Kefa & Estefany… out of a suitcase… and into our hearts


A friend arrived to stay with us for a few days. She was on holidays. Within about 30 seconds(!) of her arrival, she had dug two sponsorship photos out of her suitcase and expectantly presented them to us. She had recently become a sponsorship advocate. She was very passionate about it.

We could tell.

We had vaguely heard about Compassion International, but didn’t know that much about it. We hesitantly took the photos she was holding out to us and glanced down. Looking back at us were two small children.

One boy.

And one girl.

Both lived in extreme poverty.

Estefany immediately jumped into our hearts with her pretty yellow dress, white lace edging, yellow flowers on the bodice… hair up in two pigtails… shiny black shoes… white socks… her brown eyes looking a little uncertainly at the camera.  She was adorable.

How could we resist?!




Kefa had such sad eyes. We learnt his father had recently died. His mother was now a widow and left to look after six children. Then, we caught a glimpse of those big shoes. Maybe he had borrowed them for the photo. Either that, or he had enormous feet to grow into. We didn’t know.




Those big ‘shoeses’ and sad eyes just kept looking at us… and looking at us.

We had a gazillion questions.

Exactly what is this organisation? How do they work? What do they do? What developing countries do they work in? Does it really make a difference? Are the children actually released from poverty? How do we know the sponsorship money will reach the child?

Was it a scam?

We may talk about some of those issues in later posts. We loved the fact that they seemed to be Christ-centred. Child-focused. And organised through the local church. The child’s whole community would appear to benefit.

It was all about relationship.

Our friend had already visited some of the actual projects. She told us about the incredible difference between the children who were inside the fence. And the children who were outside the fence.


Desperately waiting for sponsors.

And their turn to get in.

It was heartbreaking for her. She said she wanted to throw open the gate and sneak them all in.

No wonder she was so passionate.




As we chatted, Kefa’s photo was sitting on the bench… screaming at us. Over and over again, our eyes were drawn to his beautiful eyes filled with pain. Widow… orphan… six children. Extreme poverty. We kept looking at it…  and looking at it… and thinking ‘those big shoes-es’…

Such sad eyes.

SIX children.





Kefa had firmly snuck into our hearts, too.

By now, we were hooked and eager to help, but some questions remained. What if we were unable to keep up a long term financial commitment? Two children desperately needed our help. How could we possibly choose between them?

It was only $10 per week. Each. What’s that? A couple of cups of coffee?

It was a dilemma.

Oh, the pressure.

Finally, our friend made a rather unconventional suggestion. Could we aim for a minimum of 12 months sponsorship to start with? It would be a huge blessing to people who struggle to find enough to eat, she assured us. (Beware of advocates who suggest this. They know the power of a child to attach themselves to the strings of your heart!)

We looked at each other with raised eyebrows, thought about it for a bit, shrugged, and nodded our okay. ‘Yep, we could probably do that.’

We signed up.

That was 2004.

We didn’t realise it then, but it was to be a life changing experience. In so many ways. And along the way, I would also discover a love of designing that I didn’t know I had.


Estefany2   Estefany3


Estefany is our little ray of sunshine. She sends us bright, happy drawings in beautiful colours… flowers, hearts, balloons, butterflies, gardens, and sunshine. As soon as we open her envelope, we smile and think, ‘Estefany!’ just by looking at her pictures. She is an absolute delight.


Kefa today ~ too handsome! :)

Kefa today ~ too handsome! :)


And we have watched in wonder, and given thanks to God as Kefa has slowly gained in confidence. His drawings have now graduated from the very small, dark and intense looking objects which broke our hearts. It is so wonderful to see colours back in his life. He loves soccer. And in his photos now, he smiles really big!

Kefa and Estefany have given us so much joy. Both of them are firmly bonded and entwined around our hearts.

They are family.

You, too, can release a child from poverty and welcome them into your family.





And when you do sponsor a child, don’t forget…

Tell them about Jesus!



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  7. I stumbled on your blog while browsing WordPress blogs, and I’m enjoying your posts very much. :) Thank you for sharing your Compassion sponsorship story! We also began sponsoring through Compassion in 2004, and it has been a life-changing experience for us too! We joined the advocates network in 2009, so we can relate to your advocate friend’s passion there as well. We are planning our first trip with Compassion to the Dominican Republic in November, and just as your friend experienced, we believe it will help to expand our advocacy and sponsorship.


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