Spring = God’s Promise of Eternal Life

Cherry blossom

This description of spring in Hidden Places by Lynn Austin is unbelievable. So much fun! I love Aunt Batty! And the picture of her twirling around in the orchard is one that makes me laugh. It’s exactly how I feel when sitting under a cherry blossom. God’s Creation is outrageous. Oh, the wonder and the beauty of it! The joy! Just like Walter said… Spring is God’s promise of eternal life.


I peered out of my window and saw a ghostly figure dressed in white fluttering through the cherry orchard… I couldn’t believe my eyes. Beneath lacy pink branches that had seemed to flower overnight, Aunt Batty danced in circles in her nightgown…

As the sun slowly rose behind them, a chorus of birds burst into song… I told myself I was only going out there to keep the poor, silly woman from catching her death of pneumonia. But in my heart I knew something else drew me. The miracle of springtime had exploded all around her and I needed a miracle…

“What are you doing out here in only your nightclothes?” I chided. “You’ll catch your death!”

“Not death, Toots–life! Resurrection life!  Eternal life!…Walter told me to come out here and see God’s promise for myself!”… She gripped my hands. “Did you come out to dance with us?” she asked, twirling me around in a circle with her…

“Oh the wonder of it! The outrageous beauty! God didn’t have to give us cherry blossoms, you know. He didn’t have to make apple trees and peach trees burst into flower and fragrance. But God just loves to splurge. He gives us all this magnificence and then, if that isn’t enough, He provides fruit from such extravagance!”

Gabe and I exchanged uneasy glances…

“Oh, but the promise of eternal life is out here, all around us! A week ago, these trees were just dead sticks–now they’re bursting with life! It’s a message from God, just like Walter said… Jesus said that whoever believes in Him will never die! You and your kids will see Sam again… Springtime is God’s promise that someday we’ll all share His resurrection life! Our weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning!”






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