FREE Stationery

Okay, you are all set to write your letter to your sponsored child and now you need some free printable stationery for kids. Here are some great ideas you may like to check out. Let’s fill our letters with fun, faith and encouragement… and remember… Love = Letters.






Many of these FREE printable blank stationery papers belong to a theme and come with links to free colouring pages, puzzles, crafts, creative ideas as well as other matching free printables designed specifically for kids by Paper Gifts for Estefany. Add your own lines with this easy tutorial if you prefer lined paper… enjoy!  :)


David & Saul stationery A4  Tiger Stationery3 A4  Baby in Womb Stationery A4  Frog Stationery for kids with Bible verse A4   Thankful Stationery A4-SAMPLE Butterfly Stationery for kids with Bible verse  Panda Stationery A4  Polar Bear Stationery for kids  Bible Treasure Theme for kids; blank frame (portrait) for stationery or to jazz up your colouring pages and puzzles; free printable  Dare to be a Daniel (Daniel in the Lions' Den) ~ Stationery for kids A4 FREE Space / Universe stationery for kids showing how big Earth and the planets are compared to the sun, and a rocket ship blasting off into outer space to explore them; with Bible verse from Psalm 8:3-4; giving glory to God as designer; free printable Dinosaur Free Printable Stationery for Kids A4   Giraffe Free Printable Stationery with Bible Verse for Kids A4 Beatitudes free printable stationery with Bible verse for kids  Fruit of the Spirit free printable Stationery for kids A4 Fruit of the Spirit free printable Stationery for kids A4 Armour of God free printable stationery for kids  Turtle free printable stationery for kids in bright happy colours   Turtle free printable stationery for kids in bright happy colours  Happy Sail Boats FREE printable Bible Envelope, Envelope Liner + matching Stationery for kids A4  FREE Stationery with Bible verse Proverbs 4.23  FREE Stationery with Bible verse from Proverbs 4.23 in soft swirly blue colours  FREE Ruth, Naomi and Boaz Stationery with Bible verse from Ruth 1:16  PGFE Kangaroo Stationery2 A4  PGFE Kangaroo Stationery1 A4  God made me - FREE Bible poster, bookmark, wallet cards, note cards, stationery for kids; free printable  FREE A4 Stationery with Bible verse Proverbs 3:5-6; free printable  Noah's Ark Stationery for kids with rainbow and featuring Bible verse from Genesis 6:8; free printable Queen Esther Stationery with Bible verse and free printables for kids Psalm 23; Shepherd's Psalm; Stationery with Bible verse; free printable  Psalm 23; Shepherd's Psalm; Stationery with Bible verse for younger children; free printable  Psalm 23; Shepherd's Psalm; Stationery with Bible verse for younger children; free printable FREE stationery with Bible verse from Ephesians 3:19; perfect to make you feel warm and cosy on a snowy day, this delicious cup of hot chocolate or coffee is wrapped in a soft aqua woollen jumper and set among the sparkling snow, filled with whipped cream and embellished with a pink heart; free printable FREE Summer Stationery with Bible verse from Psalm 113:3; tropical palm trees, beach, deck chair, coconut, sand castle, blue flip flops, sunglasses, blue and white beach umbrella; free printable  FREE Summer Stationery with Bible verse from Psalm 113:3; tropical palm trees, beach at sunset, deck chair, coconut, sand castle, pink flip flops, sunglasses, pink and white beach umbrella; free printable  FREE stationery with Bible verse from Psalm 148:5; blue butterfly on white background with lime green, blue and purple border; free printable FREE stationery with tiger photos and Bible verse from Joshua 1:9 on white background with striped orange/black border; free printable   FREE stationery on pink background with delicious pink and white cupcake with sprinkles, a tiny gold star and pink hearts; Bible verse from Psalm 119:103; free printable  FREE stationery with delicious pink and white cupcake with sprinkles, a tiny gold star and pink hearts; Bible verse from Psalm 119:103; free printable  FREE stationery featuring a cute emperor penguin chick sitting on Dad's feet; Bible verses from Zephaniah 3:17 and Isaiah 40:12; free printable  FREE stationery featuring cute emperor penguin chicks with attentive parents; Bible verses from Zephaniah 3:17 and Isaiah 40:12; free printable  FREE The Parable of the Sower Stationery with Bible verse from Matthew 13:23; blue background; free printable  FREE Puffin stationery with Bible verse from Jeremiah 29:13; free printable  FREE stationery featuring a magnificent breaching whale on blue background and Bible verse from Nehemiah 9:5; free printable  FREE Daffodil Stationery with Bible verses from Romans 6:4-6; free printable  The Secret of the Missing Scrolls; fun Bible adventure theme for kids about the Dead Sea Scrolls; stationery and free sample letter; free printable




