Jazz up your envelopes


Looking for free printable envelopes? Have an envelope with stickers or treats for your Sunday school class or homeschool child? Don’t go boring! Go fun! Make it something your child will treasure. Here are a couple of ideas to jazz up your envelopes…

  • Decorate an envelope.
  • Make your own envelope.
  • Make an envelope liner.
  • Make both ~ your own envelope + matching envelope liner.



Here’s how… find a template and cut up new, recycled or upcycled items such as:

  • magazines
  • greeting cards
  • calendars
  • posters
  • gift wrapping paper
  • craft paper
  • scrapbooking paper
  • metallic paper
  • embossed paper
  • origami paper
  • fleuro paper
  • scraps of wallpaper
  • a crossword puzzle (fill in one of the clues!)
  • colouring page
  • old maps (or print something specific from Google maps – maybe your location or theirs)
  • photos
  • paper doilies / paper lace
  • manilla folders
  • a page out of an old book or newspaper
  • a page of sheet music
  • book wrap (like the kids use to cover their school books)
  • craft card stock
  • gift tags
  • new or used postage stamps
  • stickers
  • cute toddler art
  • washi tape
  • post-it notes
  • stamp pads – gently press your envelope into different coloured stamp pads to create a watercolour wash
  • craft stamps
  • DIY watercolour art doodles

Turn it into a unique envelope (or envelope liner) and decorate it. Or make a paper patchwork quilt out of several of these items. And before you throw that pretty packaging away, look it over carefully to see if it could be reused. Do you have a decorative hole or craft punch? They are an excellent way to use up tiny scraps of pretty paper. Cut out some stars or hearts. Add a frame. How about a tiny touch of glitter for the girls? Or drawing some cute polka dots? A normal hole punch can also be used to make polka dots. Do you like doodling? Doodling a note of love to your child on your envelope. Experiment with coloured pens, pencils, or folkart paint. How about a touch of class from a metallic pen or some calligraphy? Absolutely. Cover your envelope with a Bible verse; or one or more inspirational, encouraging or motivational words – like faith, courage, hope, trust God, diligence, kindness, love – to inspire your child. Or overlap some post-it notes and write words or little notes of love under the flaps.



Making an envelope liner is a great way to jazz up your envelope and use up pretty paper scraps. Just cut to fit and you only need a tiny bit to add a touch of class.



Photos make cool envelope liners ~ when you receive your child’s photo, scan or photocopy it; print it out on plain or textured paper; and turn it into an envelope liner! Or use some of your own family; pet or holiday photos. Try different effects ~ black and white, sepia or full colour. Here’s another envelope liner using a photo. Pop a few stickers, a note or a little treat in there. What a great way to bless your child. Or their mom or teacher.



Don’t have enough pretty paper to make a full envelope? Decorating a plain envelope is another great way to use up really tiny paper scraps. Cut out some stars, hearts, polka dots, animals or interesting shapes. Cut some tiny square pieces of paper and decorate them to make a stack of gift boxes to stick on to your envelope. Add a paper bow on top. Got an interesting shaped hole punch? Stamp out a few shapes from different textures. Or stamp out part of the edge of the envelope, to make a decorative edge. Add a touch of class by adding a simple gold or silver edge to your envelope. Add some cute ears and draw a face to make an animal envelope. Or add a funny face to your envelope using plain round stickers. Sure to make your child smile. Decorate just one corner of the envelope; decorate around the edges; decorate the bottom half, the top half, the back, the front, or even the inside. Kids love anything that peeks out at them when they lift the flaps.  :)



SHAPE ~ make an interesting shaped envelope. How about an envelope that folds out to become one giant-sized jigsaw puzzle piece; or a flower; a heart; the shape of an animal; an air plane; a robot; a space rocket or even a planet. Find something to match your theme. Or cut out a pocket shape. Jeans pockets are easy shapes to cut and look really cool. Fold your shape in on itself; or cut 2 and stick them back to back, glue along edges and leave it open along the top.

SIZE ~ Experiment with different sized envelopes.

TEXTURE ~ You could make an envelope out of a whole magazine page, a newspaper page (before checking to make sure there is nothing inappropriate), gift wrapping paper or pretty scrapbooking page. Animal photos from old magazines are really great to decorate envelopes or use as liners. Just cover anything unsuitable with something else. Mix and match. Add stickers. Having something peeking up from the flap makes it even more fun!

