to find two jumping dolphins; free printable

Dolphins jumping waves – card  (Activity Village) in colour or to colour; free printable (for members)




And when you write to your sponsored child, don’t forget to tell them who designed these magnificent creatures…

Tell them about Jesus!





Turtle ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, posters, crafts and creative ideas; free printable

FREE printable Turtle Poster with Bible Verse

Seahorses & Seadragons ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, posters, crafts and creative ideas; free printable

Weedy Sea Dragon - Bible Poster by Paper Gifts for Estefany with Bible verses from Isaiah 40:12 - Who else has held the oceans in His hand; and Psalm 135:5–6 - For I know that the LORD is great, and that our Lord is above all gods. Whatsoever the LORD pleased, that did He in heaven, and in earth, in the seas and all deep places; free printable

Day 5 of Creation Week ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas; free printable

Let there be sea creatures and flying creatures - Creation Day 5 free printable Bible poster for kids




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