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Daniel Wallet card

Daniel would have to be my favourite Bible hero. When I get to Heaven, I am definitely going to join the long queue to meet him. If you are doing a Daniel theme for your Compassion child, make sure you check out these great ideas and links…


  1. Daniel in the Lions’ Den ~ Article for kids | also available in French
  2. Daniel’s Three Friends in the Fiery Furnace ~ Article for kids | also available in French

Daniel ArticleDaniel and Friends ~ Article 2


3. Dare to be a Daniel ~ free printables for kids  by Paper Gifts for Estefany with super cool majestic lion – Bible verse card; secret club ID card; bookmark, note cards, stationery, photo frame (add your child’s photo!) and more; also available in French and Spanish.


Dare to be a Daniel   Billy Graham evangelism training and devotional for kids 9-14 years old

Daniel – Minibook 2 page minibook ready to download and send; plus some cool cartoon strips to colour from the Picture This Bible Study program that children of all ages will enjoy; very trendy; free printable

Deuteronomy 31:6 – colouring  Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified of them; this is a fun one with the words written inside a roaring lion’s mouth and perfect to go with your Daniel package; free printable


Joshua 1:9 – colouring Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid for the Lord is with you; another great colouring page for a Daniel theme; from Paper Gifts for Estefany; free printable

FREE Bible Scripture colouring page doodles for kids Joshua 1:9

Daniel – colouring; word search; fill-in sheet; draw a picture in a fun doodle style; free printable

Daniel in the Lions’ den + Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (biblewise.com) coloring pages, puzzles, game ideas; free printable

325 Puzzle / Coloring Bible Activity Sheets for Kids  fun, fabulous; each workbook is about 7 pages and has one colouring page and several puzzle pages, including word searches, fill-in-blanks, crosswords, true or false, circle correct words, mazes. The Daniel related items are numbers 155 to 160. Also available in Spanish (also scroll down to number 155 to 160); free printable

Daniel – Word Winder Puzzle  (similar to a word search with a hidden message) to find out what did it take for Daniel to survive when he was in Babylon? free printable

Daniel in the lions den – word scramble  (pdf) or go to kidscorner.net and click on ‘October 2011 word scramble’; free printable

Shadrach Meshach Abednego – colouring; word search; acrostic  in a doodle style; free printable

Fire Escape – easy maze  help Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego get to safety; free printable

Daniel – cartoon booklets  (numbers 31-34) in colour or to colour (CB); big (story – 24 pages) or small (tract – 2 page); in very bright primary colours; and if you click on the search box, the other languages menu will drop down – e.g. Spanish; French; Portuguese; Hindi; Kinyarwanda; Swahili; Amharic; Tagalog; and more; free printable

Trust in the Lord – dot to dot Bible puzzle  (max7.org) featuring a variety of kids in national costumes with a very important message; free printable

Daniel in the Lion’s den – bingo game  (LivingWaters) free printable

Daniel  your child will love these cool Bible free printable figures to cut out and play with; free printable

Fun lion hand puppet – paper bag craft   plus lesson: Trusting God when we are afraid

More lion activities for kids  (scroll down past the tigers section to the lion section) colouring pages, puzzles, crafts, learn to draw, posters; stationery; free printable



Add a Bible verse to your favourite ‘Dare to be a Daniel’ image and make your own:

Bible Note Cards
Bible Bookmark ~ add your child’s name
Bible Wallet cards
Bible Poster or Bible Verse Card
Bible Stickers
Bible Board Game
Bible Stationery  
Bible Note Cards
 / Bible Notepaper ~ use the same tutorial, but just space out your initial four rectangles.
Bible Puzzle  specifically suited to your child. Choose from several puzzle styles and use words your child will know to create a personal puzzle just for them… wherever your creativity leads you.
Don’t forget to jazz up your colouring pages and envelopes if you are including any colouring pages or special treats like stickers (e.g. lions). Sticker sheets are fine for your sponsored child.


And when you write to your sponsored child, don’t forget to them about our awesome Creator who is always with them in their scary situations and the love He has for them…

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Daniel in the Lions’ Den – Article for kids (1 of 4)
Daniel’s 3 Friends – Article for kids (2 of 4)
Dare to be a Daniel – Freebies (3 of 4) with super cool majestic lion

Daniel Verse Card 4x6

Armor of God

PGFE Armour of God free printables

Bible Treasure theme

Bible Treasure Theme ~ Certificate ~ Add your child's name

The Secret of the Missing Scrolls

The Secret of the Missing Scrolls

Warrior or Wimp? King David / King Saul

David & Saul wallet card - Luke 10:27


Gods Top 10 Poster A4 -SAMPLE

Older boys



Joseph  man of integrity, leadership and wisdom



dinosaur dragon in mirror

Bible Timeline Game designed to go with the Bible history timeline. It consists of 24 Bible event cards and 9 action cards. As children (ages 7+) play with their friends (2 – 6 players) they place the cards in order to learn the overall flow of Biblical history; 2 different levels of difficulty; Includes blank cards so you can add extra Bible events; free printable. While you are there, you may like to check out their other free printable games.



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