Bible Adventures
Days of Creation | Noah | Babel | Moses | Joshua | Ruth | David & Goliath | Warrior or Wimp (King David / King Saul) | Psalm 23 | Esther | Daniel | Jonah | Beatitudes | Golden Rule | Good Shepherd / Lost Sheep | Parable of the Sower | Fruit of the Spirit | Armour of God | The Second Coming | Bible Treasure Theme (including a free sample letter you can download, or blank stationery to write your own) | The Secret of the Missing Scrolls (including free sample letter you can download, or blank stationery to write your own)

Birds | Bugs | Butterfly | Chameleon | Colugo | Dinosaur | Dolphin | Elephant | Exploding Beetle | Forest Animals | Frog | Giraffe | Horse / Zebra / Donkey | Kangaroo | Koala | Ladybugs | Panda | Penguin | Polar Bear | Puffin | Seahorses & Seadragons | Tiger / Lion / Cat | Turtle | Whale

Seasons / Special Occasions / Other
Birthday | God knew you before you were born | Love | Valentine | Just Because | Easter | Passover | Prince | Princess | Spring | Flowers | Summer | 4th July | Fall | Autumn | Thanksgiving | Winter | Christmas | New Year | School | Older Boys | Paris | Travel theme | Space | Universe | Sports

Sample Letters / Letter Ideas
First Letter | Bible Treasure theme | The Secret of the Missing Scrolls | Stretch your Wings | Keep the Faith | The Lord will guide your future | Wild and Wacky YouthBytes – 50+ letter writing ideas | 20 Life-Giving Phrases for our Kids | 100 ways to encourage a child





FREE Note Cards  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) with Bible verse; many designs to choose from; this is just a sample; free printable

FREE Bible Note Cards; He is Lord and all creation will proclaim it; forest / water scene; free printable FREE pink note cards with Bible verse from Ephesians 3:19; perfect to make you feel warm and cosy on a snowy day, this delicious cup of hot chocolate or coffee is wrapped in a soft aqua woollen jumper and set among the sparkling snow, filled with whipped cream and embellished with a pink heart; free printable





FREE Notepaper  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) with Bible verse; several to choose from; this is just a sample; free printable

FREE Bible Notepaper; Proverbs 4.23 in soft swirly blue Panda Notepaper A4






14 sweet designs of lined writing paper  (tsohgraphics) for kids with Bible verses and matching envelopes; free printable  has lots of cute and elegant free printable stationery ideas, printables for any occasion including envelope liners, cute and colourful petal shaped cards and note cards. Just adorable. You will love their personalised vintage travel theme stationery, complete with vintage map. Perfect for a travel, holiday or geography theme. Or even a ‘where-I-am-from’ theme. Simply type in your name and print. Also fabulous gift ideas for your child (birthday, graduation or just because); their mother or teacher. Great gift ideas for your friends at home too.

