Tutorial ~ Make your own Puzzles


You have your colouring frame all ready to go. But there are no puzzles for your topic! Oh no! What are you going to do? This is what I found when I recently did a mystery adventure for my older children. Desert caves, ancient secrets, priceless treasure and invading warriors. But not a matching fun puzzle to be found! So I made my own.  Here’s how…



  1. Look for a plain maze that you like with no clip art on it. Or find a maze that you like and delete the clip art that is already on it.
  2. Put the maze into your colouring page frame. You can find instructions on how to do that here.
  3. Insert a text box on your page to match your theme and age range. For younger kids, it could be as simple as, “Help Tommy the tiger to find his friend” and insert two tiger clip arts – one tiger looking like he is taking a walk at the beginning of the maze. And one tiger sitting at the end of the maze waiting for him.

It’s as simple as that.   :)




Draw a shape outline or use a template. It can be anything – a tree, a house or an animal. Then fill it by making a maze inside the shape. Remember to mark the start and finish points.

Or maybe you might like to try this simple maze generator – it has 12 shapes and you can adjust your height / width / corridor thickness; free printable



MORE DIY PUZZLE IDEAS  (fabulous for Bible verses and Bible theme packages!)

Make your own jigsaw puzzle from a photo.


Print any picture, glue it on to card (rather than pop sticks as shown) and cut in strips to make a simple picture perfect puzzle. Great for your family photo or your child’s photo – let them be the star of their own puzzle.


Create your own puzzle out of any colouring page by adding some quick maths. Or choose your clues from any other subject that you wish to discuss with your child. How about a few verbs? Perfect for any age, language or theme. And why stop at maths? Turn it into a doodle activity sheet – add a fill-in question here; a quick ‘true or false’ question there; a hidden message somewhere else… just add a few text boxes to your puzzle before you print. Or write them in.


Create and print your own puzzles from Puzzlemaker choosing your own word lists and difficulty level; super fast and easy. 


Create and print your own puzzles from Tools A to Z Teacher Stuff in different languages. There is a fun Word Search maker using different fonts, lower or upper case letters, shapes (like diamond, spiral, star, car, train, circle, smiley face, triangle); plus you can make your own Handwriting Bible worksheetsBible crossword puzzles; and word shapes worksheets.



When you’re finished, now make your puzzle FUN!

  1. Put your masterpiece into a colouring page frame.
  2. Add some clip art that you just know your child will love.

NOW you’re done!



I often recolour my puzzles using MS Publisher to suit my theme. How? Simply right click on your puzzle – click ‘format’ – ‘picture’ – ‘recolor’ and choose whatever colour you want. Too easy!



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Image: pixabay.com  

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