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In our last letter from Moses, we received an unexpected and delightful note from his teacher. Has that ever happened to you? Teacher Emma wrote: “[Moses] is now able to write on his own due to the material you always send him… He is social and hard working. He fears God and respects elders…” That made my day and it called for a little teacher appreciation for Teacher Emma in my next letter.  :)





Here are some ideas to encourage your child to appreciate and thank their teachers, whether they are teachers of your sponsored child or teachers of your own children. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Just a note to let them know that you are thinking of them; or some ‘I am praying for you today’ tags; or ‘you’re a star teacher’ tags for your child to hand out. Teaching our children to take time to appreciate and thank their teachers, any time of the year, will encourage, energize, and probably endear them to their teachers forever.





Devotionals  lots to choose from to bless your child’s teacher; include a snippet in a note to brighten their day






  • Colouring / Puzzles / Crafts

My Teacher is the Best – colouring  (supercoloring) in a doodle style; Thank a Teacher – colouring two children present their teacher with a bouquet of flowers; free printable

Teacher Appreciation – colouring  (crayola) draw a picture in the frame or write your teacher a special note of encouragement; Teacher Appreciation – fill in sheet; free printable

Teacher Appreciation – doodles  (classroomdoodles) various doodle designs where your child can write or draw then colour; free printable

Teacher Appreciation – colouring/craft  (ministry-to-children) encourage your child to show appreciation for their hard working teachers by colouring and decorating their ‘desk’ with cute little notes; add some star stickers or a photo of your child; or use the idea to make up your own; free printable

Greatest Teacher Appreciation Door Ever – craft  (happyhomefairy) decorate your teacher’s door with this fabulous idea where each child’s photo is printed, cut out, and dressed up in mini costumes, then put on the classroom door; more Teacher Appreciation – fun ideas  from a teacher – for other teachers; free printable

Trophy – craft to make  (amyfreeideas) this could be adapted for ‘World’s Best Teacher’, or ‘Your Town’s Best Teacher’, or simply add your teacher’s name; free printable

Teacher – paper collage  (supercoloring) free printable

World’s Best Teacher – writing prompt  (activityvillage); My teacher is special because – booklet to make; members only


  • Awards / Certificates

Teacher of the Year – award certificate  (funawards) in yellow, gold and beige; Teacher of the Year – award certificate in green and blue and gold; simply download, add your teacher’s name, then print; free printable

Teacher – award certificates  (123certificates) 28 designs to choose from, including some where you can add your own photo; they also have blank school certificates, certificates of appreciation, gift certificates; free printable

Make your own Certificate  (printwithmypic) there are room for photos on some of these; or maybe your child could draw picture of themselves, their teachers, or their class; free printable

Best Teacher – diploma  (activityvillage) to colour and fill in; members only


  • Posters

God’s Top 10 – FREE Bible poster  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) a fun and colourful classroom poster as a reminder for the class to R.E.S.P.E.C.T. everyone around them; and matching bookmarks; free printable

Gods Top 10 Poster A4 -SAMPLE

FREE Bible Posters  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) many to choose from to bless and encourage your child’s teacher or for them to hang up in their classroom; simply print, laminate, then roll them up and gift wrap it with a gift tag; or pop one in a frame as a special gift; free printable

Beatitudes free printable poster and verse card with Bible verse for kids  FREE poster with Bible verse from Ephesians 3:19; perfect to make you feel warm and cosy on a snowy day, this delicious cup of hot chocolate or coffee is wrapped in a soft aqua woollen jumper and set among the sparkling snow, filled with whipped cream and embellished with a pink heart; free printable 

This Moment I Choose Him – FREE Bible poster  (clothedinscarlet) a selection of Bible verses decorated with flowers; free printable

Father’s Love Letter – FREE Bible poster  (fathersloveletter) a selection of beautiful Bible verses written as a personal and intimate love letter from God to encourage your teacher; available in different formats and 116 languages; free printable

Student Tree – poster  (mumtastic) make or draw a tree with each student’s name on a leaf; or ask each student to draw their own leaf and write their name on it; a great class gift idea; add a favourite Bible verse to encourage your teacher; free printable

Lavender – poster  (graphicsfairy) add a favourite Bible verse; free printable

Spring Tulip – posters  (onsuttonplace) add a Bible verse to one of these pretty watercolour posters in bright happy colours and plenty of white space; perfect to brighten your child’s teacher’s day; subscribers only