Lined writing paper for kids  (mondedestitounis) about 50 designs – simply adorable. Here are some direct links to make sure you check out: school, crayons, kids;  princess;  teddy bearanimals (too cute); and a couple more here and here; free printable

Kids Letter Writing Set 3  (picklebums) specifically for kids with ‘dotted thirds’ lines to help with correct letter formation and writing paper that has a ‘Dear’ and a ‘love from’ in pre-cursive script to help get you started; 3 different colours/designs – lemon-lime doodles, blue and white clouds, and red circles; plus matching envelopes; and here’s set one and set two and hearts letter paper for kids; and if you want to try to get your own kids writing to your sponsored child, try these fun letter writing prompts for kids; free printable

200+ fun and colourful borders for kids  ( like these: sweet flowers – apricot, mauve, yellow, blue – with bracket frame on white background; summer border with sunglasses, beach ball, sun, lollypop, palm trees, sunscreen on yellow and white striped background; fun zoo border with panda, giraffe, lion, elephant and monkey; cute pink and green owls with heart background; comic book border; colourful buttons; tropical palm trees; dusky pink, purple and mauve hearts; pretty pastel stripes in yellow, pink, apricot and green; woodland animals; the word ‘love‘ and hearts in pink, red and white; Jesus fish symbols (ichthys) on white background; coral reef border; fireworks; jungle with butterfly and parrot; birds and birdhouse, oval white frame on pink heart background; soccer ball; sunglasses; mountain scene; cupcake border; colourful feathers border; preschool border (landscape); rainforest; dinosaur border; confetti border; brown picket fence and flowers; fleuro orange and pink stripes; colourful spirals; baseball border; basketball border; beachball border; pink and white polka dots; pink glitter; colourful butterflies; sports; jelly beans; colourful blue, green, yellow and pink alphabet border on white background; colourful striped numbers (0-9); kindergarten; airplane with border of blue clouds; heart flowers with very pale blue border; fruit with green and white gingham border; hot pink and black stripes; origami elephant, birds and flowers; peacock feathers; tree branch colourful flowers; wavy blue and white fish bubbles; construction border; fire truck; flip flops; seashells; spring flowers, grass and butterflies on blue sky background; colourful birds; football with field and helmet; sports balls; beach; lighthouse; sweet red roses on white background; colourful kids; hot air balloon; pink and gold watercolour hearts with pink oval frame; yellow polka dots; colourful candy; children’s toys – kites, cars, teddy bears; pink ribbon and bow; garden flowers, grass, trees and picket fence; girl flying a kite with a string of hearts; bicycles; cars; BBQ border; penguin; tropical scene in blue and white; overlapping colourful puffy stars; monkeys hanging from a green vine; pink hearts; solar system; watermelon; pink, green, mauve and blue umbrellas; blue mosaics; fishing in a boat; electric guitar on yellow background; colourful music notes on soft blue border background; purple and black stripes; colourful toy train; sandcastle on beach; seasons; handprints; scarecrow on farm; school bus; nautical; sleepy owls with dark blue border; pink and cream stripes; red and pink hearts; colourful watercolour paint splotches; poppy border; red hearts; rocket; abstract rainbow topper and footer; reading bookshelf; ocean critters – fish, whales, seahorses, turtles, crabs, octopus on blue border; preschool border on white background; science chemistry symbols on white background; sewing; colourful geometric shapes; yellow smiley faces; school with chalkboard, ruler, paintbrush, globe and ruler; jigsaw puzzle; flowers, birds and bugs; black and white flower border to colour; also check individual categories including animals; nature; schoolvehicles; patterns; sports; free versions are fine

400+ stationery borders  (; choose from the categories on the left hand side) different themes that our kids will love, like this cool beach stationery; a pretty border of birds, butterflies and flowers; gold stars on a black border background; a maths border to encourage them in school; cute and colourful insects; ladybug border; butterfly border; nature borders; curlicues and confetti party border to make them smile; colourful abstract borders; free printable

Watercolor floral – stationery  (printablepartyinvitations) four gorgeous pink watercolour flower designs with a splash of apricot, blue and red on white background; Seashell – stationery  very pretty and elegant stationery with seashells on a pastel blue linen background (very pretty and elegant); Romantic roses – stationery  3 designs – aqua, peach and ivory; Purple floral – stationery mauve and purple flowers with thin gold frame; Pastel floral – stationery  soft and elegant letter paper in 5 colours – pink, blue, green, yellow, beige; Tropical flower stationery in cool aqua tones;  Pastel floral – stationery  in teal, purple and pink; Vintage Victorian – stationery  featuring an ornate antique border and a floral pattern in 6 pretty colours; all designed as blank wedding stationery, but also gorgeous as normal stationery – add a touch of class; free printable

