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As I was finalising my Christmas packages…(yay, big sigh of relief; they should even make the deadline) I decided to do an article for my sponsored kids about the British royal baby born in 2013; and then compare it to the birth of the Lord Jesus. And then of course, I just had to share it with you. Here is what I came up with…



You are welcome to make this free printable article your own – just add a photo! Click here to find out how. This is the photo that I used for my kids. This article is also available in French. Scroll down to the end of this page to read the article text.

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The King of Kings is Born  another free printable Christmas Nativity article that I did for my kids having a closer look at the family tree of Jesus Christ and answering these puzzling mysteries: Why are there two family trees of Jesus Christ in the Bible? Why is Joseph listed in both family trees? What is the ‘seed of the woman’ all about that is mentioned in Genesis chapter 3 where the Messiah is first promised? Isn’t it the man who provides the seed? What is the virgin birth all about? Why did the Lord Jesus have to be born of a virgin? If Jesus is the King of kings, what happened to His throne? Didn’t the Angel Gabriel promise Mary that her son Jesus would rule on the throne of King David in Israel? Also available in French.

Genealogy of Jesus Christmas free printable Article for kids

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On 22 July 2013, a new prince was born into the British Royal Family, in London. The Prince of Cambridge is third in line to the British throne. Here is a photo of the future king with his parents when he was first born. There was much excitement and celebration. It had been a big countdown. Photographers from all over the world had been waiting outside the hospital for more than 3 weeks. Everyone wanted to see the new royal baby and were waiting for any news snippets. At least a thousand spectators cheered wildly when they got their first glimpse of the new royal baby.


Christmas is the time of year when we celebrate the birth of THE KING OF KINGS who was also once a royal baby. In fact, THE most special royal baby who was ever to be born. He was not just a prince when He was born. He was already a King. The King of the whole Universe. It was the Creator Himself. He came to earth as a tiny, but very royal baby with the greatest pedigree of all humanity. He was fully God and fully man (i.e. the Son of God). He was the Messiah, who was born to die for our sins so that if we believe in Him, we could live with Him forever.

And it was the biggest royal countdown ever. The coming of the Messiah was promised by God in the Garden of Eden, way back in Genesis 3. The world waited 4000 years for Him to be born. That’s a very long time. But along the way, God reminded us that He had not forgotten His promise to send a Kinsman Redeemer. He released hundreds of tiny details about Him to prophets like Daniel. They were like enticing news snippets, so that we would know that He was ‘the one’ when the time finally came. And ALL these tiny, extremely specific details were fulfilled in only ONE historical figure, born about 2000 years ago. The person of Jesus Christ.


[Additional Text]

It was the moment the world had waited for. Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and his wife Catherine (Kate), the Duchess of Cambridge proudly show off their new son and future king of England.

What could we possibly give as a gift to the Lord Jesus Christ, The King of Kings of the whole universe?
What God wants for Christmas is…YOU!  [Note: A great idea to go with this article is these FREE What God wants for Christmas – photo frames where you can add a photo of your child.]

Christmas is when we celebrate the biggest royal countdown ever.

Jesus was the most special royal baby to be born!

The countdown for Jesus’ birth lasted 4000 years!




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