Teacher Appreciation – posters  (ishouldbemoppingthefloor) subway art in 6 bright colours with polka dots and words like hero, leader, educator, legend, friend, mentor, role-model; free printable


  • Verse Cards

FREE Bible Verse Cards  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) various to choose from; free printable

Panda Bible Verse Card 4x6  Butterfly Verse Card 4x6


  • Bookmarks

FREE Bible Bookmarks  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) many beautiful bookmarks with Bible verse to choose from, including some your child can colour themselves; add a special note on the back and laminate; free printable

FREE Bible Bookmarks; free printable

Teacher – bookmark  (modernparentsmessykids) with the words ‘It takes a big heart to help shape little minds’ and a gift tag by ‘special delivery’ simply saying, ‘Thanks for all your hard work’; free printable

Teacher – bookmark  (positivelysplendid) a personalised gift saying, ‘Thanks for helping me write a chapter in my story’, with room for your child to add their teacher’s name and then sign it; free printable

Apple – bookmarks  (bookmarkbee) shiny red and green apples with a wavy pattern of apples on a lighter red or green background; add a Bible verse and a personal note of encouragement to your teacher on the back; 4 per page; free printable


  • Wallet Cards

FREE Bible Wallet Cards  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) to use as gift tags; various designs to choose from; free printable

FREE Bible wallet cards with delicious pink and white cupcakes with sprinkles, a tiny gold star and pink hearts; Bible verse from Psalm 119:103; free printable  FREE Biblewallet cards with Bible verse from Psalm 148:5; blue butterfly; lime green background; free printable


  • Medals / Rosettes

Paper Award Ribbons  (123certificates) in colour or black and white that your child can colour for their teachers and put their name in; free printable

Teacher Appreciation – rosettes  (activityvillage) members only


  • Gift Tags / Labels

You’re a Star Teacher – gift tags  (livinglocurto) star-shaped gift tags for your child to hand out to their teachers or to attach to gifts; red, blue, pink and yellow; free printable

Floral – gift tags  ( ishouldbemoppingthefloor) with pretty pink flowers on a pale beige gingham background; Floral – gift tags  mint, blue and yellow with mint border; Apple – gift tags  red apple on green and white polka dot background; Thank you, what a great school year – gift tags; free printable

Lavender – labels  (graphicsfairy) pretty organisational labels in different sizes; free printable

Bus Driver – gift tags  (ishouldbemoppingthefloor) with words, ‘Thanks for going the extra mile’; free printable

Bus – gift tags  (fellowes) free printable


  • Notepaper / To Do Lists

FREE Notepaper / FREE To Do Lists  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) lots of different designs to choose from, many with Bible verse; perfect for a note to your teacher, or as a stationery gift – simply print, cut, fold, tie with ribbon or raffia, and gift wrap; 3, 4 or 6 per page; free printable

FREE notepaper with Bible verseFREE Bible Notepaper; Proverbs 4.23 in soft swirly blue FREE Sweet Fragrance of Christ To Do List with Bible verse from 2 Corinthians 2:14-16 and iced donuts on pink and aqua background; free printable FREE To-Do List with Bible verse from Psalm 148:5; blue butterfly on lime green background; free printable Psalm 23; Shepherd's Psalm; To Do List or Notepaper with Bible verse; free printable

Watercolour Flowers – to do list  (ishouldbemoppingthefloor) simply gorgeous – print, cut and gift wrap; or as an alternative, Kristi suggests printing one copy, laminating it or putting it into a frame with glass cover and then gift wrap with a dry erase marker so it can be used over and over (fantastic idea); Floral – to do list pink and orange flowers with different shades of green leaves on a white background for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly tasks; Floral – notepaper mint, blue and yellow with mint border; Floral – notepaper mauve, pink and yellow; free printable


  • Organisation / Charts

FREE Calendar  lots of monthly or annual calendar designs to choose from; free printable

FREE 2021 calendars with Bible verse; free printable

Daily Priorities and Goals Chart  (embracing) organisational charts; in colour or to colour; free printable

