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darrell creswell baby in manger

©Darrell Creswell

This is the official index of FREE Christmas Nativity printables for kids. We have discovered so many FREE Nativity printables for you, that rather than having one huge eye-glazing Christmas post :o I’ve split them up into smaller ones. Each post opens up to a wonderland of FREE Christmas Nativity printables and will have a link back to this master page so you can find all the others. Everything for Christmas is now phew… finally… loaded. It’s in very rough sections, although some will overlap, but I’ll keep adding new items as I find them. There are tons of Christmas Nativity free printable ideas for kids… happy exploring!


FREE Christmas Nativity poster with Bible verse from Luke 2:10-11; free printable




  1. A manger = a feed trough. Is it possible that the Lord Jesus may have been born in the actual lambing cave used for the lambs born for the temple sacrifices? How appropriate if true, being, as John the Baptist presented Him, THE lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Awesome. God’s design is magnificent in all the tiny details.
  2. Christmas begins in Genesis. Without the tragedy of sin that separates us from God, we have no need of a Saviour. Even the enemies of God know this. That’s why they work so hard to discredit Genesis.



FREE Christmas Nativity poster with Bible verse from Matthew 1:23; free printable






FREE Christmas Greeting Cards with Bible verse from Isaiah 9:6; star; gift; free printable

Christmas Photo Gift Tags-SAMPLE2  SPANISH What God wants-SAMPLE2  What God wants for Christmas1-SAMPLE  What God wants for Christmas2 A4





Found some fabulous Christ-centred Nativity images or some cute Nativity clip art? Here’s some creative ways you can use them. Add a Christmas Bible verse and make your own:





FREE Christmas Nativity Article 1:  Jesus, The Ultimate Royal Baby  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) Compare the birth of Jesus Christ – the Messiah (who was born a king, actually the King of kings) – to the birth of a royal baby; free printable

FREE Christmas Nativity Article 2:  The Genealogy of Jesus Christ  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) Ever found the two family trees of Jesus confusing, and wondered why Joseph is in both of them? Here’s why. The law of Moses permitted inheritance through the daughter if no sons were available AND she married within her tribe. Refer Numbers 27. Mary’s father apparently had no sons. Mary married within her tribe. A virgin birth through Mary gave Jesus LEGAL title to the throne of David, bypassing the BLOOD CURSE put on Solomon’s line through Jeconiah, after God got so fed up with the lot of them. Jeconiah was the last king of Israel until the Lord Jesus, the Messiah, returns to take up His rightful throne. See Jeremiah 22:30). The claims of Jesus Christ to the throne of Israel hangs on this peculiar technicality in the Torah. Isn’t that amazing? God is SOOO clever!

The Ultimate Royal Baby - Christmas article for kids; free printable  FREE Genealogy of Jesus - Christmas article for kids; free printable

Compare the birth of Jesus to ours  (ministry-to-children)  ‘Jesus and Me’ fill-in-sheet for something fun and a little different that includes where you were born; how you were dressed; visitors who came to see you; what gifts you received. Idea: Compare 3 births – Jesus, yours, and your sponsored child.

Adam to Jesus – family tree poster  (amazingBibletimeline) in the shape of a cross, showing the two royal lineages of Jesus: one through his legal father, Joseph (the official royal line through King David’s son, Solomon, as detailed in the book of Matthew) and one through Mary (royal bloodline through King David’s son, Nathan, as detailed in the book of Luke). This poster makes it really easy to see at a glance who belongs where. I’m sending this to my kids this year; free printable

Timeline of Bible History  share with your child the history of the world from Adam to Abraham to King David to the Lord Jesus to… you!

Why a Virgin Birth?  (Dr Chuck Missler)  “…God announced very early that His plan for redemption involved the Messiah being brought forth from the tribe of Judah, and specifically from the line of David. The succession of subsequent kings proved to be, with only a few exceptions, a dismal chain. As the succeeding kings of Judah went from bad to worse, we eventually encounter Jeconiah (also known as Jehoiachin), upon whom God pronounces a “blood curse” … This curse created a rather grim and perplexing paradox: the Messiah had to come from the royal line, yet now there was a”blood curse” on that very line of descent! (I always visualize a celebration in the councils of Satan on that day. But then I imagine God turning to His angels, saying,”Watch this one!”)…”

Who were the mysterious magi?  (Dr Chuck Missler)  “…the Magi, in their dual priestly and governmental office, composed the upper house of the Council of the Megistanes (“magistrates”) whose duties included the absolute choice and election of the king of the realm. It was therefore a group of Persian-Parthian “king makers” who entered Jerusalem in the latter days of the reign of Herod. Herod’s reaction was understandably one of fear…”

A Christmas Promise:  The Scepter of Judah  (Dr Chuck Missler)  examining prophetic events in the Old Testament heralding the coming of a Saviour.

A Christmas Devotional:  The Deity of Christ  (Dr Chuck Missler)  Why is Jesus Christ so special? Why do billions of people celebrate his birth? Why do we believe that Jesus was the Messiah? What if he was just a man? Does it really make a difference?

