12 cool word cloud generators

NOT feeling creative? But want to do something special with a Bible verse for your sponsored child? How about a Bible verse + one of these 12 cool word cloud generators = stunning results. Our kids will love these!  They are free, brilliant, easy to use and you don’t need to sign up.  They are all fun.  All different.  You will want to spend hours playing with them. (I won’t tell!)  Here’s how it works:

1. Type in any Bible verse – in any language.

2. Click a button (or two) – and it will do creativity for you!

3. Print. That’s it!


1.  Tagxedo  stunning and colourful, easy to use



2.  ABCya  for kids, fun, colourful, easy to use

3.  WordItOut

4.  Wordle

Word Cloud4




5.  ImageChef  lots of fun options




1.  Poster / Postcard:  Print your masterpiece as a poster (A4) or postcard (4×6). Use photo paper and laminate it to give a professional touch.

2.  Bible verse Scramble Puzzle: Choose one of your child’s memory verses (from their letters) or a well known Bible verse. Omit the Bible reference. See if they can work out where it comes from.

3.  Bible verse Treasure Hunt:  Do a few different Bible verse word clouds and paste them onto one puzzle page. Send your child a treasure hunt – a list of Bible verses to look up, to work out where they come from.

4.  Encouragement:  You can also type in some words about your child. Choose some motivating words to help them focus on their schooling or future goals. Type in some Godly character words. Tell them how much they mean to you. Tell them how proud you are of them. Tell them how much God loves them.

5.  Adapt for any theme or occasion.


Which sites did you like best and how did you use them?




12 cool word cloud generators  make sure you check out this original post for the rest
More creative ideas with word cloud generators using shape templates to fit any theme



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19 thoughts on “12 cool word cloud generators

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  2. Thanks for sharing about these “12 cool word cloud generators”.
    I’m sure my kids will enjoy these special verses!


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