Teacher – organisation printables  (fellowes) what I learned this week – chart; birthday chart to keep track of students’ birthdays; class chore chart; classroom reward coupons; star of the week chart celebrate students who work hard; sunshine students let your students know when they make a difference in someone’s day; number flash cards; multiplication flash cards; Bee nice, it makes life sweeter – classroom poster; desk signs for students; desk name tags; desk name tags; all about me – flag pennants to fill in and hang up; all about me – fill in sheets; student award certificates; clean desk award; blank award certificates; ABC flash cards; weather chart; good work certificate; excellent work certificates; world map outline; free printable


  • Recipe Cards

Owl – recipe cards  (ishouldbemoppingthefloor) print, cut and gift wrap as a cute gift, and make sure to include one of your favourite recipes (and maybe even a sample to taste); free printable

Recipe Cards  (clementinecreative) sweet and colourful cards on white background; print, cut and gift wrap as a cute gift, and make sure to include one of your own favourite recipes (and maybe even a sample to taste); free printable

Recipe Cards  (audreyjeannesblog) featuring chocolate-marbled cheesecake and chocolate-dipped strawberries on apricot and chocolate background; perfect for a gift, or a note with a Bible verse and it just about looks good enough to eat; free printable





Make your own paper gifts for your child’s teacher; choose your own image (e.g. your photo, or a class photo) and share one of your favourite Bible verses with your child’s teacher:

  • Bible Wallet Cards  great items for every teacher to hand out to encourage their hard working students
  • Bible Bookmark  an encouraging Bible verse and add your teacher’s name
  • Bible Poster / Postcard  to sit on their desk or hang on their wall to encourage them all year long
  • Calendar
  • DIY Gift Book  make up your own gift book for a really special teacher; or for a class gift, ask the students in your class to each contribute one item for a special memory of that year / teacher – e.g. poem, draw a picture, or items from this post
  • Note cards or stationery  add a Bible verse to a lovely image of your choice to encourage your child’s teacher with this easy tutorial
  • Including an envelope for your child’s teacher? Jazz it up with some of these fun ideas. There are some great free printable envelopes in this post, too.
  • Jazz up your Bible Verses  a simple typography tutorial to put your teacher’s favourite Bible verse (or one of yours) in a fancy font / colour; and then why not frame it as a special gift for your teacher
  • NOT feeling creative? But want to do something special for your child’s teacher? How about some word art? Type in a Bible verse in any language into one of these word generators; click a button and it will do creativity for you. Add some relevant Godly character words; teaching words, names of the students in your class, or encouraging words. Make it a gift your child’s teacher will treasure.





FREE Bible Note Cards  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) with Bible verse; lots of different designs to choose from; perfect for a note to your teacher, or as a stationery gift – simply print, cut, fold, tie with ribbon or raffia, and gift wrap; free printable

FREE Bible Note Cards; He is Lord and all creation will proclaim it; forest / water scene; free printable FREE pink note cards with Bible verse from Ephesians 3:19; perfect to make you feel warm and cosy on a snowy day, this delicious cup of hot chocolate or coffee is wrapped in a soft aqua woollen jumper and set among the sparkling snow, filled with whipped cream and embellished with a pink heart; free printable

FREE Stationery  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) this is the motherlode of free printable stationery, with lots to choose from for a sweet note to bless your child’s teacher; many with Bible verse; perfect for a note to your teacher or as a stationery gift – simply print, cut, fold, tie with ribbon or raffia, and gift wrap; print 2 per page if you want smaller sized stationery, or 4 per page for notepaper; free printable

FREE stationery with Bible verse from Ephesians 3:19; perfect to make you feel warm and cosy on a snowy day, this delicious cup of hot chocolate or coffee is wrapped in a soft aqua woollen jumper and set among the sparkling snow, filled with whipped cream and embellished with a pink heart; free printableFruit of the Spirit free printable Stationery for kids A4

Floral – watercolour stationery  (printablepartyinvitations) gorgeous pink watercolour flowers with a splash of apricot, blue and red on white background; Seashell – stationery  very pretty and elegant stationery with seashells on a pastel blue linen background; Purple Floral – stationery mauve and purple flowers with thin gold frame; Romantic Roses – stationery  3 designs – aqua, peach and ivory; Pastel Floral – stationery  soft and elegant letter paper in 5 colours – pink, blue, green, yellow, beige; Tropical Flower – stationery in cool aqua tones; Vintage Victorian – stationery  featuring an ornate antique border and a floral pattern in 6 pretty colours; designed as blank wedding stationery, but gorgeous as normal stationery; free printable

