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Jack Dey books; fabulous Christian fiction suspense; grab your FREE ebook and start reading today



Jack Dey writes fabulous Christian Fiction that I love and highly recommend to all my readers. His writing is spiced with his great sense of humour and a deep love for God, with strong Biblical themes, family and redemption. I admire and respect him for his strong gentleness and seeking only to be a ‘pencil in Papa God’s hands’. He wishes to encourage his readers to grow closer to Him and that is why I am delighted to be able to recommend his work to you. If you like great Christian fiction embedded in real life issues that will inspire you and make you think and take you deeper in your walk with the Lord Jesus, make sure you go and check him out. As he considers his writing a ministry, you can grab a copy of his ebooks for free. Click on any picture and it will take you to the author’s web site where you can read a sample chapter and find out where you can get your own FREE copy. Great gift idea. Grab a copy for you and one for a friend… enjoy!  :)


Mahina_JackDey_cover ParadiseWarrior_JackDey Aunt Tabbies Wings_JackDey TheSecretsBlackDeanLighthouse_JackDey The Legend of Ataneq Nanuq by Jack Dey | Christian fiction suspense | When injustice and fear collide, it has a name…Ataneq Nanuq The Valley of Flowers by Jack Dey_fabulous Christian fiction suspense La Belle Suisse by Dodie La Mirounette and Jack Dey; Christian fiction suspense Zero by Jack Dey; fabulous Christian fiction suspense






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