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FREE Bible poster with Bible verse from Psalm 148:5; blue butterfly on lime green background; free printable

From caterpillar to ~ chemical soup! ~ to brilliant flying machine; complete with high tech antennas and in-built GPS… I just LOVE butterflies! Don’t you? They are so delicate and pretty. And all the DNA they will need for these incredible changes ~ including how-to fly, and match up their microscopic scales to get their unique wing colours and patterns ~ is right there in that tiny caterpillar egg. God didn’t need TIME. He just needed TALENT. They are exquisite masterpieces of God’s incredible design.

I haven’t done a butterfly theme yet for my sponsored children, but when I do, I will certainly be checking out these great links, especially after a friend sent me a link to some incredible photos taken under a microscope (scroll down)…






“…all the iridescent colours in butterfly wings… [are] in that caterpillar, before it becomes a butterfly, you already have the highly complex DNA program which ‘tells’ each one of those microscopic scales to line up in exactly the right place… to form the pattern… That sort of programming requires an amazing intelligence.” Read more… (creation.com)





FREE Butterfly article for kids  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) giving glory to God as designer; free printable

Butterfly article for kids giving glory to God as designer; free printable

The Metamorphosis of a Caterpillar into a Butterfly is Evidence of God’s Creation  (Answers in Genesis) showing Monarch butterfly life cycle for kids; free printable

Monarch Butterfly – beautiful photos (scroll down) showing complete life cycle and information from scientists who take the Bible seriously (creation.com); free printable

Egg Hunt – poster / puzzle  spot the 5 different animals who have laid their eggs – frog, turtle, butterfly, birds, deer, bunny, squirrel and water lilies in full colour forest pond scene; add a favourite Bible verse before or after you print; free printable; very cute.

Caterpillar Hooks – poster (Answers in Genesis) creative ways that God’s creatures (including caterpillars) hang on – using bumpy toe pads, hooks, glue, ridges, clingy hairs, suckers and clamps; free printable

Butterfly – God’s rainbow in living colour  butterfly wings under the microscope and credit given to God as designer.

Butterfly wings under the microscope magnified up to 5000 times. Sadly they do not give credit to God as designer, but read their own descriptions! I am not sure how you can see these intricate designs and use words like these… and NOT see God’s magnificent artwork.

Butterfly eggs under the microscope More incredible photos from the same site. How can something so tiny, be soooo beautiful?! Now I can’t wait to send these to my Compassion children

Butterfly information for kids from a Biblical perspective

Butterflies are incredibly sophisticated – they fly on designer wings. Information for older children from scientists who take the Bible seriously (creation.com)

God makes butterflies for preschool  Heaps of fun ideas for younger children.

Butterfly Lapbook for younger children with Bible verse

From caterpillar to butterfly  An inside look at metamorphosis; with photos from a mom who did it at home with her kids

Butterfly Life Cycle Book  in the shape of a butterfly (members only)





Butterfly – John 3:16 colouring (abdaacts; scroll down) free printable

John 3:15 FREE Scripture Doodle colouring page for kids with butterflies

Butterfly – Psalm 127:1 – colouring  (Paper Gifts for Estefany; scroll down) Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it; with plenty of room to add your own doodles and let your creativity shine, it features a simple butterfly swirl and these additional words: NO scientist can build a butterfly. Unless the LORD builds the butterfly, the scientist labours in vain. There is NOTHING he can do but observe—in silent awe and wonder; free printable


Butterfly – colouring with words, ‘God has created a very beautiful world’; free printable

Cute caterpillar dreaming of being a beautiful butterfly – colouring  (what a great picture of the Christian life! I’m dreaming of the day I become a ‘beautiful butterfly’. Are you?!) free printable

Bugs and butterflies – colouring page  free printable

Ornate butterfly doodle – colouring

Ornate butterflies – colouring   (Dover sample) with heavy lines

Butterfly – colouring (Dover sample)

Butterfly – colouring (Dover sample)

Butterfly – colouring  (Dover sample)

Butterflies and ladybugs in garden – colouring   (Dover sample)

Butterflies in oval frame – coloring  (Dover sample)

Butterflies in square frames – colouring (Dover sample)

Monarch butterfly – colouring free printable

Butterfly colouring pages for kids  (scroll down) free printable

Butterfly – coloring design your own butterfly, then colour it

Butterfly – coloring butterfly and a single flower

Paisley, hearts and flowers decorated butterfly – colouring with words ‘I love you’; free printable

40+ butterfly colouring pages free printable

Butterfly and flowers – colouring  free printable

Butterfly with hearts on wings – trace and colour  free printable

Cute butterfly colouring pages (Google)

Butterfly – colouring pages for older children (Google)

Butterfly – colouring pages (Google)

Don’t forget to jazz up your coloring pages. Add a title, a border, a Bible verse, maybe even some cute butterfly clip art. Make it a butterfly party!



