What cool male creature, looking for a girl, can change his colour from brown to purple and light blue, then turn his eyelids yellow with green spots? Sound inviting, girls?!  :) How does he do it? And how is that related to different skin colours in humans? 


ANSWER:  Chameleon. And melanin. That is also what gives us our skin colour. Someone who has brown skin simply has more melanin than someone who has pale coloured skin. It’s just like paint! This is a very important message for our children.






Looking for letter writing ideas for your Compassion child that are fun, printable and adorable? Oh, and did I say FREE? Want to give credit to God as designer? My free articles for kids are all about putting God at the centre of our packages for our Compassion children. This one is now available in English and French with two designs: one with photos; and one blank, if you prefer to add your own photos. Use this easy tutorial and give the article your own creative touch. Photo suggestions are below. Scroll a bit further down this post to round off your package with some free chameleon colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas. And the article text is at the bottom of the post.


~ With Photos

Chameleon article for kids giving glory to God as designer; free printable



~ Add your own photos

Chameleon Article for kids A4




Chameleon (Goodsearch)
– Baby Chameleons hatching out of their eggs including one curled up comfortably on a coin
Chameleon face and horns
Teeny Tiny Chameleon sitting on a finger

Laminate for best results and to keep it looking nice.

I send an extra copy of each article for my child’s Compassion teacher ~ with a post-it note on it to remind them to give it to them.

Add it to a binder with some FREE colouring pages, puzzles and crafts (scroll down) or make your own DIY Activity Book.

This article is also available in French. A very big thank you to L. Walther for kindly providing the translation for this one. Merci beaucoup. For those children who are not English speaking, I still send it to them but make sure to include all text in the letter so that it gets translated. If you would like to do this for your child too, you are welcome to copy and paste any of my text, which is included at the end of this post. (Note: this may no longer be necessary with the current Compassion guidelines, but I’ll leave that up to you).





Did you know there is even a Bible Verse about Chameleons? It mentions lizards, geckos and chameleons.



Glue / Bumpy Toe Pads – poster (Answers in Genesis) showing the creative ways that God’s different creatures hang on – bumpy toe pads (geckos), hooks, glue, ridges, clingy hairs, suckers and clamps; free printable

Four reasons chameleons are amazing   short, sharp and straight to the point from Answers in Genesis; Biblical perspective from scientists who take the Bible seriously

A bug’s worse nightmare  great photos and information from a Biblical perspective from Answers in Genesis and scientists who take the Bible seriously



Chameleon – colouring Biblical perspective; free printable

Chameleon colouring pages 7 to choose from; free printable

Chameleon – colouring  cute; free printable

Chameleon – colouring  (Dover sample) with fine detail

Click here for a tutorial on how to jazz up your colouring pages – add a title, a border, a Bible verse and some clip art to make them more interesting.

Design your own chameleon puzzle  using the information on the above article to make up your questions and answers tailored to suit your child.



Learn to draw cartoon chameleon very cute

Learn to draw cartoon chameleon this one is pretty cute too; he looks like he’s up to mischief

Learn to draw a more realistic chameleon

Chameleon – draw where he is hiding (Dover sample)



Chameleon to make  colourful craft activity in the shape of the letter C; free printable

Chameleon to make in black and white stripes; craft activity; free printable



Chameleon comic booklet – page 1page 2; page 3; page 4 – just print, cut and fold to make a little rhyming cartoon booklet giving glory to God as creator; ‘A chameleon came to a big green tree; Make up a tune and sing with me; A chameleon came to a big green tree; And he said with a laugh, ‘Green’s the colour for me…’ free printable



Cheeky chameleon – stationery  (Sparklebox) portrait or landscape so as well as using it for your stationery, these pages could also be used to jazz up your colouring pages or puzzles; free printable



Don’t forget to jazz up your coloring pages; and envelopes if you are including any special treats like stickers for your homeschool or Sunday school kids. Don’t see any chameleon puzzles you like? Make your own! Found a cute chameleon photo or clip art that you just know that your child will love? Add a Bible verse and make your own:

Bible Poster or Verse Card
Bible Bookmark ~ add your child’s name
Bible Note Cards
Bible Wallet Cards
Bible Stickers
Bible Board Game




‘Jesus lizards’ run on water ( across the surface of ponds in Central and South America; this lizard doesn’t crawl across water—it motors. How? Incredible talent like this could only have come from the Creator. Article from scientists who take the Bible seriously. Share a snippet with your child or print off the whole article.





