GUEST POST: A peek into Compassion GMC

Compassion Global Ministry Centre, Colorado, USA

Today I am very excited to introduce another guest post that will give us a glimpse behind the scenes, right into the heart of Compassion International. This time, we are privileged to have a glimpse into Compassion International’s Global Ministry Centre in Colorado Springs, USA. We have just arrived at the airport and are travelling towards it. Our tour guide is waiting for us, so grab your camera and let’s begin… and enjoy!  :)



Have you ever stood in front of a map looking for the mark that says, “You are here?” 
Well, you are here; this is Compassion International’s Global Ministry Center. Notice the location, nestled along the Front Range. You have a gorgeous panorama to marvel at; crisp clean air to breathe; and striking trails to either meander leisurely or trek briskly.  Keep in mind you are 5,280 feet above sea level and this may have an effect on you physically, so drink lots of water. 
Compassion GMC front desk
Once inside, you will be greeted with friendly smiles from two of the 800 employees.  After you have signed in and are wearing your badge, feel free to leisurely enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in the lobby. There is plenty of literature to read, a store to browse through, and tours which are offered at no cost: Monday to Friday at 10 am, 12 noon, and 2 pm. 
Through sponsorship, over 1.3 million children all over the world are triumphing over the lies poverty tells them.  Sponsored children have the hope of developing into fulfilled Christian adults, able to benefit their own communities. 
Compassion GMC
One important component of sponsorship is the letter-writing between the sponsor and child. So, on to the Distribution Center (DCR) where the mail is processed – and feel free to take photos of the artwork along the way. Each piece of art has been fashioned by a Compassion sponsored child and each work has a story behind it. The context tells a story through the eyes of that child. The bronze children’s figures are throughout the campus and are representative of each of the countries Compassion works. And the composite picture fascinates me every time I view it. Once in the DCR, you will notice the Volunteer area; it is here that you will be introduced to one of the 70+ volunteers.
A Compassion Volunteer*
What a lovely place to work! And such great pics. I am really enjoying my tour so far and am taking LOTS of notes. How about you? A very big thank you to our volunteer, the volunteer managers and the whole team of volunteers who do such a fabulous and vital job connecting us to our precious children. We look forward to our next time in the DCR and the Volunteer area. Please take the time to leave a comment for our Compassion volunteer and feel free to ask them any questions.



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