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Look at these adorable little guys. Having a bath and a party at the same time. You can’t help but smile at the fun they are having. And below you will find FREE elephant colouring pages, puzzles, crafts, learn to draw, fun facts from a Biblical perspective and creative ideas for kids… learn about a former Compassion child now working with orphaned baby elephants in Africa plus there’s a few other treats to brighten your day… enjoy!  :)


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Elephant article for kids in English and French giving glory to God as Creator; designed by Paper Gifts for Estefany; ready to print and send; free printable

Elephant free printable article for kids A4    FRENCH ~ Elephant free printable article for kids A4

Elephants – design, features and fun facts just for kids  (Answers in Genesis) Did you know that elephants have the largest nose in the whole world? Since the elephant uses its trunk for numerous reasons, God designed it with over 100,000 muscle units. This powerful tool can uproot trees, dig pits to find water, and even cripple an attacker. It can also perform very gentle tasks like picking up berries and small leaves. Elephants also use their trunks to suck up water and dust. They drink or clean themselves with water. They blow the dust over their backs to protect them from the sun and insects. The elephant’s large ears help cool the animal by providing a wide surface area for heat to escape the body and by fanning its body.

Elephant – more fun facts for kids  (Answers in Genesis) in more detail; The elephant is the largest living land mammal in the world. An elephant has large bones filled with sponge bone instead of marrow, and pads on its feet that absorb the shock from its heavy weight.

Elephant fun facts and a bit of history  (creation.com) The elephant is perfectly designed to deal with its bulky frame and weight, and its highly specialised trunk is one of the marvels of the animal kingdom. This magnificent creature is yet another example of the ingenious design of the Creator.

Elephants mumbo jumbo  (creation.com) more amazing facts about elephants and how God has designed them; Elephants are highly intelligent, use tools, and mourn their dead. They create complex social relationships, exhibit a wide spectrum of emotions, and even imitate human language.


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Elephant – Bible colouring page  (scroll down) Two elephants in a field with Bible verse – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me; from Philippians 4:13; free printable

Elephant colouring   Young boy kneeling to pray with his teddy bear and toy elephant; and words ‘God hears and answers prayer’; free printable

Elephant – colouring  majestic adult – front view; Elephant and baby – colouring; Elephant and baby – colouring; Elephant and baby – colouring; Elephant and baby – colouring; Cute baby elephant – colouring; Elephant group in water – colouring; Elephant (side view) – colouring; Elephant and baby – colouring; Playful elephant – colouring; Baby elephant with stubby tail – colouring; Reflective elephant – colouring; African bush elephant – colouring; Walking elephant – colouring; Shy elephant – colouring; Baby elephant and tiger cub playing – colouring; Old elephant – colouring; Old elephant – colouring; free printable

Elephant and baby eating – colouring; Majestic elephant – colouring  front view; Elephants with baby peeking between them – colouringCute elephant with toenails – colouring; Elephant having bath – colouring with bird on trunk and frog in water; Elephant and baby – colouring; Cute circus elephant – colouring with a bird on his back;  Happy elephant – colouring; Elephant parade – colouring; free printable

Elephant and baby – colouring  (Dover sample) very cute

Elephant + friends – colouring  elephant face + giraffe face + monkey hanging upside down

Elephant – colouring  very sweet cartoon elephant sitting down with a bow on one ear (Dumbo style); free printable

Elephant – colouring  cute chubby cartoon elephant with simple lines

Cute fluffy toy elephant laying flat on ground; fluffy toy elephant looking up at butterfly; fluffy elephant holding flower

Elephant + baby – colouring  (Dover sample) white on black

Elephant – colouring / puzzles / learn to draw  (scroll down) free printable

25 Elephant colouring pages  free printable

Winnie the Pooh + Heffalump hug – colouring  free printable

Dumbo having a bath in wooden tub – colouring  free printable

Elephant colouring pages  (Activity Village) free printable

Elephant – colouring  free printable

Highly decorated elephant colouring page  with fine detail

Elephant and two babies – colouring

Dr Seuss / Horton colouring pages

Jazz up your colouring pages  add a border, a title, a Bible verse and some elephant clip art to make your colouring pages unique and more interesting with this easy tutorial


