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Butterfly article for kids giving glory to God as designer; free printable

Summer is a great time for bugs. What picnic would be complete without them? Ladybugs, butterflies, bees, dragonflies, beetles (including a special one that explodes), the amazing scarlet worm, ants, grasshoppers, and more as I see them, this post is where you will find them. FREE Bugs colouring pages, puzzles, crafts, and creative ideas for kids… enjoy!




Genesis 1:20-25  And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that has life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven. And God created great whales, and every living creature that moves, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good. And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth. And the evening and the morning were the fifth day. And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so. And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.

Job 12:7-10  But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach you; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell you; or speak to the earth, and it shall teach you; and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto you. Who knows not in all these that the hand of the LORD hath wrought this? In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.

Psalm 33:8  Let all the Earth fear the Lord: let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him. For He spoke, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast.

Proverbs 6:6-8  Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.





  • ANTS

Her majesty, Mrs Queen Ant, is one busy lady  (Christiananswers) she lays up to 100 million eggs a day! More like an egg factory than a queen, she only needs to mate once in her lifetime to be able to produce 15+ years of eggs!

Over the River and Through the Woods  (answersingenesis) Ant scouts look for the quickest route, not just the shortest.

A job for Everybody  (answersingenesis) Leafcutter ants build the most complex colonies in the world. Each colony has many chambers on multiple levels. Just one colony can have 2000 chambers, requiring 40 tons of dirt to be removed!

Ants that cultivate crops  (answersingenesis) Did you know that God gave some ants the ability to farm? Yes, it’s true! Some ants, living in the Amazon, raise fungi for food.

Miniature Metropolises  (answersingenesis) The world’s master builders are less than an inch tall. Gifted ant architects have built thriving cities on every continent—using every imaginable kind of material. The subterranean city highways are busy with traffic scurrying to and from the suburban markets. The citizens carry out their jobs with abandon, in full accordance with their special callings; from scientists who take the Bible seriously

Ever wondered what ants get up to underground?  (3 minute video) Scientists took 3 days to fill an abandoned subterranean ant city with 10 tonnes of concrete, then dug it up. They found a secret metropolis of incredible design features, 8 metres deep and covering 50 square metres. :o

God’s Amazing Ants  (answersingenesis) Ants… so many, so strong, ants can travel a long way from home.

Ants – fun facts  (answersingenesis) Where do ants live? Do ants have homes? Do ants have jobs? Do ants communicate? Do ants eat?

God speaks about ants  (answersingenesis) In His Word, God says to learn from the ant. As you watch and study the ants around you, notice these things about them.

Desert Dessert  (answersingenesis) Honeypot ants typically live in desert areas where food is abundant during the rainy season but scarce during the rest of the year. When food is readily available, workers continually feed the repletes. Once they’ve gotten the nutrition they need, the repletes store the excess honey, undigested, in their abdomens, which fill up like balloons. Later, when food is scarce, the colony can go to storage areas deep in the nest…

Ants—Millimeter Messengers  (answersingenesis) The lone ant follows the path marked earlier by her companions. In her ceaseless search for food, she decides to veer off the trail and blaze a new path. Along the way, she releases a complex cocktail of chemicals to assure that, if her hunt is successful, other ants can locate her trail and lend a leg (or jaw). Finding no sustenance, she hightails back to the trail junction and leaves another sign for her nest mates: “dead end.” She tries another route….

In case of fire, follow the ants  (answersingenesis) During emergencies, lives are saved by the orderly, rapid evacuation of buildings. Efficient escape routes are important when architects plan the location of hallways and exits. Time is precious during actual emergencies, and nobody pays attention to the details… Ants may provide a way.

Ants – what can they teach me about life?  (Christiananswers) Discovery pages, crazy facts, information, colouring page, ant lesson, incredible insects of the rainforest and ants in the Bible; free printable

Ants – colouring pages  (supercoloring) free printable

Ant – colouring  (coloringcafe) free printable

Ants – hidden picture puzzle  (educationworld) picnic paradise; free printable

Bugs – hidden picture puzzle  (Dover sample)

Bugs – fun activity packs for kids  (kidsactivitiesblog) Easy (4 pages) – coloring and drawing; mazes; spot the difference puzzle; letter and word tracing activity; Advanced – 2 coloring pages; scrambled words and sentences; word search; mazes; spot the difference; ladybugs, butterflies, bees, ants, spider, grasshopper; free printable

Ants – craft  (learncreatelove); Ant (Leafcutter) – craft for younger children; free printable

