We don’t just shoot for 14 year olds; we OWN them!” (Robert Pitman, founder of MTV)

Captivated by technology

Is your family CAPTIVATED by technology? 

“I say to you – your children belong to us already. The future is now in our camp. You are irrelevant.” –Adolf Hitler, World War II, Germany

These quotes (and more below) are from the thought-provoking, must-see movie documentary, Captivated.

“We are slaves and we don’t even see the chains.”

“Our children live in a world that is governed by the values of the media.”

“In the history of all human civilisation, never have teenagers been able to screen out adults so thoroughly as they are able to now.”

“Technology has become the other parent.”

“All of the technological devices that have emerged in the last 100 years have resulted in an all-you-can-eat media buffet and over the years, we have been conditioned to pile more and more on our plates…”

Is this what we have become? “stayingshallow1@narcissim.com”



“Captivated was a fantastic look at our society’s greatest addiction…” –Doug

“Wow! This film opened my eyes to areas in my life that I didn’t even know I struggled with…” –Leah

“…recognizing the powerful pull media has over the behavior… Beginning with our littlest and most impressionable children, exposure can quickly produce both aggressiveness and inattentiveness… If we humbly look at how captivated we’ve become by screens, we’ll be more open to heed the warning to control them so that they do not control us… Media can drive a wedge in relationships as it isolates us in our own little worlds…” –Karen 

Click to find out more and see more video clips from Captivated ~ the movie



Brad Huddleston, Digital Cocaine and The Dark Side of Technology – Facebook  What’s the difference between half a line of cocaine and an hour playing a video game? Nothing, as far as your brain is concerned. In Digital Cocaine, Brad Huddleston (a lovely Christian from USA) will replace your confusion, hesitancy and fear as it relates to the digital world with the facts that can make you and your family safer and more secure. Whether it’s gaming, pornography, cyberbullying, or the decline in grades, you’ll get a look inside your wonderful God-designed brain to understand how it interacts with the exploding world of digital communication.





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