FUN POP QUIZ:  Is this the craziest caterpillar you have ever seen?! Isn’t it fabulous!  :)





Butterfly puzzle – Christ Takes Our Sins Gives Us His Goodness (based on 2 Corinthians 5:21 – also available in Spanish, Taglog and some other languages – click the language toggle button on the left or the ‘advanced download’ button). While you are there check out more of these great puzzles. I love all these for my kids.

1 Thessalonians 5.10 Christ takes our sins and gives us His goodness

Pretty bugs – free printables simply adorable, fun, Biblical and educational for younger children; great lapbook items; include a cute butterfly, caterpillar, dragonfly and snail; free printable

Butterfly shaped maze  free printable

Butterfly shaped maze

Challenging mazes in the shape of a butterfly; number 17 in each book is a different butterfly maze; free printable

Butterfly – colouring and puzzles (Activity Village) free printable

Red butterfly maze free printable

Butterfly – colouring / puzzles / learn to draw  free printable

Design your own butterfly puzzle specifically tailored to suit your child; why not match it up with the butterfly article for kids and take your clues and answers from that.




“… a caterpillar spins a patch of silk onto which to attach itself… by a set of special hooks… becomes the motionless, seemingly lifeless pupa. Inside, a mind-boggling process is taking place… The caterpillar’s organs dissolve into a chemical soup, from which a radically different creature is then constructed… entire process is already ‘written’ on the DNA in the egg from which the caterpillar first hatched.” Read more… (creation.com)




Butterflies are engineering marvels, and more compelling evidence for a Creator. It is estimated that 18,000 butterfly species live on our planet. Incredibly lightweight, they are magnificently designed with tiny scales and beautiful patterns. Graceful. Amazing aerodynamics. And just think about all the controls inside an airplane needed to fly. All of that is packed inside a tiny fragile butterfly. Using high powered electron microscopes, scientists have discovered that butterfly wings have bio-photonic structures in them that can have no more variation than 0.00004mm. That’s point zero zero, zero zero, four millimetres. Visually stunning and presented by PhD scientists full of awe as they explore our Creator’s handiwork and what it reveals about His character, power, wisdom, majesty and care. The whole documentary is fabulous, but in this short segment, they discuss butterflies and the wonder of metamorphosis.





A caterpillar turns into a butterfly – fun craft for kids  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) featuring Bible verse from 2 Corinthians 5:17 – When anyone is joined to Christ he is a new being; the old has gone; the new has come. Just fold lengthways along the black line; draw your caterpillar on the back; and put into a pocket. And no chemical soup! Isn’t it neat?

Caterpillar folds out into Butterfly Craft A4

Easy butterfly origami; just print and fold – beautiful design already printed; free printable

Monarch Butterfly – origami(alternative link)   
Kamehameha Red Butterfly (Hawaii) – origami
Two-Tailed Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly – origami  

Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly (dark brown and blue) – origami  

Diana Fritillary Butterfly (dark brown and orange) – origami  

Monarch butterfly – paper airplane  free printable

Butterfly Bracelets with Bible verse (scroll down) that our girls will love to share with their friends; featuring a cute and colourful butterfly and Bible verse from Psalm 150:6 – ‘Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.’ Ready to print, (cut and laminate if you wish); free printable.

Caterpillar to butterfly ~ new life in Christ   crafts for younger children

Pretty butterfly sun catchers to make  black border and colourful strips of tissue paper (or adapt for any colour you like)

Butterfly bookmark to make and colour (pdf) plus a butterfly word search – 16 words; free printable

Butterfly and flowers bracelets to colour  free printable

Bouncing butterfly craft  flower placemat with butterflies attached above it by an accordion fold; free printable

Butterfly – headband to make and colour; free printable

Butterfly face mask free printable  

Butterfly – face mask (scroll down) and other butterfly crafts to make and colour for kids; free printable

Pretty watercolour butterflies and some craft ideas of what to do with them. These print really nicely; free printable

3D paper butterflies to make  free printable

Make a butterfly out of footprints; butterfly idial – fun activities for kids   free printable

Butterfly gift box – add a Bible verse before you print; brilliant blue butterfly against a plain yellow and beige background; free printable

Butterfly and Dragonfly cards – to make  and matching Butterfly Gift Bag  beautiful decoupage and tutorial; free printable

Pretty 3D pink butterfly (disguised as a cupcake topper) and here’s more 3D butterflies in different colours; small cost

Butterfly mask for girls  adapt for paper; template available for members only or use the idea to make your own

Color as you go – butterfly scavenger hunt (pdf) a fun activity for kids from butterflyschool.org where they colour in parts of a butterfly as they identify things; free printable

Butterfly craft ideas from Enchanted Learning; free printable

Butterfly craft Ideas from DLTK for younger children; free printable





Butterfly – learn to draw  a very happy blue cartoon butterfly

Butterfly – learn to draw a happy cartoon butterfly with mauve wings and yellow spots

Butterfly – learn to draw from a photo, by outlining the geometric shapes first (smart thinking!)

