GUEST POST: Mail Day! :)

Today, it’s mail day (yay!) and our tour guide is giving us a sneak peek behind the scenes. I am so enjoying our guest posts giving us a glimpse into the heart of Compassion International’s Global Ministry Centre in Colorado Springs, USA. Aren’t you? Click here if you missed the first and second parts of our tour. I think I’ve had more than my fair share of mail this month, so hopefully it’s your turn. Grab your camera, telescope or maybe magnifying glass (to see if you can spot any letters coming your way) and let’s continue our tour… enjoy!  :)



Monday mornings are filled with expectation since this is the day that the heaviest volume of mail arrives.  Monday last, Jim was sorting the inter-office mail for delivery, throughout each of the buildings on campus. 
Today Jim’s mission is to pick up the mail and return safely to the DCR (Distribution Center). Jim is always on task…unless of course he is being petitioned to smile for the camera.
Once inside the DCR, it won’t take long for those shiny table tops to be covered with trays of mail thanks to Tim’s quickness and dexterity…and fancy footwork.
Already, busy hands are sorting and loading envelopes into the slicer, while the remainder of bulkier envelopes and boxes are carefully being opened by Kathy, Tina, and Michele (who were gracious enough to allow their picture to be taken on a casual Friday) who will separate contents from their envelopes, and manage any inconsistencies that would hamper international mailing. They will also reroute donations and channel anything out of the ordinary to the appropriate location.
From there, the letters go to the scanning team.  The cadence of this task is fluid when the barcode on the child letters can be scanned.  When this is not possible, each letter’s identification information must be keyed in by hand.  Since the employees are cross-trained, there is a high level of efficiency and each team functions as one.
Friday, Pam was happily wielding the scanner; today, Randall is manning the First Chair. On occasion, there can be heard a rich, baritone voice filling the DCR with a familiar refrain — Randall!
Next stop – one of the volunteer’s stations!  Every one of those envelopes has been accurately scanned and labeled and is ready to be sorted.  Each of those bins contain hope, encouragement, and inspiration to children around the world in Africa, Asia, Central America and South America. Go ahead, smile big, sponsor; your children are thriving because of your decision to share what has been given to you. And if you are not acquainted with sponsorship, please accept the standing invitation to visit Compassion and discover how Compassion is responding to the Great Commission. Feel free to stop in again and view how letters are processed, and meet some new people.
A Compassion Volunteer


Thank you so much for our tour behind the scenes. Please thank all the wonderful team at Compassion for not only doing a great job, but also for very kindly allowing their photos and names to be included in this post so we could all ‘see it’ and ‘hear it’ too. Great singing, Randall.  :) And I have my magnifying glass on those piles of letters. I think I spotted a letter from Judith! How about you? Anything showing up with your magnifying glass?!  :)  A very big thank you to our wonderful Compassion volunteer for taking time out of their busy schedule to be our tour guide. Please take the time to leave a comment and feel free to ask any questions.****




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