Think BIG! (Dr Ben Carson)


I want to encourage my Compassion kids to think BIG, work hard and dream BIG dreams. And most of all, to be Godly in character. You too? So when I learnt about the story of Dr Ben Carson, I decided to put together an article about him for my older kids to give them some inspiration. I’m sure they will identify with him. Plus I have a sneaking suspicion that Rawulatu might be watching too much TV.  :o



My sponsored kids can so relate to Dr Ben Carson’s story; how he struggled academically when he started out and where he ended up, so I made this article to inspire them to love God with all their hearts, dream BIG dreams and think big. Photos and information were taken from actual (transcribed) interviews with Dr Ben Carson and information from his scholarship web site. You are most welcome if you would like to download this free printable article for your own children. Moses and Lydia were particularly inspired by his story. Of course, that was before he decided to think even bigger than big and run for USA president. You may like to update them on what Dr Carson is doing now.  :)

Dr Ben Carson free printable article for Kids




And as I was preparing this post, I also happened to spot these free printables to go with it… perfect.

Dr Ben Carson notebook pages

25+ Scripture colouring pages  in a cute little stick figure doodle style; these are lots of fun and perfect to encourage our kids; and there are also 6 in Spanish (scroll down); free printable

Dream it! Do it! ~ colouring  with swirly flowers and hearts for our girls

Awesome; Sparkle and Shine – 3 colouring pages  Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle; free printable

Hopes and Dreams – Drawing Prompt for kids  and Dreaming about Tomorrow – Writing and Drawing Prompt for kids  free printable

Believe in your Dreams – Poster  with soft watercolour flowers and tiny black polka dots on a white background; free printable

Even if you’re little, you can do a lot – Poster  words only on a plain teal background; free printable

Dream Big – Poster  simple fluffy white cloud, hearts and words; free printable

Dreams don’t work unless you do – 5×7 Poster  with room to write a personal goal, a family goal and a business (study or future) goal; free printable

Dream Big – 4 Bookmarks to colour  free printable




Today, I want to tell you about an African American who became a world famous doctor. His name is Dr Ben Carson and he loves Jesus. It is a story of a boy who had to overcome huge obstacles to reach his dream. Ben was born in 1951. When he was growing up, his family was very poor. There were cockroaches, rats, sirens, gangs and people lying in the street with bullet holes in their chest. His father abandoned them and his mother only had a grade 3 education, so had to work very long hours in menial jobs to make enough money to support them. But she had a big dream for her two sons.

Ben and his brother, Curtis used to love watching TV. They would spend hours staring at this very colourful and fascinating box. They would prefer to do that, rather than reading or studying. One of their favourite programs was a quiz show. They wondered about the clever people on it and how they got to be so smart. Ben was a terrible student and at the bottom of his class. At school, he was laughed at by the other kids. They told him he was not only the dumbest kid in school, but the dumbest kid in the whole world! It hurt him a lot.

His mother had been praying about it and one day, thought about how much time her boys were wasting in front of the colourful box. She decided to take action. She told them to choose 2 or 3 programs per week and that was it. The rest of the time the TV had to be off. She told them that if they worked hard enough, maybe one day they would be on TV and people could watch them!

At first the boys were extremely upset. They LOVED to watch TV. Reluctantly, they obeyed. They started doing more study and going to the public library. They could choose any books to read, about any topics they wanted to learn about, but they had to write a book report on it for their mother. She did not know how to read them, but her boys did not know that. She would pretend to read it and give it a tick.

At first, Ben read animal story books, like Chip the Dam Builder. After he finished all the animal books, he read about plants and rocks. Soon Ben realised he could go anywhere, be anyone and do anything in a book. He started to imagine that he was the one pouring the chemicals into a beaker or looking down the microscope or exploring galaxies. He started to imagine himself as the doctor or the scientist doing all these wonderful things he was reading about.

Ben and Curtis still loved to watch the quiz show on TV. After a while, they started to know some of the answers. At school, whenever the teacher asked a question, they were able to put up their hands. His mother would not accept excuses. Whenever they had a problem, she encouraged them to find a way around it and challenged them to strive for excellence. “You’re smart. You can figure it out. If anyone can do it, you can do it better.” When Ben realised he could pretty much map out his own future—based on the choices he made and how much energy he put into it, it changed his life. Within 18 months, Ben went from being at the bottom of the class to the top. The other children—who had called Ben dumb—were shocked that they now had to start asking Ben for help!

Ben also had a terrible temper. One day, he got so angry, he tried to kill someone. He locked himself in the bathroom and asked God for help. He picked up his Bible and started reading Proverbs. “My faith became very important to me that day in the bathroom, because when I came out and that temper was gone, I knew there was something more that was involved than just me determining that I wasn’t going to get angry any more. I knew God was real and you could call upon Him to take care of problems.” He realised that if people can make you angry, they can control you. He didn’t want to be controlled. After that, he would step back and watch people try to make him angry, knowing they wouldn’t succeed. He made it into a kind of game. It also helped him look at things from the other person’s point of view.

Ben Carson did so well in school, that he went on to university and studied even harder to become a doctor. But Ben didn’t want to be just an ordinary doctor. He wanted to become the best doctor he could be. He always asked, ‘Is there a better way to solve this problem?’ He kept studying and became the best brain surgeon in the world (paediatric neurosurgeon).

One day, he was asked to separate some twins, whose bodies were joined at the back of the head. No one had been able to do it before. Dr Ben studied and thought about it and prayed about it. “I had a tremendous amount of faith in God, I asked God to give me wisdom.” And God gave him inspiration. The operation, led by Dr Ben, took a team of 70 medical staff and was a huge success. And guess what?! TV crews were there filming it! Dr Ben wrote a book about it and he got to be on TV. He became world famous!

Dr Ben credits his accomplishments not to his own power but to God, the Master Physician. Dr Ben’s mother learnt to read too and now has her own doctorate. Today she lives in a nice house with Dr Ben and his family. Curtis became an aircraft mechanical engineer. Dr Ben is now retired and encourages people to grow close to God and THINK BIG:

Talent: Our Creator has made us all smart. There is no such thing as an average human being. Start developing your intellectual talent and think of careers that will use it.
Honesty: Lead a clean and honest life. If you don’t put skeletons in your closet, they can’t come back to ruin you.
Insight: Learn from others who already are where you want to go. Learn from their triumphs and their mistakes.
Nice: Be nice to people. Once they get over the shock (and their suspicion), they will be nice back.
Knowledge makes you valuable. The more you have, the more people will pay you for it.

Books are how you get knowledge, not through watching television.
In-Depth Learning: Learn for the sake of knowledge, not just to impress people or because you are taking a test.
God: Never get too big for Him.

“…when I look at my belief in God, and I look at the order of the universe, when I look at how the earth goes around the sun, and then I look at all the other things that are orbiting, I know that that doesn’t just happen. When I look at the human brain with hundreds of billions of interconnections, much more sophisticated than anything that we can create and call a computer, I know that that didn’t just happen…” Dr Ben Carson 

We hope that the story about Dr Ben gives you inspiration. Think BIG. God has BIG plans for your life. Dream BIG dreams. Work hard, grow close to Jesus God. Who knows? Maybe one day, you will be on TV and doing wonderful things and people can watch you!!!  :) 


Additional Note:  “… My ancestors were slaves brought to the United States from a region along the border of Kenya and Tanzania. They were brought to Georgia. After emancipation, the family, which had been divided by their owners, was reunited…”Dr Ben Carson




Dr Ben Carson – Facebook 
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