Butterfly – learn to draw  (DuckDuckGo)




Butterfly – photo frame sweet frame in pink, mauve and green; free printable

Colorful butterfly frame free printable

Tiny butterflies frame  on a white background (free version is fine)

Butterfly – photo frame / award certificate bright pink frame with black butterflies; adapt to make the photo frame; and send your child the matching award certificate; free printable

Spring Photo Overlay a simple, free printable overlay to place over your child’s photo and give it a fun Springtime feel. It adds a dotted border; a few swirls; a couple of bugs and the words ‘Spring’. Basically you just open up your photo in a photo editing program and then insert this transparent overlay over the top, so you can clearly see the photo underneath. It’s easy to do, but if you are not sure how to do this, simply use this tutorial as a guide.




Butterfly wings are waterproof! They are inspiring designs for waterproof clothing and aircraft enginesThe more closely scientists copy God’s exquisite designs (like butterfly wings), the better our engineering designs become. Read more… (icr.org – scientists who take the Bible seriously)





FREE Butterfly paper gifts for kids  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) stationery, poster, bookmark, wallet cards, mini to-do list, note cards with Bible verse from Psalm 148:5; free printable

FREE Bible poster with Bible verse from Psalm 148:5; blue butterfly on lime green background; free printable

FREE Butterfly paper gifts for kids  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) stationery, verse card, bookmarks, mini envelopes + mini notes, note cards, notepaper, envelope and matching envelope liners with Bible verse; also available in French; free printable

Butterfly Bookmark Skinnies 4x6   Butterfly Verse Card 4x6

Free Butterfly Bible Poster  featuring Bible verse from 1 John 3:1-2 and designed by Paper Gifts for Estefany exclusively for you. Print your free printable Bible verse poster (or verse card) on photo paper and laminate for best results – A4 photo paper for a poster; or on 4×6 photo paper for a Bible verse card; as a bonus it comes with a free sample letter for your sponsored child; free printable

PGFE 1John3 Poster A4 - sample

Butterfly – Poster (Answers in Genesis) showing life cycle and their caterpillars; Biblical perspective; free printable

Butterfly – Bible poster  2 Corinthians 5:18 – And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation; this Scripture Picture is provided courtesy of Amazing Facts; free printable

2 Corinthians 5:18 - This Scripture Picture is provided courtesy of Amazing Facts. Visit us at www.amazingfacts.org

Butterfly – Bible poster  2 Corinthians 5:17 – Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new; this Scripture Picture is provided courtesy of Amazing Facts; free printable

2 Corinthians 5:17 - This Scripture Picture is provided courtesy of Amazing Facts. Visit us at www.amazingfacts.org

Butterfly – Bible poster  Psalms 34:8 – O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him; this Scripture Picture is provided courtesy of Amazing Facts; free printable

Psalms 34:8 - This Scripture Picture is provided courtesy of Amazing Facts. Visit us at www.amazingfacts.org

Butterfly – Bible poster  Nahum 1:7 – The LORD is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him; this Scripture Picture is provided courtesy of Amazing Facts; free printable

Nahum 1:7 - This Scripture Picture is provided courtesy of Amazing Facts. Visit us at www.amazingfacts.org

Butterfly – Bible poster  1 John 2:5 – But whoso keepeth his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in him; this Scripture Picture is provided courtesy of Amazing Facts; free printable

1 John 2:5 - This Scripture Picture is provided courtesy of Amazing Facts. Visit us at www.amazingfacts.org

Cute bugs border and colourful butterfly border 2 stationery designs to choose from; free printable

Tiny butterflies – border stationery  colourful butterflies all the way around page on a white background; free printable (free version is fine)

Green butterflies – blank, lined or writing paper stationery  pretty green butterflies against a blue border; free version is fine

Green caterpillar – stationery / page border  (sparklebox) free printable

Caterpillar – stationery  with big eyes; free printable

Butterfly life cycle – stationery / page border  (sparklebox) free printable

Colourful butterfly – stationery / page border  (sparklebox) free printable

Butterfly, bugs and bird – nature stationery free version is fine

Make your own butterfly stationery  and add a Bible verse with this easy how-to tutorial

cutecolors.com has very cute butterfly clip art to add to your stationery that our younger children will adore – click on free cliparts. This cute little bee is an example of Grace’s lovely work.

cc ani bee bear




Found a great butterfly photo that you just know your child will love? Or maybe you are looking for ideas to bless your child’s mom? Why not include a favourite Bible verse and make your own:

Bible Note Cards
Bible Bookmark
Bible Wallet cards
Bible Poster or Verse Card
Bible Stickers
Bible Board Game




The beauty of pollination  fabulous close up photography of butterflies; be in awe of God’s magnificent creation. Or watch this video of a caterpillar turning into a Monarch butterfly; capture the wonder of it and write about it to your sponsored child. It may be something they have never seen. Make sure you give credit to God as designer and include some close-up photos under the microscope of butterfly wings and eggs. A great companion to my free butterfly article for kids.




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BUTTERFLY Photos: pixabay.com 

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