Floral – stationery  (craftberrybush; scroll down) pretty watercolour red flowers on a white background; free printable

Floral – stationery  (ishouldbemoppingthefloor) with a pretty spray of pink flowers in opposite corners; blank or lined; free printable

Ballerina juggling hearts – stationery – unlined | lined  (sophia-designs; click ‘full-size’ below each picture to download);  Hedgehog – stationery with straw hat and holding wellington boots and frog lying on a waterlily (adorable) – unlined | lined;  Soft Pink Sash and Bow (sweet) – stationery – unlined | lined;  Polar Bear, Seal and Penguin on top of each other in soft grey tones (very cute) – stationery – unlined | lined;  Teddy Bear Artiste (very cute) – stationery – unlined | lined;  Teddies and a Duck – stationery – unlined | lined;  Sweet Vase of Pink Flowers – stationery – unlined | lined;  Hedgehog with boots sitting among the flowers – stationery – unlined | lined;  Pink Roses – stationery – unlined | lined;  Large Pink Rose – stationery – unlined | lined;  Dinosaur holding a heart and the words, ‘you’re dino-mite’ – stationery – unlined | lined; sweet stationery designs in a vintage style; free printable

Sweet Blue Gerbera Daisy – border  (canon) also available in pink, mauve, yellow, or coral; free printable

Teacher – card  (ishouldbemoppingthefloor) filled with apples of lovely colours and the words, ‘You rock’ or ‘Thank you’; free printable

Teacher – card  (inspirationmadesimple; scroll down) blue petal card with pink band and the words ‘Thank you for being a wonderful teacher’; designed for a gift card, but also perfect for a note; free printable

School Bus – pop up card  (canon) free printable

Garden – stationery  (yopriceville) a gorgeous garden scene with a bridge over a bubbling stream, flowers and butterfly that is perfect for a note; free printable

14 sweet designs – lined stationery  (tsohgraphics) with Bible verses and matching envelopes; free printable

Sweet Flowers – stationery  (pageborders.org) apricot, mauve, yellow, blue tiny flowers – with apricot bracket frame on white background; Comic Book – stationery  with stars and the words ‘pow’ and ‘bang’ for a great teacher; pretty Pastel Stripes – stationery  yellow, pink, apricot and green striped border on white background; Black and White Flower – stationery; Jungle – stationery  with blue butterfly and parrot; Preschool – stationery (landscape) with preschool related graphics that would also make a great background for a teacher award certificate; Rainforest – stationery toucan, green tree frog, hibiscus flower, palms, ferns and trees; Confetti – stationery stars and streamers around the border; Picket Fence – stationery with sweet tiny flowers; Orange and Pink Stripes – stationeryBasketball – stationery  for your sports teacher; Pink and White Polka Dots – stationery; Alphabet – stationery  blue, green, yellow and pink alphabet blocks on white background for your preschool teacher;  Numbers – stationery  (0-9) with colourful stripes suitable for a ‘thank you for teaching us our numbers’ note; Kindergarten – stationery  related items on blue border; Heart Flowers – stationery with a very pale blue border; Lighthouse – stationery with blue sky border; Red Roses – stationery  on white background;  Kids – stationery a selection of children around the border; Garden Scene – stationery  neat garden with flowers, grass, trees and picket fence; Tropical Scene – stationery  in aqua blue and white; Music Notes – stationery on soft blue border; Purple and Black Stripes – stationery; School Bus – stationery; Nautical – stationery  nautical graphics with rope border; Pink and Cream Stripes – stationery; Watercolour Splotches – stationery  colourful border with white centre; Poppy – stationery  poppies along the footer on white background; Chemistry – stationery  chemistry symbols on white background; Birds – stationery  with birdhouse, oval white frame on tiny pink hearts background; free versions are fine

Teacher Thank You ~ card and envelope to make  (skiptomylou) word art with an apple and blackboard in red and green colours

Watercolor – stationery / Floral – note cards  (liagriffiths) personalised stationery with a watercolour wash header and white background where you can add your teacher’s name; members only

I appreciate my teacher because… – note card  (howdoesshe) an apple and room for your child to write or draw their own picture; matching classroom banner; gift tags; subscribers only






Many items in these posts below are also suitable for teachers ~  check them out!

Bless your Child’s Mom

Purple mauve and yellow flower

A Paris / Travel Theme for Estefany


School ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas

colored pencils





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