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One former sponsored child – Edwin – is now the head elephant keeper at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya, where he cares for baby elephants. Read more and watch a video of Edwin’s team rescuing Wass, a very cute baby elephant who was in the news… with two ostrich chicks who went along for the ride. :)  Here’s another link about Edwin for further reading


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Elephant – dot to dot  (Answers in Genesis) numbers 1-50; with Bible verse from Psalm 33:4 – For the Word of the Lord is right and true; He is faithful in all He does; free printable

50 Elephant shaped mazes  (krazydad.com) number 4 in each book is a slightly different elephant maze; free printable

Bull elephant maze  through a complete elephant (front view) starting from one eye and ending at the other eye; free printable

Elephant maze  help the elephant find his friend through the elephant shaped maze (side view); free printable

Elephant maze through a complete elephant (side view) with a clip art musical jazz elephant on his back; free printable

Elephant shaped maze  find your way through octagon shapes; free printable

Elephant maze  help the elephant find her baby through the elephant shaped maze (front view); free printable

Elephant + donkey maze  help them find their way to the building; free printable

Elephant shower – maze  find your way through a complete cartoon elephant ending in a spray of water coming out through trunk; free printable

Elephant – maze   through an elephant’s face with trunk raised; free printable

Help the elephant get to the bananas – maze  free printable

Abstract front view elephant maze – side view abstract elephant maze  in black and white chunks

Elephant – hidden picture puzzle colour the stained glass spaces with a dot to reveal the elephant; free printable

Elephant Scramble  (Activity Village) find out which elephant face and extra long trunk will get the apple; Blue Elephant with white ears – jigsaw; Elephant – puzzles and Elephant – printables   acrostic, jigsaw, handwriting worksheet, write a story, elephant facts worksheet; free printable

Easy elephant – easy dot to dot  (numbers 1-15) free printable

Elephant – dot to dot   (Goodsearch)

Make your own puzzles  tailored specifically for your child; use the free article for kids for your questions and answers


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Elephant and safari – cute finger puppets to colour or use for crafts  (from the fun Answers in Genesis African Safari VBS) with elephant, zebra, monkey, hippo, cheetah, giraffe (here they are in a larger pdf with Bible verse tags and animal safari patterns; scroll down to page 14); free printable

3D Paper Elephant to make  cute; free printable

Elephant – finger puppet  this one looks like heaps of fun – where your finger becomes the trunk; free printable

Elephant – finger puppet  animated with three of your fingers—two fingers for the legs and another for the head and trunk; cut, fold and glue; free printable

Elephant – finger puppets or blue elephant + friends – zoo finger puppets  animal faces to tape around finger tips; free printable

Elephant – finger puppet to colour  with your finger as the trunk; free printable

Elephant – finger puppet  with a noisemaker party whistle for the nose; a fun idea for your homeschool students

Elephant – fun craft  using a circle or paper plate with a hole in the middle for kids to put their arm through (their arm becomes the trunk)

Elephant – mask  in colour or to colour; cute; free printable

Elephant – mask  grey and pink tones; free printable

Elephant – mask  covering face in colour (dark grey) or to colour; free printable

Elephant – mask  (sparklebox) in colour (grey) or to colour; free printable

Elephant – cute mask  (Activity Village); Elephant – mask  paper plate craft with red elephant headdress; Elephant outline template side view or front view for crafts (e.g. make a fun elephant mobile); free printable

Elephant – mask  in colour (blue-grey); free printable

Elephant – mask  (scroll down) that fits around face; free printable

Elephant – mask  with a long trunk; free printable

Elephant – cute templates  in colour or to colour / use for crafts / learning activities; Elephant – standing template to make and colour   make your own safari standing figures or a zoo in a box; free printable

Blue elephant – paper piecing to cut out and put together  with pink cheeks; cute free printable

Elephant parade – fun and simple game to colour  and play with their friends or just give elephant cards to their friends to colour; free printable

