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 baby deer

Rabbit / Bunny / Squirrel / Deer / Raccoon / Hedgehog / Chipmunk / Raccoon / Skunk / Colugo / Fox

Delight your sponsored child with some of these adorable forest / woodland animal free printable ideas… colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas… enjoy!



Psalm 50:10  For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills.

Job 39:1  Do you watch when the doe bears her fawn?

DID YOU KNOW:  God asks Job, “Do you watch when the doe bears her fawn?” The egg cell of a baby deer may be fertilised in summer, but may barely grow for several months, until the middle of winter, when it starts to grow normally. This incredible delay mechanism causes the baby deer to come into the world at exactly the right time—just when the meadows are in full bloom. Why does the mother deer hide her new baby fawn in the flowers and why should we keep our distance?  (


COLUGO ~ ARTICLE FOR KIDS ~ FREE PRINTABLE (A4) by Paper Gifts for Estefany

An article about this fascinating flying mammal is available in both English and French. This article gives glory to God as creator. Give it your own creative touch ~ just add photos (suggestions + how-to provided)

Colugo free printable Article for Kids A4   FRENCH Colugo free printable Article for Kids A4



Colugo colouring  free printable

Hedgehog – colouring; Chipmunk – colouring; Two raccoons peeking out of a tree trunk – colouring; Deer fawn – colouring; Squirrel – colouring; Rabbit – colouring; Fox – colouring  free printable

Squirrel – colouring; Hedgehog – colouring  (scroll down to animals) free printable

Bambi colouring pages  (Goodsearch)

Bambi colouring pages  (Google)

Deer in the woods – colouring  with bird singing in tree above; free printable

Hedgehog printables  (Activity Village) free printable

Squirrel printables  (Activity Village) free printable

Squirrel colouring  (scroll down to the animals section) munching on a handful of acorns. There is also a hedgehog colouring page.

Rabbit printables  (Activity Village)

Cute bunny colouring pages  for younger children – click on ‘free cliparts’  a treasure trove of British forest animal printables

Flying Squirrel – colouring  (Dover sample)   

Slender Loris – colouring  (Dover sample)


Jazz up your colouring/puzzle pages  shrink or combine colouring pages to make your own unique scene. Add a border, a title, a Bible verse and some clip art to make your colouring and puzzle pages more interesting.



Egg Hunt  (pdf) spot the 5 different animals who have laid their eggs – frog, turtle, butterfly, birds, deer, bunny, squirrel and water lilies in full colour very cute forest pond scene; free printable; would also make a great poster (add a Bible verse)

Raccoon dot to dot puzzle (numbers 1 to 57) more raccoon dot to dots; Squirrel dot to dots; Deer dot to dots; free printable

Colugo dot to dot

White Rabbit – Jigsaw  (Activity Village)  I added a couple of flowers and a Bible verse on mine; cute; free printable

Design your own puzzle  specifically suited for your child. (Idea: use the free colugo article as your clue and answer sheet)





Bunny – glasses  to make and wear; template and instructions included; super cute; free printable

Bunny – origami  easy and cute – ready to print and fold – 4 colours to choose from; free printable

Bunny – mask  a blank one to colour or choose from 4 pre-printed colours (pink, yellow, mauve, blue) cute; free printable

Bunny – paper slippers (yes, slippers!)  Extremely cute pink and white bunny face to tie onto their shoes; adapt for paper; your little girl will love this; too cute! The original links are broken, but if you are willing to draw your own template…?

Raccoon – mask; Bear – mask  in colour or to colour; free printable

Rabbit standing – 3D Paper Craft; Rabbit sitting down – 3D Paper Craft; Grey and white rabbit – 3D Paper Craft; Ground Squirrel – 3D Paper Craft; and Chipmunk – 3D Paper Craft  (Canon) free printable

Woodland friends – school labels   fox, bunny, hedgehog and little bird; free printable

Woodland friends ~ hand puppets   (adapt template pattern for paper)  bunny, bear, owl; and you will love these adorable mini bears with hearts  (also adapt for paper); Make a squirrel – craft  adapt for paper; Forest scene winter scene to make; free printable (to members)



Squirrel – learn to draw (Activity Village)

Bunny – learn to draw (Activity Village) cute, sitting down



White Bunny – mini box  with butterfly, flowers, pink hearts with words, ‘some bunny loves you’; free printable

My Bunny Likes Maths – very cute stationery set  cute pink and white bunny stationery set includes an envelope, envelope liner, stationery (half page), things to do list. It looks great printed. I’ve sent this to all my girls; free printable

Bunny – Paper Gifts  (click on ‘free cliparts’) Cute bunny bookmarks, to do lists, scrapbooking tags and gift tags for younger children. They also have cute bunny clip art if you wish to make your own Bible verse cards, stationery, stickers, etc; free printable

Forest animals – bookmark  plus other colourful animal themed bookmarks featuring animals from the farm, the rainforest, and the ocean; add a note of encouragement and a Bible verse on the back; free printable

Woodland friends bookmarks  squirrel, brown bear, rabbit, fox, bluebird, owl; add your child’s name or a tiny Bible verse; free printable


bunny picnic



Bambi images
Bunny clip art  (click on ‘free clip arts’) cute
Penny Black Hedgehog clip art cute



Add a favourite Bible verse to an image your child will love and make your own:
Bible Stickers
Bible Wallet Cards
Stationery with Bible verse
Bible Bookmark – add your child’s name
Bible Poster / Postcard
Bible Note Cards
Board Game for Kids
Jazz up your Bible Verses
azz up your Envelopes – if you are including any special treats like stickers for your homeschool students. Sticker sheets are fine for your sponsored child.



A beautiful woodland page border   free printable stationery (scroll down for the free version)

My Bunny Likes Maths – very cute stationery set  cute pink and white bunny stationery set includes an envelope, envelope liner, stationery (half page), things to do list. It looks great printed. I’ve sent this to all my girls; free printable

Bunny – cute stationery idea  very cute pink and white bunny stationery (idea – it’s actually a party invite) with white ears that stand up – don’t forget to turn that cute cotton wool tail into a paper one

Hedgehog lined stationery (scroll down to animals section) with a basket of strawberries; free printable

Pink and white rabbit lined stationery  (Activity Village) in colour or to colour; free printable

Sparklebox has 2 forest page borders – squirrel and acorns; forest border; portrait or landscape; free printable

Squirrel writing paper (Activity Village) in leafy frame for your child to colour; blank or lined; perfect for a short note

Hedgehog writing paper (Activity Village) blank, lined or handwriting for a short note

Grey and white squirrel writing paper  (Activity Village) blank, lined or handwriting

Cartoon blue Bunny and flowers stationery (Activity Village) blank, lined or handwriting

Make your own stationery with Bible verse



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