“I thank God for ISIS… because they opened my eyes…”



He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3

“Lord, may Your love shine brightly in the midst of this darkness”  -Dr Michael Youssef

“…as we hear the name ISIS over and over again, there is something the media is not telling us — something incredible: in these dangerous times, God is opening doors and softening hearts to the Gospel.”  –Dr Michael Youssef





As the world reels and grieves with Paris, I have to keep reminding myself there is a bigger picture. You won’t see stories like these below on the evening news, but be encouraged. God is at work! Millions of people in the Middle East every year are turning to the Lord Jesus. Like Samar and the rest of us, they also are horrified by the atrocities they see happening.

I thank God for ISIS… because they opened my eyes. I am now convinced that Jesus is the Saviour and I am ready to die, because it’s easy to die for the truth.”  –Samar, Saudi Arabia

“I was one of those people who blindly and fanatically defended Islam. But after in-depth study of the Qur’an, I couldn’t see love or justice in the god of Islam… I… got to know and understand the character of God, whom I always longed to know. I thank God that He delivered me from Satan and called me out of darkness into His wonderful light.”  -Morocco (link removed)

“I believed in jihad and killing anyone who did not follow Islam. . . . [but now] I have decided to follow Jesus.”  -Morocco (link removed)

“…Who can do that? Only Jesus. And now the answer in the Middle East, I find the answer, when the Arab and the Jew coming to Yeshua, because He is the King of priests, there is peace and there is shalom. My brother and sister, what you see now in the Middle East, in the news, you see ISIS, you see people died, you see a lot of things happen, but I want to tell you now the good news you don’t hearing; a thousand of Muslim now coming to Jesus. I want to tell you something. I thank God for ISIS. I thank God for ISIS; you know why? Because now many Muslim is coming and see ISIS and many Muslim coming and see, ‘This is my religion. I don’t want to be Muslim if this is my religion.’ And now this people live in the darkness, live without hope. And who is the hope for the nation? It’s Jesus. What we do, we go there and we share him the good news about Jesus… Turkey… Syria… Germany… In two week, I baptize 10 Muslim. You can see… God is doing a great work… Jesus changed our life… God is moving, a really big revival now. You don’t hear that in the news, but now is God is doing a lot of amazing work, people coming to Jesus…”  –Samer Mohammed calls himself a former “man of hate,” but today is a “man of love.” With his father working with terrorists and filled with hate, Samer trained to be an imam (mosque leader), but something happened along the way that profoundly changed him. Falling in love with Jesus, Samer is now in full time Christian ministry reaching out with the love of Jesus to other Muslims in the Middle East. Make sure you listen to his powerful story as he recently shared it with Ken Ham and the AiG staff.

Mona was raised as a Muslim but was never taught the Koran. When she moved to Sweden and began reading it for herself, she was horrified. Now she risks her life to help others find the truth and the love of Jesus. (original link removed)

So as we pray and grieve for Paris, and Israel (who face this every day), and too many other places across the world, we also need to keep praying that others will be rescued from this political ideology; that they will continue to have dreams and visions of Jesus that will lead them to The Truth. Find and help a ministry working specifically in this area!






A liberal columnist wrote: “There is a darkness spreading over part of our society. And we don’t really understand why.” I agree 100%, and I can tell him why. It’s a spiritual darkness caused by sin and the anti-God attitude that has permeated our society. This country is in deep moral and spiritual trouble… The answer for our nation and for all people in despair is found in God’s Son, Jesus Christ. He is our Living Hope–for this life and for the next.” –Unknown

“…pray for the attackers as well, for they, too, can hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and come Home. Remember, friends, that Paul slaughtered Christians. Remember, too, that our sins are the same; we are no different. Today, I long for Jesus because I am weary. I long for Jesus like a child longs for her Father…” –Unknown

Muslims coming to Christ through God’s Word  (answersingenesis) …Christian aid groups working among refugees in Iraq and other places are reporting how God is using unimaginable pain to bring people to Christ. One ministry leader in Iraq reports that the demand for Bibles and information about Christ is so great they can barely keep up. He says people are “just sick of Islam. People are very hungry to know about Christ . . . As terrifying and horrifying as ISIS is, they did us a great favor because they came and have shown them all the killing, saying that it’s all in the Koran verses. So now we don’t have to say much, we just say the truth.”

Thousands of Muslims In Northern Iraq Converting to Christianity After Witnessing ISIS Horror, Ministry Reveals: ‘They’re Just Sick of Islam’  (gospelherald) More and more Kurdish Muslims living in Iraq are turning to Christ after witnessing the brutality of extremist groups like ISIS, who carry out horrific acts… administrators at a sharia (Islamic law) college requested 21 Bibles for a comparative religion class so they could equip Muslims with enough criticisms of the Bible to proselytize Christians. “In a couple months, after they took that class going through the Bible, five of the students got saved…” Upset by the conversions, the teacher alerted the authorities who in turn summoned the ministry director….explained that he… had simply provided Bibles because the school had requested them. The officer… asked the students why they had converted. “One said, ‘The Bible is strong, powerful; it changed our lives…’ Then the policeman…  dismissed the guy and asked me, ‘Is it true that the Bible has the power to change lives?’ I said, ‘Yes, of course. It’s been changing lives everywhere.’ He asked, ‘Can I have a copy?'”

The son of a founding hamas leader  turns to Christ and was banished from (and is now hunted by) his family. He has some really interesting things to say, including his opinion that despite what we see on the outside, Islam is completely collapsing from the inside.

Imams convert to Christ  (link censored and removed)

Excuse me, if you were to die tonight, where would you be… in Heaven or hell?

How you can find Christ and know His love for yourself





Tell them about Jesus!



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2 thoughts on ““I thank God for ISIS… because they opened my eyes…”

    • Yes, among the tears and overwhelming sadness – for Paris, for Israel (who have to face this 24/7), for what I see happening in our sponsored children’s countries (now that really concerns me), and for so many other places across the world – I have to remind myself, too. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed about what the kingdom of darkness is doing, but forget that where the evil one is working, the Lord is also working. He just does it quietly. We serve a Mighty God, who can take the greatest darkness and turn it to good. Just look at what He did at the cross. When I first started hearing some of these stories, it really encouraged me. I don’t like writing about things like this and wondered whether I should even publish this post, but just had to share some of them. It helps me keep things in a greater perspective also. Thanks for stopping by to chat, Linda. Blessings to you too.

      And the postman has just delivered two Compassion envelopes and it feels like they may have photos! Yay! Heading off to open them… :)


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