Garden – stationery  (yopriceville) a gorgeous garden scene with a bridge over a bubbling stream, flowers and butterfly that is perfect for a note; free printable

200 colourful stationery designs  (printstationery) in different themes that our kids will love – both lined and unlined paper; borders and backgrounds – like this cute puppy with blue border; cheerful flowers and fruits (think Hawaiian); playful butterflies; yellow submarine with dolphins and fish; sports balls; or these stars peeking over blue clouds. Any of our girls will love this sweet pink background with just a hint of gold flecks; or this background of soft blue with white flowers; mauve and yellow polka dots on apricot background; how about a pale pink background with soft white flowers; or colourful red and pink daisies against a pale green border; perhaps this burgundy hearts and dots border; colourful poppies footer; or sweet flowers against a white border. Your little girl will love this rainbow on a blue background with a couple of cute critters in a hot air balloon; this forever friends picnic tea party; lime, yellow and white daisies; colourful birds flying over a park; a page full of pink apricot hearts; blue, pink, mauve and yellow flowers; or this sweet pink and red border with bows and flowers; free printable

Graphic Garden  has 50+ stationery designs in a country style, e.g. animals, flowers, nature; both lined and unlined, A4 or Letter size; free printable

Stationery  (amyjdelightful) with sweet, happy patterns and cute doodle borders; 2 per page; and also matching mini cards; free printable

140+ stationery designs for kids  (stationerytree) lined, unlined or handwriting; like these: green butterflies on blue border; red, blue, purple doodle flowers; frog in lily pond; pink and white polka dots; ocean scene with fish, turtle, octopus; pink hearts; teal hearts on white background; teal and blue polka dots; camping items on brown background; crayon border; cupcake borders; cute duck and blue bubbles; pink flamingo with pinwheel border; ocean underwater scene; pink, blue and purple dragonflies; football field; free printable

Cute stationery and envelopes  (figuras; scroll down)  bee and flower; birdhouse; flowers, hearts, bird; cat; free printable

Owl stationery  (kidscanhavefun) our girls will love these 3 cute little blue, green and pink owls sitting on a branch with their sweet colourful gingham border around a white background; or 3 owls (red and pink) stationery with a border of red hearts around a white background; free printable

Neon – stationery set  (howaboutorange) Grab some fleuro colored paper and add these cool black scalloped and striped headers and footer designs onto them; free printable

Stationery designs  (canon); stationery; pop-up cards; craft cards; greeting cards; mini cards; envelopes; 4×8″ photo cards; LTR photo cards; some designs are available in different colours; make sure you check out these: sweet pink roses with a pink bow; palm trees with blue skies, green hills and beach; sweet blue gerbera daisy border (also available in pink, mauve, yellow, red); penguins on pretty blue background; kids having fun in the pool; soft hazy snow background suitable for all year round; love word art in red, gold, white and beige; and matching greeting card; mauve and yellow flower corners; pink and red carnations; here’s one for the budding artist; cherry blossoms; fluffy clouds and sailboats; large heart; teddy bear holding a large heart; sunflowers and blue skies; delicate soap bubbles on cream background; hearts border – red, pink and orange; scattered daisies on apricot background; a shower of candy; ‘say cheese’ for the camera; playful puppies; cartoon brown bears with trees and skies; yellow and mauve wildflowers with blue sky background; rectangular wreath border; tropical beach photo background; cherry blossom header and pink background; delicate hazy hearts (7 colours); country hearts; a regal grey and brown nautical theme with sailing ships; pull-out delivery truck card (very cute); tropical pink flamingo card; watercolour heart wreath card; pop-up blue butterfly card; pop-up heart card; another pop-up heart card; pop-up hot air balloons; and hot air balloons card; pop-up cherry blossom tree; pop-up teddy bear and flower cart card; here’s one for your budding musician; and I love this fun whale; and pop-up dolphin card; free printable