The Origins of our Christmas Traditions  (Dr Chuck Missler) “…it is disturbing to discover that much of what we have been taught about the Christmas season seems to be more tradition than truth…”

Christmas ~ Celebrating Christ  (blueletterBible) A selection of Bible commentaries (text or audio) and Christmas carols in honour of the birth of Christ and the events surrounding it, for those seeking to study this great moment in history.

Photos of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh  (duckduckgo)  hmmm… always wondered what they looked like; now we know.  :)

Bethlehem  (Bibleplaces) photos and information about where the Lord Jesus Christ was born, fulfilling over 300 very specific prophecies given over 4000 years.

Make a fun looking, ikky GRINCH PUNCH!  :o  Make this for your family and send a photo to your sponsored child, along with the cartoon below. What a great talking point that would be… and the boys will love it! :)

Don’t let any grinches steal your Christmas  (answersingenesis) Send this cartoon to your sponsored child to remind them that CHRISTmas is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Creator God, who came to earth ~ as fully man and fully God (hence the Son of God) ~ to be our Redeemer and Meshiach Nagid, “The Messiah the King.” That tiny little baby, born in a manger, grew up to die on the cross for all of us, so that ALL who believe (and ONLY those who believe in Him) will have eternal life. His name is Jesus Christ. Don’t leave Earth without Him!

atheist Christmas

©  Even atheists get it! That’s why they work so hard to discredit Genesis!





An unexpected Christmas  (stpaulsartsandmedia) Quite possibly THE most adorable version of the Christmas story you will ever see ~ as told by kids. You will definitely want to share this one with your family and friends. Too cute!  :)

Children enact the Nativity story  (stpaulsartsandmedia) part two of the video above

O COME! Let us adore HIM!  (Casting Crowns) Christ Jesus the Lord, our wonderful Meshiach Nagid (Messiah The King), redeemer and Saviour… born to die… for you and me. He loved you and chose you for His own. He is waiting for you. Reach out to Him this CHRIST-mas. Enjoy this beautiful recording of an old Christmas carol to put you in a Christmas mood of worship while you are preparing your Christmas packages.

All things collide  (Brad & Rebekah) Heaven and earth become one; shepherds and kings fall down on their knees to worship the Saviour, the Son of God has come – a gentle and beautiful worship song to help put you a Christmas mood.

Digital Christmas story – short video  21st century style… (don’t worry that the cover image looks like an advert – it’s part of it)… if you are feeling stressed out or need a smile, this fun viral video is just for you… enjoy!

The Paradox of Christmas – short video  (ignitermedia) Christmas is about the greatest gift we have already been given. Jesus. Born into humble beginnings, His birth was God’s loud declaration of love for mankind. The Creator stepping into His own creation. Jesus is the king who was born to die. For us. For our sin and rebellion against a Holy Creator. We get to swap death for life. God calls us to choose. Will you respond to His love? Thank Him for His love for you and give your life to Him today!

Seek the True Meaning of Christmas  (ptx) a collage of images and scriptures that describe the actual events surrounding Christmas.. starting from the very beginning… “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God…

Mary, did you know?  dramatic footage and music from the ‘Jesus’ movie – the complete story of Christmas – that little baby in the manger grows up and ends with Passover and Jesus dying on the cross – for us. Just imagine what it must have been like for Mary knowing she was carrying the Creator Himself wrapped up inside her as a tiny baby. God with us. That little baby in the manger grew up to become Jesus dying on the cross. But that was not the end of the story. Three days later, Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to his disciples and hundreds of others. They would later pay with their lives for refusing to deny it. Jesus’ resurrection broke the curse of eternal death over us. God now offers each one of us a free gift – eternal life with Him. We can NEVER earn it. None of us is good enough. This free gift can be yours today if you turn to Jesus, turn away from your sin and ask Jesus to come into your life as Lord and Saviour. If you are not sure, why not ask God, ‘If you’re real, can you please show me?’ and become a truth seeker. Like Mary.

Digital Christmas story – short video  (thrivechurch) 21st century style… soothing and calming if you are feeling stressed with Christmas preparations (or not getting your packages out on time!) – this is also just for you… enjoy!

Christmas Nativity icon  (fmr0) a black silhouette image for your desktop with red and blue background; quite lovely

12 days of Christmas  (angelaparlin) giving ideas for you and your family, encouraging us to reach out and care for those around us. Why not look around and make someone’s day – be the hands and feet of Jesus and invite them into your family’s Christmas!

Take your family to visit Christmas Town and the Garden of Lights during December at the Creation Museum, Kentucky, USA. See the LIVE Nativity display and catch a glimpse of the amazing events that surrounded the wonder of our Saviour’s birth.





To find this page again, simply type ‘Christmas‘ into the search box on my home page and scroll down until you find it. You can also check the bottom of any Christmas post to find a link back to this master page. During December each year, it may also be one of my featured posts on my home page. Merry CHRISTmas!




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