1 Thessalonians 5.10 Christ takes our sins and gives us His goodness

BIBLE PUZZLES AND COLOURING PAGES FOR KIDS ~ FREE PRINTABLE is a great resource of free printable Bible puzzles and colouring pages for kids. I’ve found some fabulous Bible puzzles for my children here: mazes, word searches, dot to dot, unscrambles, coded puzzles, fill in the blank, colour by number, etc. More here. Some puzzles are also available in a booklet form.

Bible treasure - Pearl Diver free printable Puzzle  dive through the maze to find the pearl - based on Romans 12:21 (overcome evil with good)  Bible treasure free printable puzzle  doodle_max7-john3.36 Bible treasure free printable puzzle



Many are also available in different languages. As well as English, I found some great Bible puzzles in French, Spanish, Swahili and Hindi for my kids and there are other languages available too. The easiest way to find Bible puzzles in other languages is to click ‘advanced download’ or the arrow next to ‘View Resources that are in… (English)’ and change the language.

Idea: if your child is learning another language – say, English, like Estefany is… and not enjoying it  :)  this would be a good learning tool. Print one in their own language and one in the language they are learning.



Here is one of my favourite colouring pages (available in several languages) from max7 that I make sure I send all my kids as a companion to my Baby in Womb series. ‘Long ago, even before He made the world, God chose YOU to be His very own.’ Wow! What a fabulous verse from Ephesians 1:4 this one is to let us all know – not just our kids – how special we are to God.

Long ago, even before He made the world, God chose YOU to be His very own

And here is a fun, hidden picture Bible puzzle to colour from 1 Thessalonians 5:10 and perfect for a summer / beach theme. This one here is the Swahili version, shortly to be on its way to my adorable Agatha, but it is also available in English and Spanish – for Estefany, plus other languages. In English it says, Jesus died for us so we can live with Him forever. Another wow!

Swahili Bible puzzle for kids

If you like the look of the Bible puzzles and wish to view what else they have, use the menu for other languages or here is a link to their home page.




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FREE Scripture doodle Bible colouring page - Micah 6:8 - do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God; free printable  FREE Bible Scripture colouring page doodles for kids  Scripture Doodle colouring page for kids Philippians 2:10-11 free printable



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