GIFT WRAPPING PAPER ~ works particularly well. It has great texture; looks classy; is cost effective; plus there is a huge variety to choose from ~ pretty, colourful, animals, shiny, metallic ~ something for all ages and themes. Imagine how many envelopes or liners you could get out of just one piece of good quality gift wrapping paper! Make extra envelopes so your child can share with family and friends. Or send the materials so they can have fun to make and decorate their own.



Fun and free envelopes for kids from Paper Gifts for Estefany, featuring a Bible verse ready to download and print.

Butterfly Stationery Set-Envelope   Giraffe Free Printable Envelope A4  FREE Envelope with Bible verse Proverbs 3:5-6 Beatitudes free printable stationery and envelope with Bible verse for kids  Happy Sail Boats FREE printable Bible Envelope, Envelope Liner + matching Stationery for kids A4  Turtle free printable envelope and matching stationery for kids in bright happy colours  PGFE Kangaroo Envelope2 A4 FREE Kangaroo Stationery, Envelope + Envelope Liner with Bible verse Nehemiah 9:17



Fun and free envelope liners for kids from Paper Gifts for Estefany, featuring a Bible verse and ready to download and print.

Butterfly Stationery Set-Env LinerButterfly Stationery Set-Env Liner2 Giraffe Free Printable Envelope Liner A4  FREE Envelope Liner Beatitudes free printable stationery and envelope liner (A4) Happy Sail Boats FREE printable Bible Envelope, Envelope Liner + matching Stationery for kids A4  Turtle free printable envelope liner and matching stationery for kids in bright happy coloursPGFE Kangaroo Envelope Liner A4



Fun and free mini envelopes featuring a Bible verse from Paper Gifts for Estefany. Ready to download and print.

Panda mini envelopes + notes A4   Butterfly mini envelopes+notes A4   Frog mini envelopes + notes A4    Giraffe free printable mini envelopes + note cards for kids A4   Dinosaur free printable mini envelopes + tiny note cards A4  FREE Mini Note Cards with Bible verse Proverbs 3:5-6 Happy Sail Boats FREE printable Bible Mini Envelopes + Mini Note Cards for kids A4  Turtle free printable mini envelopes + mini note cards for kids in bright happy colours  Turtle free printable mini envelopes + mini note cards for kids in bright happy colours  FREE Ruth, Naomi and Boaz Mini Envelopes + Mini Note Cards with Bible verse from Ruth 1:16  Beatitudes free printable mini envelopes and note cards with Bible verse for kids  FREE Kangaroo Stationery, Envelope, Envelope Liner + Mini Envelopes with Bible verse Nehemiah 9:17       Polar Bear Mini Envelopes + Notes - SAMPLE



elli.com has some cute and elegant envelope liners; complete with matching envelopes or printable gift wrapping to make your own; free printable

My bunny loves maths (scroll down) very cute stationery set including envelope + matching liner that I sent to my girls. They also have a cute tree with pink flowers and a pink bird envelope (scroll down further) and some others; free printable

Mini envelope cards with hearts and here are some sweet mini envelope cards with flowers and polka dots free printable

Pretty mini note cards and envelopes (Canon) Envelopes and Envelope Liners; and you may find more envelopes in these sections: Craft Cards; Greeting Cardsfree printable

Mini envelopes with tiny animals for kids  (Lia Griffith) free printable

rainbow – stationery soft rainbow matching envelope liner, envelopes and matching notes; free printable

What about a top secret envelope for a special secret agent?

Envelopes from Graphic Garden in a cute country graphic style; free printable

Envelopes and Gift card envelopes  with country style graphics from Grandma George; free printable

4 Floral envelope liners  free printable

40 envelopes and envelope liners free printable

Summer Hawaiian flower envelope liners   free printable

Bold black and white striped envelope liners plus some matching thank you note cards; free printable

Gift card envelope  with tiny coloured flags and dots; free printable



Make your own envelope   very simple tutorial showing how to open seams of a commercial envelope; use as template to trace around it on to pretty paper or how to make a curved flap envelope

Creative ideas to make and decorate your own envelopes (adapt for paper only)

Envelope liners; Creative envelope ideas and more envelope ideas from Pinterest

Mail art beautiful and creative ideas to make your letters a joy; from Pinterest

Envelope art this one looks like a puppy, but open it up for a surprise – the boys will enjoy this one




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  9. Great work on your website. Not too long ago my wife and I had a similar idea of starting a business such as yours, doing what you’ve accomplished with your website. My better half was incredibly talented with paper, creating spectacular cards for family and friends but also created amazing envelopes to compliment the unique cards. Well our dream never made it off the ground, but it’s exciting to stumble upon your great business/website. Congrats. and great job to you!


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