God’s Amazing Ants – FREE poster and fun facts  (answersingenesis) Biblical perspective from scientists who take the Bible seriously; free printable

Ants – stationery  (stationerytree) on blue gingham; free version is fine

Ants – stationery  (pageborders.org) black silhouette on white background; free version is fine




  • BEEScc ani bee bearcc ani bear hive  ©cutecolors.com

Bees ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas for kids

Beatitudes free printable poster and verse card with Bible verse for kids




  • BEETLES  Bombardier Beetle

Beetle ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts, and creative ideas for kids





Butterfly ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas for kids

Butterfly article for kids giving glory to God as designer; free printable   FREE Bible poster with Bible verse from Psalm 148:5; blue butterfly on lime green background; free printable





Which incredible insect is able to snatch the spider’s dinner from its web without getting caught? Answer

How does a Dragonfly fly?  (answersingenesis) article about flight aerodynamics in dragonflies, from scientists who take the Bible seriously; share a snippet with your child

Astonishing Acrobats  (creation.com) Dragonflies have long been known to be exquisite fliers. And recent research shows that they can track other insects with incredibly intricate manoeuvring that makes them appear stationary to their target; from scientists who take the Bible seriously

The Acrobatic Damselfly  (answersingenesis) after the damsel had threaded its way through tangled stems, leaves and flowers, it passed within a metre (3 feet) of a small spider’s web that had a tiny object near its centre. Then something very unusual happened.

Astonishing Dragonfly Migration  (answersingenesis) Suddenly I noticed hundreds of dragonflies… and then they were gone. And I didn’t think anything more of it until the following year when it happened again… Why would dragonflies brave the monsoons to reach an island with little to offer them? The more Anderson researched, the more he saw a startling picture emerge. They were simply stopping en route to a much more ambitious destination, Africa… making a circuit each year that takes them over 10,000 miles (16,000 km); from scientists who take the Bible seriously

Dragonfly Nymphs  (answersingenesis) Tom and Jenny go to a pond to play. While there, they catch a nymph and they learn a lesson about Jesus’ return for His people.

Dragonfly – colouring  (timewarpwife; scroll down) with Bible verse from Joshua 1:9 – Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither by thou dismayed, for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest; dragonfly flying over flowers; free printable

Dragonfly at the lily pond – colouring  (janbrett) dragonfly, butterflies, turtles, frogs, lizards and more at this busy pond scene; free printable

Dragonfly – colouring  (supercoloring); Damselfly – colouring; free printable

Dragonfly – colouring  (coloringcafe) showing fine detail; add your own background; free printable

Dragonfly – colouring  (mradron) free printable

Dragonfly – colouring  (thecolor; click CTRL+P to print)

Dragonfly – colouring pages  (duckduckgo)

Pretty bugs – printables  (1plus1plus1equals1) Biblical, fun, educational printables with an adorable dragonfly, butterfly, caterpillar, snail… very pretty and girly; great for younger children; free printable

Dragonfly – puzzle  (Dover sample) darken the dotted areas to complete the word puzzle

Dragonfly – craft for kids  (learncreatelove) free printable

Dragonfly – craft for kids  (iheartcraftythings) make cute little dragonfly puppets; Paper Dragonfly – craft; Shimmery Dragonfly – craft for kids; Clothespin Dragonfly – craft; Beaded Dragonfly – craft; Paint Strip Dragonfly – craft; for your homeschool students; free printable

Dragonfly – activities for kids  (woodlandtrust; scroll down) dragonfly and damselfly spotter sheet; free printable

Dragonfly card – to make  (crafticious) aqua and mauve decoupage and tutorial; free printable

Dragonfly – mask for kids  (theinspirationedit) a beautiful dragonfly mask for kids to make and decorate; free printable (followers only)

Dragonfly – learn to draw  (how-to-draw-cartoons-online) free printable

Dragonfly – learn to draw  (Dover sample)

Dragonfly – bookmarks  (bookmarkbee) in 4 colours – pink, green, blue, yellow; free version is fine

Dragonfly – labels / tags  (nametagjungle) colourful borders with dragonflies, hearts and flowers; Bugs – labels / name tags  Floral lime borders with colourful insects – beetle, ant, butterfly, ladybug, dragonfly, bee; perfect to add a favourite Bible verse and make your own wallet cards; free versions are fine

Dragonfly – gift box  (shala) dark blue and purple dragonfly on soft blue and dark green background; free printable