Giraffe and teddy bear peeking over bush  (mrprintables; scroll down) lined paper plus a couple of others that our younger children will enjoy; free printable

Stationery  (sophia-designs; click on ‘full-size’ below each picture) 3 galleries of sweet stationery designs in a vintage style; lined or unlined paper; like these: very cute polar bear, seal and penguin on top of each other – unlined | lined;  teddy bear artist (very cute) – unlined | lined;  hedgehog with straw hat and holding wellington boots and frog lying on a waterlily (adorable) – unlined | lined;  soft pink sash and bow (sweet) – unlined | lined;  teddy bear having fun – unlined | lined;  heart shaped balloons – unlined | lined;  sweet pink roses – unlined | lined;  hedgehog sitting and flowers – unlined | lined;  two teddies and duck – unlined | lined;  sweet vase of pink flowers – unlined |lined;  pink rose threading through the word ‘love’ – unlined | lined;  teddy bear with heart shaped pink balloons – unlined | lined;  heart strip with xoxo – unlined | lined;  sweet hummingbirds with hearts – unlined | lined;  mauve elephant blowing hearts and the words, ‘a ton of love coming your way’ – unlined | lined;  pink rose – unlined | lined;  ballerina with hearts – unlined | lined;  red romantic roses – unlined | lined;  teddy bear holding a heart and sitting by a jar of hearts – unlined | lined;  purple, green, orange, yellow coloured heart border – unlined | lined;  rabbit hug – unlined | lined;  dinosaur holding heart and the words, ‘you’re dino-mite’ – unlined | lined; free printable

Yellow flower – stationery  (meinlilapark) bright and happy flowers in yellow, blue, pink and green on white background; Yellow, green and pink – stationery  a diagonal stripe across the page with pale green on one side and yellow on the other, with pink header and footer and some fun shapes where you can add Bible verses or special notes of love; several designs of Flower – stationery; and more stationery (scroll down); or add one of these borders to your blank stationery and voila, you have transformed a blank piece of paper; free printable

Two Cute Elephants  (publicdomainpictures) with pink heart-shaped balloons on apricot and white background; soft teal butterflies on teal and white background; mauve and black butterflies flying over grass and tiny flowers; colourful butterflies on pale green and white background; a banner of coloured hearts on pink and white background; and here is a pastel version; a tree full of colourful butterflies with blue sky background; coloured hearts floating around the border; dangling gold hearts on pink and mauve background; colourful swirls and stars on white and lime background; large pastel pink flowers on white background; Teddy Bears hug on blue and beige background; brightly coloured border in round hazy balls of yellow, green, pink, purple and orange; here’s a similar version using squares; Red Hearts on beige and red border; Best Friends Forever – lined stationery  pink background with purple lines and pink flowers in corners; pink and white flowers on white background; pink cat licking a paw on pink and white background; blue racing car on soft blue and white background;  very dark pink roses on white background; free printable

Lined stationery for kids  (familyshoppingbag):  sweet little ballerina with pink polka dots and flowers; two heart flowers and pale blue polka dots (sweet); cherry blossoms, xoxo and pale pink heart and polka dots; or this little sailboat and blue polka dots; mauve squiggly border with colored bubblegum hearts plus matching to-do list. Also check out this cute turtle stationery with matching envelope; lighthouse, anchor and blue polka dots; butterfly, flowers and bright pink polka dots; aqua elephant on pink striped background; pink elephant with umbrella on aqua striped bckground; coffee and donuts on blue and white polka dot background; white bunny and duckling with tulips; strawberries and ladybug; free printable

Stationery for kids  (freeletterheadtemplates) choose from various categories: kids, sports, animals, floral, etc. Make sure you check out this: dark pink heart box with purple ribbon and blue background; chocolate heart with green and white bokeh background; blue, green and white radiating stripes with hearts; red hearts dangling from gold ribbons on a green and white bokeh background; hearts decorated with stars on yellow background; large red bow on a green and white bokeh background; two shiny red hearts on a pink and white bokeh background; dark red border and small red bow; large heart shaped bouquet of roses on a graded green and white background; large red rose bouquet on a graded pink and white background; free printable

