GUEST POST: Sponsor Visit – Heart reflections as a sponsor prepares to meet her child

Raquel - sponsored child through Compassion International Bolivia

Heart reflections as a sponsor through Compassion International prepares to meet Raquel, her precious little girl in Bolivia, for the very first time… enjoy!


By Susan

In a city 4,618 miles from my city, lives a soon-to-be 11 year old girl. I don’t know her as I knew my parents, or as I know my brothers, sons and truest friends; but I know her through the letters she writes. Raquel is my second “first” child, meaning that after sponsoring my very first Compassion child from age 5 through 22, I wasn’t sure I could invest my heart and finances in that way again. However my thoughts were not God’s thoughts and soon after the launching of the Our Compassion site for sponsors, I felt the unmistakable nudging of the Holy Spirit.

Raquel has the birth date of my dad and the birth month of my mom. She also has what appears to be a birthmark just as my mom had. I looked at many children and was attracted by many of the same details that other sponsors give consideration to before sponsoring. Yet, I always came back to Raquel! Yes, her sweet expression and clothing were somewhat influential. Even the careful use of the camera angle in capturing her first photograph drew my heart towards her. But it was the Holy Spirit Who gently reordered my thoughts, returning me to the country of Bolivia and specifically to Raquel. January 3, 2011 marks our sponsorship journey together.

But how can it be a journey together when the distance between the two is so great. A sponsor will gladly tell you: it’s listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit; it’s nurturing the love God placed in your heart; it’s creating an environment to share life’s experiences through writing letters; it’s attending to the words of your sponsored child; and at the forefront, it’s prayer!

Raquel - sponsored child through Compassion International Bolivia

It is prayer that brings peace when the journey becomes rough. As velvet dresses, earrings, and quirky grins give way to tailored clothes and a somber expression, it’s wondering if there isn’t a slight sting in passing through little girlhood into that next stage. Or is it that circumstances are too troublesome to feign even the slightest smile for the camera. I don’t know, and there is an ache in not knowing. But I know and continue to know my Jesus, and He is the One who guides my pen when writing Raquel. Who knows, picture day may have happened on a not-so-great day… we all have them!

A journey—traveling from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ and usually involving an extended period of time—through letters over these 5 plus years; and now, in physical distance. Raquel seems to be a playful little girl and yet one with a tender heart. I will be able to see for myself what is behind that quirky grin and I am prepared for tricks and jokes. The physical distance between Raquel and I will become non-existent… for one day at least.


Please thank Susan, our guest contributor today for sharing her heart reflections with us; and stay tuned for part 2 where she travels to Bolivia…




Guest Post: Sponsor Visit (part 2) – Going to Bolivia to meet Raquel

Raquel - sponsored child through Compassion International Bolivia

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10 thoughts on “GUEST POST: Sponsor Visit – Heart reflections as a sponsor prepares to meet her child

    • Susan will be delighted with your comment, Janet. Thanks for visiting.

      And with your first words, “The older I get, the more I realize God is the only one with the answers. He really does have all the answers. And He really is everything we could ever need…” I am definitely going to treat myself to a visit to your web site today, too. Sooo true. And we desperately need it more than ever today!


    • “If you watch a newscast or sit in a hospital emergency room, the world seems a daunting place, where everything is falling apart. If you focus on God, He paints a different picture. Right this minute, God is moving mountains all around us, so people can come to salvation and live forever with Him.”

      Beautiful words, Janet. And I loved the pink sails on your boat! They are like sailing at sunset! :)

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