When I was growing there in secret, God knew me… (how amazing is that?!)

Baby in Womb Bible verse card for boys; free printable

God’s Masterpiece! Fantastic, Fabulous Us!

Week 7: “Oh no! I have Grandpa’s ears!” It’s never too early to start a journal. This article for kids My First Diary ~ Momentous Milestones ~ 40 Weeks’ is all about the adventures of a baby in the womb.

THINK SPOT:  Life is a gift ~ from God ~ which begins at conception and ends at death. There is nothing that we can do to make it happen. It simply is.



When I was growing there in secret, God knew me! Writing to your Compassion child and looking for letter ideas? What could be better than to tell them that God is crazy about them and knew them intimately even before they were born! Let them know how special they are to the Creator of the Universe and that they were made in His image. This is ‘My first Diary – momentous milestones’ – of those first 40 weeks. (Love those tiny feet! they are sooo cute! And that’s exactly what they look like on a 10 week old pre-born! We are truly fearfully and wonderfully made).

Baby in womb2-SAMPLE



PRECIOUS PRE-BORN ~ Hold up your thumb. Lay it across the palm of your other hand. This real, life-size model of a 10–12 week old baby in womb in the above article is about that size. Roughly about 2 inches (5cm) long. They would easily snuggle into the palm of your hand. At this age, the baby’s heart is beating; all body systems are present; they have fingerprints and toe prints. Those teeny feet are perfectly formed but only about 3/8 inch (1cm) long!

DID YOU KNOW:  You know how we all start out as one cell, then two, then four, then eight and keep multiplying x 2? By the time we are adults, that would have happened 45 times. When a baby is born, they have already multiplied 41 times!!!



Before you were born God knew you ~ article for kids with Bible verses; free printable – add your child’s photo!

Baby in womb1-WP-SAMPLE


Baby in Womb ~ Necessary Accessories  Here is a (too cute) sneak peek… free printable

Baby in Womb postcard


PEEK BEHIND THE SCENES OF PSALM 139:  At 19 weeks pregnancy, when women generally have an ultrasound scan, the feet of the baby are about 1 inch (2.7cm) long and their tiny heart is already beating about 155 beats per minute. It is a privileged peek behind the scenes into Psalm 139!




Conception:  Within an hour of Dad’s sperm meeting Mum’s egg, my design is already set from bits and pieces of both of them. I am no bigger than a grain of sugar, but I am already “me”. I just needed TIME… to grow!

Day 24: My tiny heart starts beating.

Day 30: Now I’m millions of cells big. I’ve already grown 10,000 times and am now 6-7 mm (1/4 inch) long. Hey, where’s the wall chart?!

Day 43: My brain waves can be recorded.

Week 7: I can feel my lips. Oh no! I have Grandpa’s ears!

Week 8: Now I look like a tiny miniature baby. I’m only 1 gram, but my wall chart is already up to 3cm (just over one inch) when I’m sitting up. I have all my internal organs, and my liver and kidneys are working. My heart is really pumping. My tummy produces digestive juices. Hey Mum, that chocolate tasted yummy. Later in the week I start to grow fingerprints. I can feel my eyelids and hands. Uh-oh! I can feel pain!

Week 9: I could curl my fingers around yours and suck my thumb. I have fingernails.

Month 5: I already know how I like to curl up to sleep. Hey, easy with the door slamming – that woke me up!

Month 8: Hey, it’s getting a bit cramped in here!

Month 9: By the time I am an adult I will have 45 cell generations of cell divisions. I have already had 41!

Look out Mum! I want out!  :)




michaelclancy.com   for an incredible photo of a baby’s hand reaching out of a womb during surgery (and make sure you also check out the controversial story behind the picture that forever changed the photographer’s life! “They do want to buy your picture. They want to buy it to kill it.”)

Photo of a baby in the womb

Photo of a complete baby arm reaching out of a womb during surgery

silentnomoreawareness.org if you know someone suffering hurt from the devastating effects of abortion – tell them healing at the foot of the cross IS there for you. Give it to Jesus. He died for ALL of our sins. He freely offers us His forgiveness and will wash us clean in His blood – we just have to ask Him. And your precious little one is now safe in His arms forever. No more tears. No more pain. And if you accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour one day you will be there with them, too.

operationoutcry.org  another site for people suffering from the devastating effects of abortion

Not good – just forgiven  God doesn’t want our grubby efforts of goodness! His pass mark is 100%. None of us are ‘good’ enough!  There is only ONE person who ever got 100%. And that is God Himself. The Lord Jesus. It is about being a forgiven person. That is who will be in heaven: Forgiven people.

Spring = God’s promise of eternal life  “Oh the wonder of it!  The outrageous beauty!  God didn’t have to give us cherry blossoms, you know.  He didn’t have to make apple trees and peach trees burst into flower and fragrance.  But God just loves to splurge.  He gives us all this magnificence and then, if that isn’t enough, He provides fruit from such extravagance!… the promise of eternal life is out here, all around us!  A week ago, these trees were just dead sticks–now they’re bursting with life!  It’s a message from God, just like Walter said… Jesus said that whoever believes in Him will never die!  You and your kids will see Sam again… Springtime is God’s promise that someday we’ll all share His resurrection life!  Our weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning!”



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  1. That is beautiful! Did you know they are finding out that important development is taking place right up to birth. The last week or two in the womb is when the part of the brain that controls social development is occurring and they are starting to learn that kids who are taken from the womb even a week or two early are behind their term-born peers in social development years later. Isn’t that interesting?


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