Feed the elephant peanuts ~ game for kids  free printable

Elephant – craft  make and assemble a cute elephant with a hat out of newspaper (or the craft paper of your choice); great idea for the front of a homemade card; free printable

Elephant – 3D craft  cute blue elephant to make from a cardboard roll; free printable

A Parade of Elephants – 3D paper toy  to cut and fold; print on coloured paper or the craft paper of your choice; free printable

Elephant – balancing puppets  3 elephants balancing step-by-step on a piece of string; free printable

Elephant – 3D paper toy  (Canon) + Elephant – mobile to make  with stars; free printable

Elephants holding a heart between them – pop up card / craft  (scroll down) free printable

Elephant – standing craft  to make in the shape of the letter E; free printable

Elephant to make with accordion ears

Elephant on roller skates with hat to make

Elephant to cut and assemble  free printable

Elephant paper piecing – cut and make  in colour (grey); 13 pieces; free printable

3D Elephant cut, fold and colour  free printable

Elephant – easy cut and glue  with only two pieces for younger children to colour; free printable


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*pixabay-elephant (6)



Elephant – learn to draw  front view; starting with geometric shapes

Elephant – learn to draw  front view

Elephant – learn to draw  front view; using circles

Elephant – learn to draw  cartoon style

Elephant – learn to draw  (scroll down) front view with overlapping circles

Elephant – learn to draw  (scroll down) side view with overlapping circles

Elephant – learn to draw  (Activity Village) step-by-step starting with circles; grid copy; complete the picture; complete the picture strips; Elephant – complete the picture  draw the elephant from the feet up; free printable

Elephant – learn to draw cartoon style using the shapes of alphabet letters

Elephant – learn to draw   this one has an anxious to please expression on its face; cartoon style circus elephant with his foot on a ball and a cap on his head

Elephant – learn to draw   with a worried expression on its face and bushy eyebrows; cartoon style

Elephant – learn to draw   front side view


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Elephant – poster  (Answers in Genesis from their fun African Safari VBS) Be all ears; do I have ears that hear and do God’s Word; free printable

Elephant – Bible poster  with Bible verse from Psalm 28:7 – The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust Him with all my heart; a very cute elephant holding a shield against arrows and a tiny little kangaroo or mouse(?) on his back with a mini shield; free printable

Elephant – Bible poster with Bible verse from Ephesians 4:32 – And be kind to one another, tender hearted, forgiving one another even as God in Christ forgave you; this Scripture picture is provided courtesy of Amazing Facts; free printable

Ephesians 4:32 - This Scripture Picture is provided courtesy of Amazing Facts. Visit us at www.amazingfacts.org

Grey elephant – bookmark  with their trunk hanging over your page; add a Bible verse and a note of encouragement; free printable

Blue elephant – bookmark  add a Bible verse and a note of encouragement; free printable

Elephant – bookmarks  colourful (blue, pink, purple, green) elephants with patterned ears in the centre of each bookmark surrounded by elephant silhouettes; add a Bible verse and a note of encouragement; free printable

Elephant – award certificate  (Graphic Garden – click on ‘elephant & koala’) with text or blank; free printable

Elephant gift box to make   pretty blue elephant with rainbow behind; super cute; free printable

Safari gift boxes and party printables  with pink elephant, giraffe, lion and monkey against a pink polka dot, green stripe and black and white background; free printable

3D Indian elephant ~ gift box  with headdress (adapt for paper only)



Found an elephant photo or clip art that you just know that your Compassion child will love? Add a Bible verse and make your own:

Bible Poster or Verse Card
Bible Bookmark ~ add your child’s name
Bible Note Cards
Bible Wallet Cards
Bible Stickers
Bible Board Game

Don’t forget to jazz up your envelopes if you are including any special treats like stickers for your homeschool students. Sticker sheets are fine for your sponsored child.


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Cool elephant close up photos  a family with two young boys gets to meet elephants in Africa up close for the very first time and Daddy gets an elephant kiss!