Well, what do you think of these weird looking guys?! Hmmm…! They look like fun! Chameleons are incredible creatures and distinctly different from other lizards! The chameleon has a horn or crest on its head, while other lizards do not. ‘Chameleon’ means ‘ground lion’ in Greek. I guess they do look a little ferocious! They can also move each large eye in a different direction at the same time. That’s pretty freaky!

They are usually green, but can rapidly change colour for camouflage or “mood.” They also change colour due to heat, light, cold, stress and shock. One male goes to great lengths to get a girl—he starts out brown in colour and changes to purple and light blue; and his eyelids turn yellow with green spots! Cool!

How do they change colour?

The outer layer of a chameleon’s skin is transparent. It is made of keratin—just like our skin and fingernails. Beneath that, are two layers of red and yellow pigments stored in cells, then one layer reflecting blue and another reflecting white. Under all that is the most important layer for colour change—the dark brown pigment called melanin, which has ‘tentacles’ reaching into the upper layers.

The colours change when the various cells expand or contract—how relaxed or tense they are—as to which colours reflect through. Melanin is also what gives us our skin colour. Someone who has brown skin simply has more melanin than someone who has pale coloured skin. It’s just like paint!

Other Chameleon Design Features

The chameleon can grip objects with both their hands and feet. They can also use their tail as a fifth limb. Those eyes were designed with a spectacular telephoto lens. They can focus really sharply on things far away or things as close as 3cm away. Much better than us. Try it! Bring your finger to about 3cm (about an inch) from your eyes. We can see the outline okay, although it is a bit blurry, but for the chameleon that finger would be crystal clear.

They also have a very long and sticky tongue—which has special muscles and shoots out at lightning speed. It is up to 1½ times the length of their body, to help them catch insects easily. Just before their tongue hits, two muscles pull the middle of the chameleon’s tongue tip back, to form a suction cap. Imagine the fun we could have with one of those! Chameleons need both the suction cap AND the super fast tongue to catch their food. One is useless without the other. They had to be both there and working properly, right from the very beginning or they would have starved. The tongue is also like a clever sling shot, and far better than anything humans have ever invented. Engineers are always trying to copy God’s superior designs, but they are never as good!

Chameleons are superb examples of God’s exquisite craftsmanship and were specially designed by Him to live in trees. With their colour and shape, they can be easily mistaken for a leaf or a branch. They did not start out as something simple that gradually became more complex. The oldest Chameleon-KIND fossil that has been found looks exactly like a Chameleon. Could you change colour just by concentrating really hard? No! Neither did they!

They did NOT have to TRY to blend in or work out how they could camouflage themselves—they could just do it! God gave them that special gift. Do you have a special gift that you seem to be able to just do? Like chameleons, God has given each of us a special gift, to be used for His honour and glory. We’ve all been designed by a Creator who knew exactly what He was doing. Chameleons were made on day 6—along with all the other animals that live on land—in the very first week of history when the world was made. Read all about it in your Bible in Genesis 1.

Isn’t God clever to think up so many astonishing and fabulous designs? God also created every kind of creature to reproduce after its own KIND. When a Chameleon has a baby, it is not a crocodile or a fish or a goat. We know that it will be a baby chameleon. God created so many wonderful things for us to care for and enjoy. Things that are beautiful…. intricate… mysterious… perfect. To teach us about Him. To show us how magnificent, wise and powerful He is. So that we will worship Him. Jesus! God the Creator!


  • CLASS: Reptilia (reptiles)
  • ORDER: Squamata (amphisbaenians, lizards, and snakes [scaly])
  • FAMILY: Chamaeleonidae (Old World chameleons)
  • GENUS/SPECIES: About 90 species—but only 2 genera—probably descended from only one or two created kinds, which now have many varieties.
  • Size: Most grow to 17—25cm (7”—10”). The longest can reach 60cm (2ft).
  • Original Diet: Plants; Present Diet: Insects
  • Habitat: Tropical and mountainous rainforests, savannas, and steppes of northern Africa, the Middle East, India, and Madagascar
  • Their body is almost entirely flat.
  • Just like clothes, their skin does not grow with them, so they shed it when they grow.


Information from: ~ a fabulous site with lots of scientific information from a Biblical perspective. Got questions about God? This is the place you will find real answers. Like me, it is all about reinforcing the authority of Scripture and giving glory to God as designer. Remember, God says what He means and means what He says. We CAN and MUST take His Word seriously. If He meant something else, He would have said something else.

…whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

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I hope that you have fun and enjoy learning about the chameleon as much as I did in researching it for our children. If you like my work, please tell others; leave a comment and ‘like’ this page. Your kind comments make my day!  :)


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