FREE Bible Verse Cards for Kids (4×6)

PGFE Bible verse cards composite

Bible Verse Cards are mini posters (postcard size) and a great way to encourage your child to hide God’s Word in their hearts. These are all free printable and ready to send. Simply print on 4×6 photo paper and laminate for best results. And even if you write to your sponsored child online, these can be uploaded as a normal photo… enjoy!  :)



Bible verse cards (postcard size) by Paper Gifts for Estefany; click the link to browse or just click on any of the pictures below.

David&Saul verse card2 4x6   David & Saul Bible verse card 4x6 Bible verse card free printable Romans 1-20Bible verse card free printable Genesis1-1Bible verse card free printable Exodus 20-11 Giraffe Free Printable Bible Verse Card 4x6   Panda Bible Verse Card 4x6   Butterfly Verse Card 4x6   Frog verse frame 4x6   Tiger free printable verse card with Bible verse Joshua 1:9   Daniel Verse Card 4x6   Baby in Womb postcard-boys   Baby in Womb postcard 4x6   Dinosaur free printable Poster for kids A4


Inspirational Bible Posters  a huge selection of free printable Bible verse posters ready to (shrink) print and send; simply select ‘shrink to fit’ to postcard size (4×6) when you print; print on photo paper and you may like to laminate them for best results and to keep them looking nice. Make it a special gift that your child will treasure. (How do I differentiate between Bible posters and Bible verse cards? Posters = higher print quality). If you haven’t seen this post for a while, many new images have been quietly added with more to come. Here’s a sample. (Don’t you just love those two wrestlers?! God is bigger than your problem!  :) )

Armour of God free printable poster for kids   Bible posters from Darrell Creswell (free printable)   Bible posters from Darrell Creswell (free printable)   Gods Top 10 Poster A4 -SAMPLE   FREE Kangaroo Poster with Bible verse Nehemiah 9:17   Bible posters from Darrell Creswell (free printable)   Bible posters from Darrell Creswell (free printable)    PGFE free printable Bible verse Spring poster (A4) Nehemiah 9:5   Beatitudes free printable poster and verse card with Bible verse for kids   Bible posters from Darrell Creswell (free printable)   DarrellCreswell-grace-3-16   PGFE 1John3 Poster A4 - sample   PGFE free printable Spring poster (A4) with Bible verse from Ephesians 1:4-8   DarrellCreswell-beautiful-life   Darrell Creswell baby held in bigger hand with Bible verse from Psalm 139:14   Bible posters from Darrell Creswell (free printable)   Galatians 5:22-23 Fruit of the Spirit Free Printable Bible Poster   FREE printable Turtle Poster with Bible Verse   FREE printable Turtle Poster with Bible Verse   Dinosaur free printable Poster for kids A4   Beach scene poster   FREE Kangaroo Poster with Bible verse Nehemiah 9:17   Happy Sail Boats FREE printable Bible Poster for kids A4    FREE Poster with Bible verse Proverbs 3:5-6


Matthew 16:15-16 But who do YOU say I am; a beautiful artwork free printable verse card; Zechariah 4:6   Not by might nor by power; James 1:2-3 Consider it pure joy (a very important, but everyone’s least favourite Bible verse :) ); and from the same site, you also may like The Serenity Prayer

Joy poster / postcard   black and white checked border; doodle style; ‘Joy is the settled assurance that God is in control of all the details of my life; the quiet confidence that ultimately everything is going to be okay; and the determined choice to praise God in all things.’ More Bible verses from the same site (3 pages of fun doodles – click the arrow at the bottom of the page)

5 Bible verse cards  with very cute graphics (birds, flowers) in country colours and style for our girls

12 Printable Bible Verses Cards About Gifts   2 per page; grey text over a pale gift box background; free printable

165 Bible verse cards   free printable from Dayspring

600+ free printable Bible verse cards   from; Bible verse of the day

5 Memory Verses   free printable flashcards; black text on white background, with a striped border; simplified for toddlers, but suitable for all kids

Scripture ~ 9 memory verse cards   strong background colours suitable for boys or girls; 2 per page; free printable

Make your own Bible verse cards with this easy tutorial




Free printable Bible Posters for Kids
Free printable Bible Bookmarks for Kids
Free printable Bible Wallet Cards for Kids
Free printable Bible Colouring pages – part 1 ; part 2 ; part 3   Scripture doodles to encourage our kids to memorise Scripture
A Ton of Bible Verses  a list of Bible verses I put together to send to my sponsored children (one page at a time). Let’s teach our kids to love God and His Word!




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