Stationery for kids  (maestramary) several borders to choose from; some in colour and some to colour; free printable

Pastel hearts – stationery  (clipartandcrafts) rows of soft pastel hearts diagonally filling your page; tropical stripes – stationery  blue, orange, pink and green stripes; flip flops and seashells – border; jigsaw puzzle – border  in blue, orange and green on white background; leaf corner – stationery to colour; free printable

Stationery sets  (grandmageorge; scroll down) stationery, cards, envelopes with country style graphics; free printable

Lined stationery for kids  (kidprintables) about 50 designs to choose from; free printable


Stationery for kids  (sparklebox) various topics: Weekend Newspaper – template and Daily Newspaper – template  arrange your letter like a newspaper article for a fun idea; Animals; Flowers and Plants; Seasons; Places: School; Food; Toys; Other; portrait or landscape; free printable

Elephant Grace  letter templates designed by a Compassion sponsor specifically for Compassion children; free printable

Printabletreats  stationery designed by a Compassion sponsor specifically for Compassion children. This star – stationery and jelly bean – stationery looks like fun and our girls will like the faith hope and love – stationery with lace border; free printable

Conspiracy-of-love  Letter writing templates for younger children which have been designed by a Compassion sponsor specifically for Compassion children – About Me; Where I live; I like to; My Faith. Not sure what to write about? You may also like to check out these sponsor writing packets which also include stationery.

Stationery  (freeprintablestationery) various designs in Microsoft Word (.doc) format that can be personalised; free printable

Stationery  (1-computer-stationery) various designs; free printable

Stationery for kids  (communication4all) several designs; each pdf has lined and unlined stationery; in colour and to colour; free printable

Playing in the sunshine – lined stationery  (mintprintables) a little stick figure girl jumping for joy; Rocket Ship – lined stationery; Daisies – lined stationery; Dragonfly and waterlilies – lined stationery; Floating Mouse with Heart Balloon – lined stationery; Cool Cat – lined stationery with sunnies; Teddy at desk – lined stationery; free printable

I love you – lined stationery paper  (activityvillage) fancy header in pretty swirly green, blue, pink and white doodle style decorated with stripes, hearts, dots and flowers; Stationery for kids (various topics) and plain lined paper; jazz it up with an image or clipart to match your theme; free printable (members only)

Watercolor (Personalised) Letterhead + floral note cards  (liagriffiths) stationery with a watercolour wash header and white background suitable for boys or girls of all ages where you can add your child’s name (or yours); free printable (members only)



envelope of love

How much love can we fit into one envelope?!   :)




  • STATIONERY: Got a great photo, clipart, image, cartoon or colouring page that would look great and you just know your sponsored child will love? Why not have a go at making your own stationery? Customise your letters to make a perfect match for your child. Whether you want lined or unlined paper, this easy step-by-step tutorial will show you how.

ccmsch11a.gif  has some very cute clipart (and super cute notepaper) to add to your DIY stationery that our younger children will adore (e.g. animals, seasons, and super cute teddy bears like this one, etc). Click on free cliparts. A perfect way to jazz up a plain page; simply add your child’s name to add a touch of class and brighten your child’s day; free printable

Mad Scientist – stationery  (livinglocurto)  I adapted this birthday party invite idea for my boys to make my own card and matching stationery complete with ‘open with caution stickers’ and it was a lot of fun; but it’s also suitable for all year round; free printable

Make your own custom stationery (DLTK) Choose top and bottom borders; image; whether lined or blank; free printable

  • ENVELOPES:  Sending envelopes? Why not jazz them up with some of these fun ideas. There are some great free printable envelopes in this post, too.



Please also do a search for ‘stationery’ on my home page and check my individual themes. Many of them will include matching stationery. Happy letter writing! Let me know if you find any other great sites. Now it’s YOUR turn. Which stationery are your favourites? Please leave a comment – and make my day. And don’t forget…

Tell them about Jesus!




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