Dragonfly – DIY stickers  (stickersandcharts) colourful dragonfly, ladybug, beetles, butterflies, bees, and grasshoppers; print on one-page label paper from your local stationery shop; free printable

Dragonfly – photos  (Sue Nash) ~ add a Bible verse and make your own Bible Poster. Thanks so much, Sue, for allowing us to use your beautiful photos.  :)

Sue Nash-dragonfly

Dragonfly – stationery  (graphicgarden; scroll down to ‘Animals’ – ‘Dragonflies’); Dragonfly – notepaper; lined or unlined; Dragonfly – to do list; Dragonfly – scrapbook tag; Dragonfly – envelope; Dragonfly – bookmark  (graphicgarden); Dragonfly – recipe card; free printable

Dragonfly on water lily – stationery  (mintprintables) lined paper with a vibrant blue and green dragonfly; free printable

Dragonfly – stationery  (stationerytree) blank, lined or handwriting; two clip art dragonflies in one corner (blue and burgundy); one in the other (purple) on white background; free printable

Cute bugs – stationery  (pageborders.net) dragonfly, bees, butterflies and birds fly through the clouds over crawling caterpillars and happy snails; free printable

Dragonfly – stationery  (pageborders.org) pastel blue, yellow and pink dragonflies around page against a pale blue border; free printable

Dragonfly – stationery  (freeletterheadtemplates) an electric blue dragonfly on a white background; free printable




  • LADYBUGS   cc ladybug©cutecolors.com cc ladybug

Ladybugs ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts, creative ideas and free article for kids; free printable






Have you heard the story about the amazing scarlet (or crimson) worm? The female adheres herself permanently to a tree, lays her eggs protectively under her body; covers herself and her eggs with a scarlet dye; and literally gives her life to feed her young. A crimson spot is left on the branch that dries out in 3 days, then changes to white as it flakes off. This tiny insect is an amazing picture of our Lord Jesus Christ and His incredible love for us.

Free printable Bible Poster; Revelation 1:5; Jesus loved us and gave His life for us; Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto Him that loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood





The (Dancing) Peacock Spider  (creation.com) the Maratus genus of jumping spiders, commonly referred to as Peacock Spiders… abdomen is covered by a dense layer of intricately designed scales, similar to those on some butterflies, with two flaps that fold down the sides. The bright reds and yellows are produced by pigments, but the iridescent blue is a structural colour, caused by interference from the tiny patterns of the scales. Thus the colour of the scales changes depending on the relative position of the observer and the direction of incident light… It ‘dances’ with a series of masterly manoeuvres, sometimes smooth, sometimes staccato in nature… intricate design and beauty in such a tiny package.

Scuba Spiders  (answersingenesis) A water spider, which spends most of its life underwater, spins something like a scuba tank.

Spider – Jump School  (answersingenesis) Scientists have trained a spider to jump on command [and discovered some very interesting things]; from scientists who take the Bible seriously.

Spider silk – strong and smart  (creation.com) Spider silk is even stronger than Kevlar, the strongest man-made fibre. Combined with their glue, a special ‘smart material’, spiders and their silken webs are very effective at catching insects and pollen. And huge tarantulas shoot tiny silk strands from their feet to walk up vertical walls. That’s not all!

God’s Webspinners give chemists free lessons  (creation.com) While Kevlar is the ‘gold medallist’ of man-made fibres because of its bullet-stopping abilities, it’s overshadowed in many ways by the humble spiderweb. “Spider silk is stronger and more elastic… Dragline silk, the main support for its web, is a hundred times stronger than steel—a cable of this silk a little thicker than a garden hose could support the weight of two full Boeing 737 aircraft. It can also stretch to 40% of its length, while the flagelliform silk in web spirals can stretch to over 200%.

Bugs – fun activity packs for kids  (kidsactivitiesblog) Easy (4 pages) – coloring and drawing; mazes; spot the difference puzzle; letter and word tracing activity; Advanced – 2 coloring pages; scrambled words and sentences; word search; mazes; spot the difference; spider, ladybugs, butterflies, bees, ants, grasshopper; free printable

Peacock spider – photos  if you’ve never seen these stunning little guys, you’re in for a treat!





The beauty of pollination  Bugs have a very important job to do. Take a two minute holiday and be inspired with this fabulous macro photography; be in awe of God’s magnificent creation.

This bug walks on water!  (answersingenesis) Since creation, water striders have been skipping effortlessly across lakes and ponds. The secret is an ingenious design that only the Great Designer could have invented.

