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Nurse Hope :)

A young woman has a dream. In her dream, she is surrounded by darkness and walking towards a light, then she sees a sign saying, ‘City of Hope’. Beyond were children laughing, playing, learning… Now she is living that dream in Uganda, giving orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children a family, a future and 100% hOPE.

There is something refreshing about fledgling humanitarian organisations. No fancy buildings, administration or CEOs defending 6-figure salaries. Just people who love God and doing what God has called them to do. This is one of those stories… 100% hOPE (and yes, that is the correct spelling).


100% hOPE; giving children a future and a hOPE


100% hOPE ~ Giving children in Uganda a future and a hope!

  • ABOUT:  Founded in 2011 by Trishelle Sayuuni, an Aussie school teacher, 100% hOPE is a Christian non-profit organisation in Uganda that partners with local communities to promote the spiritual, economic, physical and emotional development of orphaned and underprivileged children. Abandoned and vulnerable children living in poverty are finding homes, food, education, nutrition, clean water, sanitation, healthcare and most importantly, a family. Helping one child at a time, they now care for 107 children, helping them build 100% relationship with God, and the skills and character they will need to escape poverty and bring change to their community.
  • 100% FUNDS:  Their web site promises that we can be confident our donation will make a real difference to the lives of Ugandan children living in poverty, as 100% of funds, except for bank charges, go directly to projects in Uganda.
  • VILLAGE: 100% hOPE now owns several acres of land in Uganda and is building hOPE Village. It will include homes for their children; a medical clinic; a primary, secondary and vocational training school; as well as self-sustainable projects. Currently 74 children have a home, either inside the village or within the local community. hOPE Village is a place of love, joy and faith. hOPE Homes create a safe and loving environment where children are nurtured and encouraged. There is much laughter and singing, as you can see from the photo of ‘Nurse Hope’ and her patient at the top of the page. Isn’t she adorable?! :)
  • CHILD SPONSORSHIP:  Become part of a child’s story and help a child escape poverty, providing a future and a hOPE. It’s a great way to teach your kids, too!
  • STAFF100% hOPE trains and employs local staff.
  • EDUCATION:  After opening their primary school in 2015, hOPE Christian College in Uganda now provides quality education to 51 children. Their teachers have a heart to see children receive a high quality education and their vision is to raise the future leaders of Uganda.
  • SELF SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES:  Starting out small, they are growing their own food to feed the children and teach them skills with chickens, pigs, cows and crops. Communities who would otherwise endure a life of subsistence now have a future and a hOPE.
  • VOLUNTEER:  Go and visit 100% hOPE in Uganda to see the everyday challenges faced by children and families living in poverty and how lives are being transformed. Volunteer opportunities are currently available in their children’s homes, school, building, vocational training, agriculture, medical, micro-enterprise and church projects. Their web site advises that this rewarding experience will challenge, inspire and change you.
  • DONATE / FUNDRAISE:  If you can’t go to Uganda, there are other ways you can help. Sponsor a child, donate funds, or join Trishelle’s family back home in Australia in their fundraising activities, including the Race for Hope; charity dinners; or see the kids from Uganda on their choir tour (pictured below in their gorgeous bright pink and blue costumes). Their goal for 2017 was initially to raise $200,000 AUD to build 4 new girls’ homes at hOPE Village, to give 48 girls a home. However, with everyone’s hard work, their Facebook page advises that they have now raised enough funds not only for the 4 girls’ homes, but for another two boys homes AND a babies home as well. As hOPE Village continues to grow, they will soon be needing the medical centre and that will be their next goal.
  • TV DOCUMENTARY: Watch the TV Documentary – Aussie Mum, African heart (2017) about Trishelle and the story of hOPE Village. Hear about her personal challenges of being robbed as a ‘Welcome to Uganda’ shock; bouts with malaria; being thrown into prison on false charges, then being poisoned by others who are not so happy with her being there in Uganda. Meet Hope, the adorable little girl who was just an 8-week-old baby living on the streets with her mother (since deceased) when she was saved from a motorcycle gang wanting to use her for child sacrifice in order to gain personal riches. Adopted by Trishelle and later, her African husband Fred after they were married, this cute little girl playing on the swings with her braided pigtails, cheeky smile and colourful ribbons is now happy, safe and embodies what 100% hOPE is all about.
  • FIND OUT MORE: / Facebook





Operation Uganda  What happens when your suburban home burns down to the ground and you are left with nothing? Travel to Uganda, of course, to rescue and care for orphaned and vulnerable children… another fantastic Aussie Christian family and fledgling organisation working in Uganda.




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