Panda ~ Article for Kids

Panda article for kids giving glory to God as designer; free printable

What is black, white, fluffy and adorable? A panda, of course! Who can resist these extremely cute and cuddly bundles of playful mischief—with their gorgeous, gentle eyes and delightful black and white fluff?! Looking for letter writing ideas for your Compassion child that are fun, printable, adorable and FREE? Want to give credit to God as designer? How about a panda theme?

There are two versions available of this free panda article for kids. One with photos ready for you to just download, print and send. Or you can download the blank version and add your own panda photos. Whichever you prefer. Click here to find out how with this easy tutorial. My articles for kids are all about putting God at the centre of each package and giving glory to Him as Creator. And that’s just the start… with cute FREE panda colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and gift items… you will be able to send your child a very cute black and white panda PARTY.  :)




FREE PRINTABLE Panda article for kids giving glory to God as designer




Free Printable Panda Article for kids - add your own photos



Laminate for best results and to keep it looking nice. I also send an extra copy for my sponsored child’s teacher ~ with a post-it note on it to remind them to give it to them.



This article is also available in French. For other children who are NOT ENGLISH speaking, I still send it to them but make sure I INCLUDE ALL TEXT IN THE LETTER so that it gets translated. If you would like to do this for your child too, you are welcome to ‘copy and paste’ any of my text at the foot of this post (scroll down). Add a greeting and lots of hugs and kisses, and you’re done.



FREE Panda colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas

Panda Bookmark 4x6  Panda mini envelopes + notes A4






Aren’t these little guys simply adorable?! Who could resist these extremely cute and cuddly bundles of playful mischief—with their gorgeous, gentle eyes and delightful black and white fluff?! Giant Pandas are like fluffy toys come to life. They love to do somersaults and are pretty good acrobats. They do not growl or roar like other bears, but ‘talk’ to each other by bleating! How strange! Isn’t that funny?!

A baby panda is born blind and helpless. They have very little fur and could just about fit on your hand. Mrs Panda is gigantic in comparison—about 100kg (220lb). She has to be very careful not to crush her tiny baby. Baby Panda opens their eyes when they are about 3 weeks old. They remain helpless until they are 3 or 4 months of age, so stay cradled close to Mum.

Giant pandas absolutely LOVE bamboo. They live in the mountain and forest areas of China. They feast on over 36kg (80lbs) of bamboo a day, from at least 30 different species. Their favourite type is the pencil-thin arrow bamboo. God has specially designed pandas to be able to eat bamboo—which is pretty tough—and not to get splinters! Ouch!

He has given them: a large head with powerful jaws; special chewing muscles and massive teeth to help them snap, crush and crunch their way through it; a tough lining in their throat (oesophagus); and a thick, muscular lining in their stomach. They have sharp claws to help them climb trees easily. They also have two enlarged wrist bones (radial sesamoid) which are extra pads of skin, with muscles all in the right places. They act as two extra fingers on their front paws. One of them looks a bit like a human thumb, so it is known as “the panda’s thumb”. Of course the panda’s thumb is not the same as our thumb, because God knew they would not have to cook, clean, do up buttons, pick up pens, study and write about pandas or play musical instruments. However their ‘thumb’ is perfect to help them with bamboo.

Pandas were designed by a Creator who knew exactly what He was doing. They are superb examples of God’s craftsmanship. He made them on day 6—with all the other animals which live on land—in the very first week of history when the world was made. You can read all about it in your Bible—Genesis 1. Isn’t God clever to think up so many astonishing and fabulous designs? God also created every kind of creature to reproduce after its own KIND (or family). When a panda has a baby, we know that it will not be a cow or a horse. It will be a panda. If you saw the oldest bear-family fossil, you would see immediately that it looks like a bear. 

God created so many wonderful things for us to care for and enjoy. Things that are beautiful…. intricate… mysterious… perfect. To teach us about Him. To show us how magnificent, wise and powerful He is. So that we will worship Him. Jesus! God the Creator!



  • CLASS: Mammalia (mammal);
  • FAMILY: Ursidae (bear kind)
  • GENUS/SPECIES: Ailuropoda Melanoleuca
  • Size: 1.2—1.8 m (4–6 ft);
  • Weight: 79-150kg (175–325lbs)
  • Eleven distinct bleating calls have been identified in the wild.
  • Pandas do NOT hibernate like other bears.


Information from: ~ a fabulous site with lots of scientific information from a Biblical perspective. Written by Ph.D. scientists who believe that God says what He means and means what He says. Got questions about God? This is where you will find real answers. Like me, they are all about reinforcing the authority of Scripture and giving glory to God as designer. We CAN and MUST take God’s Word seriously. If He meant something else, He would have said something else. And when you write to your sponsored child, don’t forget…

Compassion International banner

…whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31




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