Creeping, Crawling Critters that show God’s Amazing Creativity  (answersingenesis) Insect design shows God’s amazing creativity; bug-studying entomologists tell us that at least one million different insect species live in the world… but there are probably lots and lots more. Insects can be really tiny and hard to find, you know. Do bugs bug you? Here are some fun facts about some of them – let’s have a look at crickets, katydids, grasshoppers, flies, mosquitoes, ants, bees, wasps, beetles, lightning bugs, stick insects – share a snippet with your child from scientists who take the Bible seriously

A fly with insects painted on its wings!  (creation.com) On first viewing, some wonder whether the images have been photoshopped by a talented graphic artist. But they are very real indeed… Each wing carries a precisely detailed image of an ant-like insect, complete with six legs, two antennae, a head, thorax and tapered abdomen… The image on the wing is absolutely perfect.

Gladiator – an ‘extinct’ insect is found alive  (creation.com) insects thought to have been extinct for millions of years have been found thriving on a stony mountain top in Namibia. Nicknamed ‘Gladiators’ because of their ‘fearsome’ appearance and the armour that covers them…

Were insects on Noah’s Ark?  (answersingenesis) Did God instruct Noah to take insects with him on the Ark? If not directly commanded by God to be included as passengers, would some insects have been beneficial and, if so, how or why might they have come on board?

Insects of the Bible  (Christiananswers) and incredible insects of the rainforest; Biblical perspective; free printable

Bugs Bugs Bugs  (answersingenesis) information about bugs for kids; from scientists who take the Bible seriously

Biblesnackpacks.com  Kids devotions and activities with a backyard / bugs theme. Grab a backyard snack.

Bugs and butterflies – colouring  (dabblesandbabbles) lots of cute little miscellaneous bugs to colour; free printable

Grasshopper – colouring  (Dover sample); Mosquito – colouring

Insect – colouring pages  (supercoloring) free printable

Insect – colouring pages  (thecolor; press CTRL+P to print)

Happy Snail – colouring  (mondedespetits) Snail – board game in full colour; Snail – lined stationery; free printable

Bugs in the Bible – quiz for kids  (answersingenesis) find the 12 insects that God created then wrote about; free printable

Bugs in the Bible – word search  (Christianwallpapersfree) free printable
Bugs – easy puzzles  (Dover sample) crossword; circle the bugs that are alike

Bugs – puzzles  (Dover sample) word search

Bugs – hidden picture puzzle  (Dover sample) find the mountain goat in this busy picnic scene

Bugs – party ideas for tots  (getcreativejuice) some cool party ideas and there’s a free printable as well

DIY Snail Races – craft to make  (handmadecharlotte) a very cute and fun craft activity; requires a toothpick, bamboo skewer or small twig; free printable

Snail – craft for kids  (artsycraftsymom) a cute craft for your homeschool students using pipecleaners; make them then have snail races!

Bugs – crafts for kids  (learncreatelove); Grasshopper – craft; Snail – craft; some cute crafts for younger children; free printable

Match Up the Bugs – memory game  (1plus1plus1equals1) free printable

Flying bugs and creepy crawlies – activities for kids  (woodlandtrust; scroll down) minibeast iDial to make; mini-beast hunt; creepy crawly spotter sheet; flying insect spotter sheet; build a minibeast palace in your garden; free printable

Bugs bugs everywhere, bugs bugs in your hair – poster for kids  (answersingenesis) Biblical perspective from scientists who take the Bible seriously; free printable

The beauty of a wasp – poster for kids  (answersingenesis) a beautiful macro close up of a wasp face showing incredible design – the stinger, super eyes, wasp fur, mouth mashers; Biblical perspective from scientists who take the Bible seriously; free printable

Cute bugs – stationery  (pageborders.net) featuring a selection of cute bugs; free printable

Cute bugs – stationery  (sparklebox) featuring a selection of bugs; portrait or landscape; free printable

Bugs and flowers – stationery  (pageborders.org) on a wood border; free version is fine





Found a great bug photo that your child will love? Add a favourite Bible verse and make your own:

Bible Note Cards
Bible Bookmark ~ add your child’s name!
Bible Poster or Verse Card
Bible Stickers
Bible Board Game
Design your own puzzle  specifically tailored to suit your child  
Jazz up your colouring pages  combine or shrink colouring pages to make a unique scene, add a title, a Bible verse, a border and some clip art to your bug colouring pages to make them more interesting with this easy tutorial






Creation – Day 5 (flying bugs) | Day 6 (land bugs)

Spring / flowers  FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas


Summer / Beach / Seashells  FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas

cc shells







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