Elephant photos  (Goodsearch)

Elephant babies  (Goodsearch)

Elephant cute clip art (scroll down) one grey and one pink with 3 hearts on back

Elephant parade  3 very cute elephants waving pink flags

Aqua elephant – cute clip art  (Activity Village) with pink ears and white toenails

Bella the elephant + Bella (Wild Rose Studio) very cute elephant images

A very cute mauve heffalump  (from Winnie the Pooh)

Cute blue and pink toy elephant  in soft colours

Elephant holding heart shaped balloon

Elephant decal  white on black, decorated with flowers

Elephant silhouette template

Elephant reaching up to tree – black and white silhouette template

Two elephants sharing an umbrella

Cute blue elephant with pink ears  (Activity Village)

Elephant – floral clip art (3) in yellow, white, grey; free printable

Elephant clip art  grey round elephant with heart on tip of trunk


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pixabay-elephant (10)



Elephant – lined stationery  3 designs; 2 very cute and one that younger boys might like; free printable

Elephant – stationery  red and white polka dot border and elephant silhouettes in two corners; blank, lined or handwriting; free version is fine

Elephant – stationery  (Activity Village) with blue elephant clip art; blank, lined or handwriting; free printable

Elephant – lined stationery  or blank  a ton of love coming your way – mauve border with hearts + elephant clip art in a vintage style; free printable

Zoo stationery  with elephant, lion, giraffe, panda, monkey; free version is fine

Elephant – stationery  (Graphic Garden; scroll down to ‘animals’ – ‘elephants’) lined or blank; free printable

Elephant; Elephant and African savanna; Elephant with bright and colourful checks  (Sparklebox) portrait or landscape; free printable

Elephant stationery  tiny clip art elephants all the way around border in 5 colour tones; free version is fine

Sweet elephant postcard  sitting elephant with bow on pink background; free printable

Elephant – card   pink elephant spraying pink and red hearts and words ‘love is in the air’; free printable

Elephant – card in colour or Elephant – card to colour  (Activity Village) free printable

Elephant – pop up card  (Canon) free printable


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Mammoth – Riddle of the Ice Age – article   (creation.com) from scientists who take the Bible seriously; Although the media use mammoths as evolutionary propaganda, they can be properly explained by a biblical worldview. Mammoths are a variety of the elephant kind, created on Day 6. The elephant kind was preserved from extinction by being on board Noah’s Ark. But many of the descendants of the Ark animals, including the mammoths have become extinct. Some mammoth genes have lived on in Nepalese elephants.

Ice age + Biblical history – article  (Answers in Genesis) from scientists who take the Bible seriously

What started the ice age? – article  (Answers in Genesis) by a professor of atmospheric science

Mammoth – colouring  (Answers in Genesis) mammoths, dinosaurs and dodos with their knapsacks over their shoulders discussing extinction, with rainbow and mountains in background; free printable

Mammoth – colouring  (Answers in Genesis) mammoths and dodos in foreground, giraffe and dinosaur behind them and Noah’s Ark in background; free printable

Majestic mammoth – colouring; Mammoth – colouring pages  free printable

Mammoth – Poster  (Answers in Genesis) with a great picture of a mammoth and other huge extinct animals from the ice age (which occurred after Noah’s Flood). Here is the poster in a different perspective (scroll down); free printable


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Baby Elephant Pool Party (short video – lots of fun)… no hogging the pool! And hey no splashing either! Too cute. Guaranteed to make you smile… just to brighten your day… enjoy!  :)

Need another smile today? Watch Nikki, the elephant giving birth to cute little Riski… and then forcing the little one to breathe and prodding it reluctantly to its feet (this is very important as the baby elephant is extremely vulnerable in the wild until it is able to stand) – an amazing and beautiful video that has had over 20 million hits.

Elephant – special design features (video) from a Biblical perspective  (Answers in Genesis)
Elephants jam along on the piano and rock to the music of ‘Baby Elephant Walk’
Peter the elephant plays a piano duet while playfully(?) teasing his (human) companion



And when you write to your sponsored child, don’t forget to them about the creative genius behind this incredible design…

Tell them about Jesus!




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